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Madonna to Lady Gaga

I Can Steal Your Songs Too

5/29/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shoe was on the other foot in Israel Friday -- Madonna performed a cover of Lady Gaga's hit song "Born This Way" ... the same song Madonna called a rip-off of her earlier work ... but it's unlikely this was an homage to L.G.

Madonna was rehearsing for a concert in Tel Aviv -- singing her own song "Express Yourself" -- then seamlessly transitioned into Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Madonna famously criticized "Born This Way" when it was released last year, calling the song a "wonderful redo" of "Express Yourself." Madonna then called it "reductive."

Gaga called Madonna's comments "retarded."

So we gotta ask ...


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I voted "insult", but not because I think she had some nerve to do so. Frankly, I don't like either one of them, and think if Madonna really thought that to the degree she could prove it that she'd act on it, but mostly? It would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to give a **** about anyone insulting LG.

845 days ago


Madonna doesn't have a gracious bone in her body! Who is she anyway, one minute she's talking with a British accent and writing a children's book, next minute she's on tour again singing the same old boring songs. You would think that her voice would have improved over the years, but no, she still sings like she did 25 years ago (not good) and is still a bitch! Lady Gaga wrote a beautiful song and M is just jealous of her youth and talent. Has M ever written her own material?? I really don't know, does anyone know?

845 days ago


Catholic Imagery. Cone Bra. Vogue Video. Latin Rhythms. Touring with an EDM DJ. Like a Prayer Video. Disco References. Steven Klein. The Beast Within backdrop. Jonas Akerlund. "*****" on a car. Advocating for Gay rights. Countless outfits....and of course Express Yourself. These and more are just some example's of Gaga's Madonna rip off's. Although I don't want to hear that stupid BTW song on a Madonna tour, I'm glad M is still the bitch she is and "expressing herself". There's only so much one can take, this fraud has got to stop.

845 days ago


Gaga is a fraud in every way....¡ LONG LIVE TO THE ORIGINAL QUEEN!

845 days ago


You no that lady gaga seems to me to treat her fans as if they were her friends with respect and love, I'm a little older then Madonna so I have seen her from the start and she seems to me to have always tried to put herself higher then everyone else, now she just reminds me of a angry old hag. It's time for the next generation.

845 days ago


TEAM MADONNA. Gaga deserved it! "Respect yourself" and don't steal other people's music.

845 days ago


I think Madonna the Hag should retire...she was great back in the day, but not now! She seems to be trying to hard to get "big" again....forget it!! You've had your chance, you're old now and lip syncing is all your good at now!! Guess what? Lady Ga Ga IS bigger than you now honey!!!

845 days ago


To be an homage Lady Gaga would need to explicitly credit Madonna. Instead she made some vague excuse about being influenced by many artists including Madonna in her work. It couldn't be more obvious that Gaga is trying to be the modern day Madonna, so it is ridiculous to try and deny it.

845 days ago


Lady Gaga is a modern day Madonna with a little Grace Jones mixed in. She is very talented but I don't find her music all that original. It's obvious that she was influenced by Madonna. I say make all the money that you can, but you will never be considered original.

845 days ago


Can you imagine that the person that shot that video probably paid $300 for that crappy seat with the obstructed view ... and of course she's lipsynching.

845 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Shouldn't the headline have been":
"I Can lipsynch Your Songs Too"

845 days ago


It sounds like Madonna sings the line, "she's not me", a couple of times at the end. So, I guess Madonna is mocking CaCa.

845 days ago


Madonna is so old its time to step aside and let the younger better talent do there thing Madonna is starting to look like an old man

845 days ago


Damn, Madonna sounds better live than she has in years, and the mash-up was rad!
Sorry kids, I'm a 32 year old woman who still gets goose bumps when I see Madonna perform live.

845 days ago


Madonna is a Putz, she's clearly be deceitful. at the end of her boring rehearsal, after singing ''Born this way'' she started saying ''you're not me'' .......we all no what she meant.

845 days ago
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