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Kat Von D

Sued Over Cat-Killing Fire

5/29/2012 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0529_kat_von_d_catKat Von D foolishly set her own house ablaze in 2010, killing her cat in the process -- this according to a new lawsuit -- and now, she's being sued for nearly a MILLION bucks in damages.

State Farm Insurance filed the lawsuit against Kat today in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming the 2010 fire that ripped through the reality star's Hollywood Hills home was her own fault ... and she should foot the bill.

According to the lawsuit, Kat foolishly placed several lit candles in the house -- and the candles then set the house on fire (a fire that killed Kat's feline friend named Valentine).

It was no small blaze either -- State Farm claims the fire caused $909,199 in damages.

State Farm dutifully covered the bill -- but now the insurance company is suing, demanding Kat pay it back for her own carelessness.

Calls to Kat's people were not returned.



No Avatar


Not to be mean, but that cat looks like a demon!

846 days ago


I'm hoping that people who are commenting on here are simply too young to have house insurance. Otherwise, I am shocked by how clueless people are. There's a difference between an accident (spilling oil on a hot stove when someone bumps into you) and stupidity (leaving candles unattended). She SHOULD foot the bill just like people foot the bill if they were the cause for a car accident. She has enough money to pay for her own foolishness. I

846 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Just don't leave candles burning unattended in your house, Kat. It ain't rocket surgery.

846 days ago

Annie Tame    

Man if you are familiar with LA INK she loved this cat more than life itself. It featured in many episodes. She would never have intentionally set her house on fire ESPECIALLY endangering her much loved cat.

845 days ago


She should do voice over work.

845 days ago

all about the money    

Umm yea that is why people pay premiums and have insurance. I mean gee who would ever burn candles in their house? Totally unheard of!! State Farm is just upset they had to pay. They have no problem taking in millions a year in premiums but god forbid they have to actually have to provide a service other than collecting money. Unless they can prove she purposely torched her own pour gas all over, flick a match and go running out of the house with an evil laugh saying I'm gonna get paid, accidents are covered under insurance...its why we have insurance. Negative press for State Farm for sure. People might want to call their agents and find out if accidents are covered or change who they are insured with.

845 days ago


What idiot leaves candles on when they leave to travel knowing their Cat is home? How utterly careless and irresponsible.
I hope she has to pay just for that reason alone. Anyone with an ounce of decency would leave the home after going through every length to make sure their Cat was safe.
Poor Kitty.

845 days ago


Son of a bit*h! I thought it read SHE died in the house. Got me all excited for nothing. I hear hairless cats are really oily. I'm sure it didn't help his sit-e-ation.

845 days ago


If she burned the amount of candles in her house as she does in her office on the show, I can see where that may be a fire hazard. She adored that cat. Poor kitty.

845 days ago


I doubt she burned the place down intentionally, and as some have pointed out, and accident is an accident. I mean, if they are going to sue her for lit candles, they better sue every payout for fires that were started by things such as hair stylers left on, an iron left on, people using appliances with frayed cords, something left on the stove to burn, kids playing with matches or lighters, etc. I mean, I'm sure insurance companies payout for these sort of things all the time! People live crazy lives! How many times have you left the house and wondered, "Did I leave _____ on?" How many have left the house and forgot they had a candle burning to help get a smell out, or thought they turned off the iron or something when they didn't?

845 days ago


Now this is an important story!! Some People will do anything to stay in the headlines. Being poor as a church mouse (like me) is better than turning into a cartoon like this character. No shame, eh?

845 days ago


So that makes this a "kat ass trophy?"

845 days ago


So that makes this a "kat ass trophy?"

845 days ago


I have been wiped out twice in Hurricanes in my life. I had to sit in FEMA diaster trailers and fight my insurance company both times. I won both times but all they had to do was pay my policy limit. They don't want to do that. Now if I burn candles I am going to sit in a FEMA diaster trailer again, while my insurance company sues me....THIS IS INSANE....

845 days ago


initially, i thought - bury her up to her neck, and run her over w a lawnmower. but then i read on...and i dont think that it was really her fault. LOTS of people like to like LOTS of candles around their homes. its not like she peppered the place w gasoline and lit a match. no cash the UNsurance company.

845 days ago
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