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Dina Lohan

Tapped for VH1 Show

About 'Famous' Ex-Wives

5/30/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_dina_lohan_housewifeDina Lohan will share a state with the ex-wives of Prince, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Eddie Murphy on a new reality show. To quote "Sesame Street," "One of these things is not like the other."

The VH1 show is called "Hollywood Exes."  We found out Dina is shooting several episodes, but is not a full-blown member of the cast.  Sources connected with the show tell us ... producers brought Dina in because she's friends with members of the cast and she can "spice things up."

But here's the problem. In the spice department, Dina's cupboard is bare, because Lindsay Lohan will NOT be appearing on the show.

On the bright side, Dina can give lots of child-rearing tips.


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Don't waste time watching this crap!!

875 days ago


Well, VH1 finally confirmed but it looks like in the 10 episodes slated to air, 'MOMMY' will only be in one or two tops. Another 'Lohan' cameo.

"LOS ANGELES ( - She's a famous Hollywood mom and ex-wife, so Dina Lohan should have plenty to talk about when she spends time with other famous exes on VH1's new reality series "Hollywood Wives," premiering on the network on June 27. Lohan is not a regular cast member of the show, but she will appear in one or two episodes at midseason, a VH1 rep confirms to TheWrap, as she is friends with some of the cast members. first reported Lohan's guest appearances on the show, which will air in 10 one-hour episodes".

875 days ago

help this young woman    

Your pig looks good

875 days ago


Dina was originally going to be in more episodes until she made the questionable decision to give the entire production company a hand job.

875 days ago

help this young woman    

Porkchops and bacon tonight! Upyours!!!!

875 days ago

help this young woman    

The world loves Lindsay and Dina Lohan! On set doing makeup and camera work! Eat Lindsay's bacon grease loser haters!

875 days ago


Speaking of Lindsay's bacon grease, there are complaints that she always leaves an oily ring around the bidet bowl, which at first she thought was just a low drinking fountain. Because that's what Dina told her and then showed her how to get a drink.

875 days ago


Ok, I just have to ask...what world is help speaking of???

875 days ago


Wednesday, May 30th 2012
White Oprah Is Making Her Much-Anticipated Return To Reality TV

Yes, much-anticipated! Dozens of unlicensed pharmacists in the Long Island area have been anticipating for White Oprah to finally get a job so they can get paid the way they did during the glory days of Living Lohan.

White Oprah's sedated face will not only make an appearance on one reality show, but it will make an appearance on two. White Oprah needs to star in an episode of Intervention and a few episodes of TLC's Cell Block 6: Female Lock Up, but in the meantime she's shooting episodes of Vh1's Hollywood Exes and a yet to be picked up show called DramaMamas.

Vh1 has Basketball Wives, Baseball Wives, Mob Wives, Hip Hop Wives, Drug Dealer Wives, Veterinary Assistant Wives, Ping Pong Champions Wives, Mail Man Wives, Blah Blah Wives and now they have Hollywood Ex-Wives! TMZ says that Hollywood Exes stars the ex pieces of Prince, R. Kelly, Jose Canseco, Eddie Murphy and Will Smith. White Oprah isn't a regular on that mess, but the producers brought her in to spice **** up. You know, because every reality show needs a comic relief who will get caught licking up the leftover booze in a bar back's bin and whose catchphrase will be, "Are you going to drink that?"

DramaMamas is basically a Dance Moms knock-off and Zap2It says the show will follow the moms of the child stars of a Broadway-bound musical. White Oprah is apparently one of the producers of the musical, because nothing needs to make sense anymore, so why not? But seriously, nothing good can come out of White Oprah producing a show starring children. I'm sure that for the show's big finale, the adorable children will dance into the audience and sneakily steal the audience members' rings and watches before dropping that **** into a giant sack held by White Oprah.

I'm happy that White Oprah is finally making a little money, which means she won't sell little Cody Lohan's internal organs to the highest bidder just yet, but I have one question. Why in the hell hasn't Nana Lohan gotten her own show yet?!

875 days ago


HELL(p) is merely NICOLE after too many Ketamine kokktails. The rage stems from the blanket romantic/sexual rejection from Linds. Don't ignore it.... play with it, tease it, poke it with a stick. It's fun.

875 days ago



I think Helps mom yelled at her to get off the computer and get some homework done or no pudding before bed. you cant have any pudding until you eat the meat!!!

875 days ago


ok but it is good fou her job

875 days ago


I'm not a fan of Dina Lohan but at least she's trying to work unlike her douchebag ex who gets his dirty cash by giving interviews about his family.

875 days ago


FU whats the numbers on my yahoo I forgot it, itsbeen so long..Just need the #'s

875 days ago


Hey Hopeless- when you ate your own brain did you have flava beans and a nice chianti?

875 days ago
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