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Kim K. Staffer


for Seeking Autograph

5/29/2012 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Kim Kardashian's handlers got into a shouting match with an LAX police officer when she claimed the guy was more interested in getting Kim's autograph than protecting her from fans and paparazzi.

The heated exchange was captured Friday evening as the woman -- who was clearly part of Kim's entourage -- accuses the officer of asking Kim for an autograph when he should have been keeping her safe.

The officer got PISSED ... insisting loudly, "I don't appreciate you coming here and telling us we're here for autographs. I don't do that."

The cop adds, "We're not here to do any service for [Kim Kardashian]. We're here for the needs of the international terminal."

Kim's handler then storms off.


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Ok, this family's fame has exceeded what it's supposed to be (15 minutes were up 5 years ago). Princess Golden Showers is out in public so the commoners must protect and serve and make sure her Highney is not approached or inconvenienced. Give me an effin break already! You're nothing more than a glorified hooker.

815 days ago

Mom Raising a 13 year old    

This goes back to the ongoing argument you guys keep having in your office. The 40 Million Dollars... hope they make it last. I really feel at some point Kim and all the K's will not only get over themselves, but more importantly everyone else will too. I can only Hope.

815 days ago


wish Kim and the entire k "klan" would ck into room 434. It may just make the world a better place.

815 days ago


Kim K. needs a "handler?" Is she training for the circus?

815 days ago


Wow what a shame she thinks she's royalty. Cause clearly kim is so special EVERY cop (who clearly are here to protect and serve the PUBLIC) are her personal slave bodyguards.

815 days ago

liquid kitty    

Oh brother the K's are lucky anyone still cares enough to ask.

815 days ago


typical cop not doing **** but asking a nobody for an autograph. you work as a terminal cop you should be used to seeing douche bags. i would of been so embarrassed to be caught asking for kk's autograph.

815 days ago

Mike V    

All PR people are s***, I'm glad the officer didn't put up with her B.S.. Now crawl back into Kim's ass where you belong and stay there you PR s***.

815 days ago


this the time where KK should fire this woman ..kk is not the most important one .....besides ...the handler should be arrested for disturbing the peace

815 days ago

Wow ...    

lmao. Though I can't stand Kim or her people. They were both wrong. She is a b and he is out of line, could have let the one cop handle it instead of arguing. Doesn't look good in the uniform.

815 days ago


I think she has in her mind that everyone in the general area of her SUPER STAR is out for an autograph and when she found out that this guy didnt care who she was she got upset. Get over it lady not everyone needs to be a kiss *ss to the Kardashians and pretend to like them...

815 days ago

go home!    

Wow, Kris Jenner should fire this lady pronto. She makes kim look even worse. After her disrespect for the luggage search and our safety, Kim doesn't need anymore negative press regarding her attitude towards law enforcement. Fire this chick.

815 days ago


Please, the woman is SELF-IMPORTANT and is wasting air people on Death Row could use!

815 days ago


Yes! They're not here for her, you want protection? Take bodyguards, oh, sorry you can't afford that, you're a fake celebrity, go to hell

815 days ago


I know the Kardashian's have achieved fame and fortune, but I wouldn't want their life for anything. Traveling with an "entourage" and "handlers"--they don't even know the simple joys in life anymore. The peace of just living happy, healthy, uncomplicated lives. And this handler of Kim's really needs to get a grip--the universe did great without this family, and will after they are gone. It's just a job, lady. Get over yourself.

815 days ago
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