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Jessica Simpson

Professional Fat Person

5/30/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jessica Simpson -- Professional Fat Person
Jessica Simpson
is now getting paid for being fat -- the singer just announced ... she's the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Jessica made the announcement moments ago on her Twitter, writing, "So excited to be a part of the @WeightWatchers family!'

Jess don't come cheap neither -- the Weight Watchers deal is reportedly worth $4 MILLION.

The singer reportedly gained 65-75 POUNDS during her recent pregnancy -- and Weight Watchers must be waiting for a big reveal ... because Jessica hasn't been photographed in public since she gave birth.

WW also released a statement, saying, "We’re thrilled that Jessica Simpson has chosen to join Weight Watchers to adopt a healthier lifestyle and inspire others to do the same."



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Silverado Mom    

I think lots of us could lose weight if we got paid for it. Even for the mere 10k that they've given less known celebs. 4Mil is a lot! Good luck to her. I think she'll look hot! And I hope her baby is healthy as well.

874 days ago


Of COURSE she is going to loose weight. She is not at her natural weight, she is carrying EXTRA weight from being pregnant. I find it stupid that these weight loss companies keep hiring these women that just had babies to promote their product. Its not the product that makes the woman lose weight, its the fact that she HAD A BABY and is naturally shedding the pregnancy weight to get back to her normal body weight. No sleep, breast feeding, rocking a baby, pacing, running around are excellent for losing weight.
They need to hire naturally obese people that did not just have a baby. It would then be believable that their product actually works.

874 days ago


How could any noncelebrity think oh it worked for her it will work for me when she has a cook, a personal trainer and a nanny to watch the baby? She gained weight on purpose because she knew she was going to get paid to lose it. In the real world you dont get paid and you have to make your own food and watch your kids.

874 days ago


jessica looked like a slop during her pregnancy! she let herself go to hell! Her doctor was horrible for allowing her to get that big and she should not have had a baby the size she did!! It was discussting to hear her talk about the stuff she was eating on a daily basis. this is a women that can afford chef to prepare health meal for her and unborn child at the time for her to stay fit. not to mention her boyfriend gained just as much..Mr athlete!! wow. now lets reward her for getting fat and unhealthy the weight watchers way!! well done weight watchers. why don't you hire real women

874 days ago


I may be in the minority, but I hate celebrity endorsements. Who do you think pays for that? The regular Joe's and Jane's who participate in Weight Watchers with their fees or dues.

874 days ago


Id give her more babies anytime. She is so ****ing hot.

874 days ago

Annette Colwe Jackson    

Jessica Congratulations on the new delivery from The High Priestess of Jesus and The king Himself- Stigmata. Shug Knight's Aunt/ Lot's of Blessing and stay with us oin the matter of her inheritence, Jesus/

874 days ago


Making money for doing what comes naturally. Must be nice.

874 days ago


OMG, like Jessica Simpson and Janet Jackson eat these frozen diet foods every meal. What a joke. They hire their personal trainers, have a dietician prepare their meals and only sell their names to these diet companies. Do these companies really think the public is this stupid?

874 days ago


Nick, you definitely dodged a bullet here my friend!!

874 days ago

Grouchy Marps    

Proof positive that she does, indeed, eat buffalo.

874 days ago


Whale on the beach!! Oh! Sorry, Jessica.

874 days ago


I guarantee she has a million stretch marks and belly skin that hangs on her lap. She is going to need some major abdomoplasty if she does drop all that weight. I bet she has stretch marks on the backs of her legs too. I know I did after I gained more than my share with my first pregnancy. She will be able to afford a good plastic surgeon, no doubt.

874 days ago


She'll lose the weight in no time. They all do. Though if that pic isn't altered (which is REALLY looks photoshopped to me) she clearly gained more than 65- 75 pounds. She looks to have gained 100+ pounds for sure.

Still you can always lose it.

874 days ago


Oh and did you see that BEAUTIFUL baby girl??!!! As a mommy to be (8 months now, ready to pop!) I have to admit I'm going to be losing the weight the old fashioned way: Breast feeding (I got enough to go around...a couple of rounds) and exercise! But I will be watching for Jessica...Love her!

874 days ago
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