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Kim K. Staffer


for Seeking Autograph

5/29/2012 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Kim Kardashian's handlers got into a shouting match with an LAX police officer when she claimed the guy was more interested in getting Kim's autograph than protecting her from fans and paparazzi.

The heated exchange was captured Friday evening as the woman -- who was clearly part of Kim's entourage -- accuses the officer of asking Kim for an autograph when he should have been keeping her safe.

The officer got PISSED ... insisting loudly, "I don't appreciate you coming here and telling us we're here for autographs. I don't do that."

The cop adds, "We're not here to do any service for [Kim Kardashian]. We're here for the needs of the international terminal."

Kim's handler then storms off.


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Kim Kardashian would be a nobody if she hadn't opened her legs for a sex tape. She's just a spoiled rich girl who thinks she's a celebrity because she has a sex tape, and a reality show. She thinks she's an entrepreneur just because she has a business, which she wouldn't have if it weren't for daddy's money and her inability to close her legs... she's really in the grand scheme of things... a nobody with money. So sick of these "I'm famous because I make sex tapes but I'm not a slut" morons.

813 days ago


Another blah moment in the life of kk. Why do people care about that family who are famous for nothing?

813 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Narcissism is apparently contagious among her staff

813 days ago


He's violent? Really? I didn't see any violence. That was funny...."you're violent". Funny new buzz word.
I'm not violent, I'm just tired of this 2-bit pseudo celebrity that likes to be peed on. Harvey, when are you going to figure out your readers only want to hate on her? Stop reporting on her!

813 days ago


If she is going to accuse him of violence then he might as well get the satisfaction of pushing her around a bit.

Every man has that power within him.

813 days ago


These Kardashians and their handlers are such self important asses. What jokes they are for thinking everyone's world revolves around their silly little pr circus. Get a grip lady and join the real world.

813 days ago

Tiredofthe BS    

She is the reason there are gay men. Why we as Americans care what people who are famous for nothing is beyond me.

813 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I guess the "help" has got to help the whore

813 days ago

Sam Karr    

how cute, she thinks she's special because she hangs out with a trashy "celeb." Sorry, honey, no one cares about you, and the fact that you decided to ham it up for the cameras.

813 days ago

Yep I said that    

It didn't look like the cop was any where near the cheap pole smoking ho. How did we ever get to the point when some one as cheap and nasty as this b!tch thinks she need security. Hey Kimho today, tomorrow and for ever you are the ho in the sex tape "oh baby I'm cvmming" too bad you weren't going

813 days ago

No comment    

I am shocked Kim didn't want to suck him off. The poor wrinkled white lady is upset because the cops didn't service her like the President.

813 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

He shouldv'e handcuffed her!

813 days ago


What a bitch. Hire a body guard and STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not the cops job to escourt celebs around. Stupid blonde ****.........thats no way to treat a man in uniform.

813 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

What is a handler? Isn't that for animals!

813 days ago

Wow ...    

I left a comment earlier, after seeing this on your live show, I retract said comment. WOW! I could not hear what was actually said. That lady is crazy!!!!

813 days ago
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