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Kim K. Staffer


for Seeking Autograph

5/29/2012 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Kim Kardashian's handlers got into a shouting match with an LAX police officer when she claimed the guy was more interested in getting Kim's autograph than protecting her from fans and paparazzi.

The heated exchange was captured Friday evening as the woman -- who was clearly part of Kim's entourage -- accuses the officer of asking Kim for an autograph when he should have been keeping her safe.

The officer got PISSED ... insisting loudly, "I don't appreciate you coming here and telling us we're here for autographs. I don't do that."

The cop adds, "We're not here to do any service for [Kim Kardashian]. We're here for the needs of the international terminal."

Kim's handler then storms off.


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Her pimp…err mother Kris probably hired an actress to do an impromptu performance, just to get fat ass some more attention.

856 days ago


Good lord, she thinks a lot of herself.

856 days ago


I truly have to believe the staffer on this one. If someone hasn't experienced when Kim arrives or departs from an airport cannot understand the mayham that follows. The NYPD officer claims that he's there for airport security(understandable) but I think a mob scene also warrants immediate attention from law enforcement. Sometimes there are as much as 4o paparrazi being very aggressive just trying to get the right shot. Then you get the fans who are trying to get near her does which can create a recipe for disaster. If I were caught in that crossfire I would most definitely want the presence of police officers. I don't belive that the staffer was making this up.

856 days ago


KIM who.....yeah that's what our cops are for protecting her hold on a second LMAOoooooo

856 days ago


omg the world does not evolve around kk I wonder if that chick is the "reliable source" that Gossip cop gets to refute stories?

856 days ago


Wow what an Aggressive--Harassing--Abuse of Power trippin PIGG--She should charge the Police with aggrevated assault----NO One needs to be Yelled at in that manner----That is not the voice of a Peace Keeper but the voice of an aggresseur...

856 days ago


Funny how the paparazzi always knows where she is. That does not happen by accident, they know her schedule, hummmmm. Airlines do not tell you what flight she is on so they have to know her flight plan and when her plane will land. It is a game they (the Kardashians) play, the paparazzi follows them, they act aggravated. I am still not sure why these people are famous and why they have a show.

856 days ago


This is totally a setup by Kris. She hired this nut to yell at the officer and mention her daughter just to get some more attention. It's a standard move out of her playbook. Don't underestimate ANYTHING that Kris K will do. And if she said she didn't she's lying.
I would have tazed the b**** and let her lay there twitching. That would have gotten her some REAL attention but then any attention, even bad attention, is good enough for her.
They have arrested people for less than that.

856 days ago


ohh plzzz.....please let kim and her ugly assistant get their arse beat down for good... no bag flour, but a bag of frickin bricks thrown at her and then see where the cops are....what KK got mad because the cop would not do it up her arse and then piss on ho...

856 days ago


AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The cop is RIGHT, he is NOT there to protect KK...his job to protect the terminal and ALL PEOPLE there NOT just KIM.
What dumbazz from TMZ wrote this....blondie pretty much got her beads read by the officer he put her Ho' butt in its place

856 days ago


With all of the money she makes why is she flying commercial airlines anyway. Santa Monica airport is right by LAX and is as private as you can get if your really that busy lease a learjet.They won't because the paparzzi are prohibited and no free publicity. I've seen this circus of the Kardashians in person and it all goes back to Mrs. Jenner and her feelings of entitlement.Shame on you for raising your children with no morals.

856 days ago


Kim k what does she do in life...why is she here on earth..what does she do...who is she....

856 days ago


That's what happens when delusional morons work for delusional morons!

856 days ago


Who does this skank think she is? Seriously, let the kartrashian klan move away from the planet!

856 days ago


Native Neew Yawwker ...or just adopting the accent?

856 days ago
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