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Jessica Simpson

Professional Fat Person

5/30/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jessica Simpson -- Professional Fat Person
Jessica Simpson
is now getting paid for being fat -- the singer just announced ... she's the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Jessica made the announcement moments ago on her Twitter, writing, "So excited to be a part of the @WeightWatchers family!'

Jess don't come cheap neither -- the Weight Watchers deal is reportedly worth $4 MILLION.

The singer reportedly gained 65-75 POUNDS during her recent pregnancy -- and Weight Watchers must be waiting for a big reveal ... because Jessica hasn't been photographed in public since she gave birth.

WW also released a statement, saying, "We’re thrilled that Jessica Simpson has chosen to join Weight Watchers to adopt a healthier lifestyle and inspire others to do the same."



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I have been following Weight Watchers for a few years because if I'm not careful my ass will look like the side of a bus. It works real well. The difference between Ms Simpson and me is that I have to do the whole thing myself because I'm not a billionaire who can afford to have people buy the food and prepare the food like she does. I like her way better, but she'll do fine because it works pretty well.

841 days ago


Women take being pregnant as an excuse to eat whatever they want. However, being pregnant, you only need about 500 extra calories a day. Not a lot when you think about it. I know lots of women who gained a ton of weight while pregnant and struggled to get it off because they didn't give birth to a 65lb baby.

841 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Hey, SlowMZ, this came out weeks ago...

841 days ago


She gets off on giving her husband a "Five Star Frogsplash" in bed.

841 days ago


Dear Lord people can be so cruel!!!! Why the hateful comments, yes she may have gained more weight than she should have during her pregnancy... So What??? S**T Happens! Why be so fricking cruel and just down right hateful???? I'd love you see what some of you that are making the terrible comments look like!!!

841 days ago


Seriously? That baby is huge.

What's she's being paid by WW to do is to let them take credit for and do***ent her weight loss. Nice work if you can get it :)

841 days ago


Atleast she didn't sign with some company that tries peddling MAGIC PILLS to the public that will give them cancer or a heart attack.

I'm not a Jessica Simpson fan at all. But atleast when people who need to lose weight are looking around for a good solution she wont be in their face with a dangerous program, that will ruin their health. She is helping sell a healthy weightloss program.

Good for her. Good luck.

841 days ago


Great, more annoying commercials with singing. I've been hoping & praying that those Jennifer Hudson commercials would fade away into oblivion. My luck they'll be singing together, sigh...

841 days ago


WHATEVER!!!! It's easy to lose weight when you can afford a personal chef & trainer. Oh, poor Jessica and all of these other "celebrites" that are paid to help these diet companies steal from the rest of us. Weight Watchers prices are RIDICULOUS because they pay these loosers $4 million to advertise for them. That makes me want to use WW even less.

841 days ago


What will $4 million buy JS?

1. Face lift/fillers
2. Boob job/lift
3. Lipo/entire body
4. Tummy tuck
5. New baby
6. Another husband
7. A personal chief - there is NO WAY, she is going to eat boxed/frozen food and everyone knows Good luck, heffer.

841 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I still think she got ridiculously huge during her pregnancy. And from the looks of her baby's pic on the cover of People, her baby appears overweight. (I know that's not nice to say, and maybe the baby is "healthy," but I think the baby looks chubby, and that's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.)

841 days ago


How can WW keep a straight face when they say 'healthier lifestyle"? most of those entrees are loaded with sodium, and you can get away with eating no fruits and vegetables. its about points so people save their points for the day to eat a cookie or a slice of cake instead of 'wasting' the points on something fresh and non-processed. If Jessica was interested in a healthy lifestyle she'd just stick with the trainer and a healthy fresh diet cooked by a chef...but hey there's no paycheck in that.

841 days ago

Molly's Mom    

Do people actually believe that these people eat out of a box? Come on use some sense they get trainers and chefs to lose the weight. Now they may go by the WW guidelines but they certainly won't do the program all by themselves. Be real

841 days ago


She'll never look like she did before. She blew it waaaaay out of porportion and hogged out and unhealthily gained waaaaay too much weight. Pregnancy is not an excuse to be a hog and eat whatever you want. It is the most important time to eat even more healthy than before for your baby! Sorry Jessica, you just ruined yourself.

841 days ago


I predicted this OVER TWO MONTHS AGO! This lady is such a PR wh*re!!

841 days ago
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