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Madonna to Lady Gaga

I Can Steal Your Songs Too

5/29/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shoe was on the other foot in Israel Friday -- Madonna performed a cover of Lady Gaga's hit song "Born This Way" ... the same song Madonna called a rip-off of her earlier work ... but it's unlikely this was an homage to L.G.

Madonna was rehearsing for a concert in Tel Aviv -- singing her own song "Express Yourself" -- then seamlessly transitioned into Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Madonna famously criticized "Born This Way" when it was released last year, calling the song a "wonderful redo" of "Express Yourself." Madonna then called it "reductive."

Gaga called Madonna's comments "retarded."

So we gotta ask ...


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Gaga fans LOOK like they'd be a Lady Gaga fan. And that is NOT a compliment. She's had 2 albums and they have really convinced themselves that she can compete with someone like MADONNA? And they best than can say is that Madonna is OLD?? You're right. She is..and she's in better shape than you, your mom, and your tranny gimmick stealing idol. Her tours are STILL selling out, and people are STILL looking to her for inspiration. Trying to compare her to Madonna is like comparing Rihanna to Cher. Stop showing your ages and immaturity. Give respect where it is due because there is NO female artist out right now that doesn't want Madonna's career. Sorry if you didn't like what Madonna said but after a 30yr career of being f**king amazing, she can blast who ever she wants for PLAGARISM! Tell your precious queen to find her own act and she won't get called out. Yawn..... enjoy your summer break, kiddies.

876 days ago


If I were Madonna, I'd sue Lady Gag for stealing my song.

876 days ago


at the end madonna's chanting "she's not me" ... so this is definitely an insult. no question tmz.

876 days ago


Wouldn't Madge have to have permission from the Gaga camp to play Born this Way in public? Sounds like just another PR stunt to me.

876 days ago


GaGa ripped it off,nothing new about that.Most of Gaga;s music is a rip off from another artist.There is not one thing original about her.Gaga's career and popularity are taking a dive lower and lower every day.Her day has come and is now going,not fast enough.

876 days ago


Funny! This coming from Madonna who has 15 plagiarism lawsuits to her credit so far. Madonna was sued, and lost, for her song "Justify my love" by BOTH Public Enemy, who wrote the song "Security of the first world" from which "Justify my love" was ripped and also by the poet Ingrid Chavez, who wrote the lyrics used in "Justify my love". Madonna lost all proceeds from that song to these two lawsuits. Guess that makes Madonna just another hypocrite!

876 days ago


i'm pretty sure that madonna is not threatened by lady gaga. granted, gaga is doing well for herself, she still has quite a long way to go to reach madonna's status. the woman owns the world.

876 days ago


This was great. I am a fan of both. I donjt care if the songs sound the same. They are good

876 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

LOL! RIGHT ON Madge! Lady "CA CA" has been RELIVING Madonna's whole freaking career, bout time she called her on it!

876 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

As much as I like and respect Gaga's music, it's clear she borrowed much of her image and music from Madonna. You can claim she "refined" them for a new generation but it doesn't change the fact.

As for Madonna being "too old", that's a standard cop-out reply by youth when you insult their current idols for copying someone who did it first and - often - better. Just remember - in 25 years your grandkids will be saying that Gaga is a washed-up has-been trying to reclaim the glory days of her youth when compared to the current flavor-of-the-month/decade.

They're both good and they're both derivative. Let's just leave it at that.

876 days ago


And after the mashup of "Express Yourself" and "Born This Way", Madonna finished it off with "She's Not Me".
Hahahaha........too, too funny!!!!! =p

876 days ago


I think it's funny that she's all like "LOL I CAN STEAL YOUR SONG TOO!" But she's having to pay performance royalties to Gaga for doing this...

I'm sorry Madonna is such an idiot. I'm starting to regret buying tickets to see her MDNA show.

876 days ago


Maybe she can add in a bit of "Respect Yourself" too - the song that Express Yourself is a "wonderful redo" of....

876 days ago


I have to say i am disappointed. I don't want to hear Gag at your show!

876 days ago


The Queen

876 days ago
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