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Kim K. Staffer


for Seeking Autograph

5/29/2012 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Kim Kardashian's handlers got into a shouting match with an LAX police officer when she claimed the guy was more interested in getting Kim's autograph than protecting her from fans and paparazzi.

The heated exchange was captured Friday evening as the woman -- who was clearly part of Kim's entourage -- accuses the officer of asking Kim for an autograph when he should have been keeping her safe.

The officer got PISSED ... insisting loudly, "I don't appreciate you coming here and telling us we're here for autographs. I don't do that."

The cop adds, "We're not here to do any service for [Kim Kardashian]. We're here for the needs of the international terminal."

Kim's handler then storms off.


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OMG, WTF is it with the Kardashians?!? He's out of control? Wow, unbelievable! Why don't they all just drop off the face of the earth?

884 days ago

Jesus Chrisko    

This is hliarious, helpers that think they are part of the entourage lol. owell like someone else commented, TMZ will somehow turn this around . I feel tmz is no better then mediatakeout , always makeing **** up .
Btw they prefer to be called Police man not COP. Most actual professions have a mandatory name , its like me calling all of TMZ "lame bloggers with no life or sense of morals" .

884 days ago


I am a charter member in the "Kim Hating Club". But I love how you irrational ones assume that her assistant just brought up signing an autograph out of thin air. You don't think there is the smallest chance that the officer close to her brought it up. Which could maybe be why he is being soooo quiet during this whole thing. Possible or likely. I think likely.

884 days ago


If the f**king idiot feels that security is needed, let her hire body guards. The police are not there for her, at the expense of the taxpayers. Douche.

884 days ago


The title of the story is misleading is more like the cop giving this woman a verbal smack down...she has one come back. "do you talk to your wife that way?" Ohhhh clever This woman is an idiot

884 days ago

Toasty J    

Can't wait for Kim to fade away like Paris Hilton.
Then this hag can apply for unemployment.

884 days ago


he should have arrested her. Let that have been a black dude telling that to a white lady cop. Completely different situation.

884 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

I don't see where the officers were asking for an autograph. She's so delusional.

884 days ago


This is just as fake as British Airways stealing from her luggage. No Proof on eithe

884 days ago


TMZ: "Kim's handler then storms off."
Storms off? Please define 'storms off' because what this chic did seems far from storming off! Way to try and dramatize nothing! This is how stories are embellished and blown up to create something out of nothing.

884 days ago


Whoa - at the end she said "You're violent, you're violent...that's how you talk to your wife." I rolled my eyes once at some d-bag cop and he almost tossed me in jail. This lady is seriously lucky she didn't get arrested given some of the things she was saying.

884 days ago


I saw this coming when media started referring to the "Kardashian Empire". Now they're entitled to public police to "SERVE" them. The rat-tail-hair lady should have been arrested for disturbing the peace

884 days ago


I think you headline should be changed to, "Police Officer SCHOOLS Lardassian Handler". =p

There. That sounds better!!!

884 days ago


Kim get over yourself!!!!! She is such a selfish person and she makes me sick

884 days ago


I am SOOOOOO SICK of these stupid Kardashians I could vomit. ENOUGH ALREADY.

884 days ago
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