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Randy Travis

My Ex-Wife Sabotaged

My Career!

5/29/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_randy_elizabeth_travisCountry legend Randy Travis says his ex-wife is a scam-artist who came up with a diabolical plot to ruin his career and cheat him out of his hard-earned cash ... this according to new legal docs.

The singer has filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth Travis -- his ex-wife and manager of 30 years -- claiming she breached her contract by running around town blabbing personal details about him in order to torpedo his career. Randy wasn't specific about the "personal details," but it sounds pretty bad.

And that's just the beginning ...Travis claims Elizabeth tried to con even more money out of him with inflated travel reimbursement requests.

The new suit comes on the heels of Elizabeth filing her own lawsuit ... claiming it was Randy who breached their contract when he canned her in 2011. She wants her full management fee.

Randy is asking the judge to block his ex from getting a cut from his future gigs.

A judge has yet to rule.


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She's been sponging off him for years. Free Randy!

879 days ago

Randy Morrison    

Didn't he basically marry her when the rumors that he was GAY started growing...c'mon, marry your MANAGER!?!??

879 days ago


I'm with THUGZILLA, he would be in prison if it weren't for that woman. And he certainly wouldn't be a country superstar. She bailed him out of jail and set him on the straight bee line to country music stardom. He needs to just pay her and be thankful she cared enough about him to even bother. That said, she has already made a ton of money off him, haha.

879 days ago


She needs to move on and get a guy her own age for a change. He has been waking up next to her for years , would you want to sleep with some one that is old enough to be your mother? Besides she is a mean old hag, that thinks her crap doesn't stink. She is not even close to good looking. With out his talent she would still be slinging draft beers.

879 days ago


The era of country...with so called mainstream (city folks) was a 90's fad...It was cool to have tickets to go see 'Garth' the headset wearing dorka-palooza and even Randy and a few others. It was a concert for the 30 somethings..who could not affort tix to see "the bottle of red" Billy Joel... Much like the decade of's over and will never come back...Now it's just small gigs, flea markets and festivals.

879 days ago


Elizabeth Travis aka "Bride of Frankenstein" had nothing to do with Franky's drinking or his bad song writing.

879 days ago


Blocking her from getting a cut of his future earnings? He only plays very small venues here in LasVegas. Her cut is like a night at McDonald's. Think it's the alcohol speaking here.

879 days ago


Um, thinkin' the gay thing here....just sayin'....

879 days ago


Randy,stop being a little titt. You know that you would not have had much of a career at all without her, so shut up and pay the lady. Except that, maybe we shouldn't call her a lady if she is telling personal details.

879 days ago


she deserves at least half his money because she served as a cover for him being gay for so many years not to mention she basically started his career..don't know why but seems being gay in country music is a huge no-no, so she was probably just tellin the truth

879 days ago

judy the price...quit your don't have to like it but that is the cost for moving on.

879 days ago


Sorry, but Elizabeth Travis looks transgendered to me. She reminds me of my little brother when he was trying to grow a mustache, and dressed in drag for Halloween.

879 days ago


Randy can't sing like he used too and he has no career!! There is nothing like feuding ex's!!

879 days ago


Do all of you with your condescending comments know these people? Do you know the true story? Get off your thrones people. I get so sick of the negative comments on each and every story TMZ posts.

879 days ago

What's Reality    

Years ago our a small town in Alabama my cousin interviewed Randy for a local radio station. He was just starting to become popular in Nashville. He still went by his real name.... Randy Traywick. According to my cousin Randy told the crew at the station he'd like to be able to give them some t-shirts or cassettes of his to thank them for their kindness but that Lib controlled EVERYTHING (him included) & she wouldn't allow it.
Lib & her 1st husband took Randy in as a troubled teen (he was 17 and she was 37). Her & her husband got a divorce & she has been a ball & chain around his neck ever since. IMO Lib was no more than a pedophile latching onto a child. Yes, she made him into a star but it was a high price to pay. It is no wonder she was still managing him after he left her for a YOUNGER woman. I don't think he will ever be truly free of her until one of them are dead.

879 days ago
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