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Britney vs. JLo

It's All About the Moolah

5/29/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_jlo_birntey_ai_xfactorJennifer Lopez helped Britney Spears secure a $15 million paycheck for "X Factor" -- because Britney had one intractable demand ... she had to make more than J Lo did for her first season on "American Idol."

JLo raked in $12 mil for her first season on "American Idol." There are reports she made $20 mil for the season that just ended, but we hear it's less than that.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Britney's bottom line was no less than $13 mil. But sources connected with "X Factor" tell us Britney initially asked for a lot more -- $20 mil. 

As we first reported, Britney and "X Factor" eventually settled on $15 mil for the season.

The wild card now is JLo. It's unclear if "American Idol" will pay her what she's been making because ratings are down and if she can't pull in at least what Britney is getting, ego could make it a no go.

Stay tuned.


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It is all about the money! I am sure that Ryan Seacrest could have scored huge money and ratings if he would have proposed to his girlfriend on Idol. I actually stopped watching Idol a few years ago when it became clear that the show was going downhill and all about ratings. Then I happened to watch a few minutes of this season's finale and when Ace Young happened to give a "shout out" to the jeweler before proposing to his girlfriend I was sickened!. Serioulsy, Idol will be history in another year along with the X Factor, and numerous other "money fueled" shows.

847 days ago


I think they both suck at singing, you don't need to have much talent to get a record deal these days, J LO is mostly known for having a bubble butt and good looks and Britney is mostly known for always wearing practicly nothing in her videos or on stage. they both lip sync at their concerts, I would never pay money to see anyone on stage pretending to sing when they are really just moving their lips along with the music.

847 days ago


If you wonder why your cable bill is $100+ a month, it's because you're paying for $15M salaries for idiots like Britney Spears. Cut the cord!

847 days ago


Why exactly is J Lo famous at all?

847 days ago


Both of there music sucks. I don't think Britney can judge live singers since I've never seen her do a performance without lip syncing.

847 days ago


Who the HELL does Britney Spears think she is? She built a career off of the HARD WORK of OTHER people. She got famous for being a hot white girl with a bubble butt that can dance.
What talent does she have? She can't sing, can't dance anymore, can't write, produce. Britney has skated by her entire career while you idiots eat it up "I love Britney!"
What do you love? Her music isn't HER music. She had NOTHING to do with the making of it.
When will this talentless, overrated piece of garbage finally get what she deserves?
To be a laughing stock hasbeen. Sick of people acting like she's iconic.
To those saying Britney has the X-Factor- LMFAO. Without her team of people making her catchy songs she would be NOTHING.
GO AWAY BRITNEY. Take care of your kids and get out of the spotlight.
She acts like such a victim against the media yet is CONSTANTLY in it. She has never taken a full break. Once an attention whore, always an attention whore.

847 days ago


I personally think The Voice is better than Idol and X!!! I like that the coaches ACTUALLY have to prove their talents and not just pretend to have them!!! No offense to Steven Tyler! Love Aerosmith!! :) :)

847 days ago

northern gypsy    

"moolah" indeed !!! it's one of the most honest
observations regarding these unreal reality shows !!! it has nothing to do with talent... me...neither one of these two are worth this type of $$$...

847 days ago


Both has-been hags.

847 days ago


Jlo will get 20million because idol producers will believe it will cause controversey between Jlo and brittney but both shows will be loosers because ratings will still be down on both.

847 days ago

Big D    

Let's see Jennifer Lopez can sing, dance and act. Britney Spears can, uh uh??? Shave her head and act crazy.

847 days ago


I think to keep Idol Interesting get rid of Jlo and Steven Bring Jimmy into the Judge pannel and a up and comming sinnger who can acrually sing live and give positive critizim and make the show about the contestants instead of who is judging. As far as X Factor just take it off the air the show doesn't matter anyway.

847 days ago

Jay W.     

Both have absurdly exaggerated salaries !

847 days ago


I just want everyone here -

To have a nice day.

847 days ago


I could see al of this is either one of them could actually sing. But they can't. It amuses me to no end that people like these two, and Paula Abdul are asked to judge the talents of others when they can't even sing. If it weren't for producers who know how to make a dog barking sound good none of these women would have careers. I wouldn't pay any of them to do anything

847 days ago
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