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Justin Bieber

Photog Beatdown

Going to Prosecutors

5/29/2012 9:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's brawl with a photog over the weekend isn't going to just disappear ... TMZ has learned the case WILL be referred to the L.A. County D.A. for possible criminal prosecution.

We're told cops have already decided to refer the case to prosecutors, even though the investigation is far from complete.  They have requested to interview the Biebs, but he's in Norway now.  It's pretty typical for police to refer high-profile cases to prosecutors.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber's a suspect for allegedly committing criminal battery against a photog in Calabasas Sunday afternoon. The photog called 911 after the scuffle, but by the time cops arrived, the singer had split.

The pap was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. He then filed a police report naming Bieber as the culprit.

If Bieber is charged and convicted, he'd face 6 months in jail.  But the photog faces an even worse fate -- having to tell people Justin Bieber kicked his ass.


No Avatar


Justine Beaver looks like one of those little troll dolls in that pic. Damn chowderhead has on more lipstick than Carol Channing.

855 days ago


Wouldn't it be considered kidnapping or something like that for him blocking the Biebs in and not moving!

855 days ago


Didn't he just go and buy a big ole fancy car, like a Lamborgini or something like that. He hangs around rap artists and now get's boxing lessons from Mike Tyson. And wasn't he at the Mayweather fight not too long ago???
Sounds to me like he is trying to gain some street cred and failing miserably.
I never have understood the attraction that this wimpy little **** has over people. He has no discernable talent that I can see, and all he does is try to impress people with what he has and who he hangs out with. Who cares?????
He still looks like a middle age lesbian no matter what he does.

855 days ago


His hands are only dangerous when he touches himself

855 days ago


Please someone in the Government send this little man back to Canada before someone really hurts him on purpose.

855 days ago


Please someone send him packing back to Canada before really hurts him on purpose.

855 days ago


First of all Justin Shula kicked his butt... Dah eff you doin in his face for... He Indian his own business lik formal... And then cops can back the eff up too... It's people out here killing people and y'all worried about Justin Berber puttin a dude in his place.... The photog shldnt been all up in his personal space... Like this whole thing a joke.. Ain't nun wrong wit that photog but Bein a little punk ass mofo... And Justin ain't neva gn get in trouble for this... Lik foreal lol

855 days ago

Cheney Mason: Locked 'n Loaded    

Is it just me or does the little dip sh*t look like a dyke in that pic? Maybe his real name is Justine?

855 days ago


Whatever happens, DON'T SETTLE with this money grubbing paparazzi.

855 days ago


look back at when they "punked him" how quickly Bieber can get out of control and vicious in his reaction, kicking som guy when he was down ...He has the potential for violence....

855 days ago


Two words never to be used in the same sentence "beatdown" and "Bieber." Seriously, the guy weighs 85 lbs wringing wet and stands about 5 feet tall. My cat could take him. These paparazzi are shameles,s grifting, litigious s***.

855 days ago

I lol'd     

this is all just a publicity stunt to make him seem more "adult" and "edgier". they do this same exact **** with every single one of these pop starlets that started out "innocent" and you dumb ****s fall for it every single time.

855 days ago


Bieber should have just run him over. They do this to incite a reaction and when they get one they whine about being assaulted.

855 days ago


I dont care for his music but what right the photo guy has blocking him in isnt that holding Beib against his will and let me see the photo guy gets away with it I feel for the stars ok hitting the guy was wrong but to me for what the guy did I would look the other way.

855 days ago


I'm sure prosecutors are franticly trying to figure out how NOT to charge him, he is a celebrity after all and they should not be punished like common folk

855 days ago
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