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Kim Kardashian

Luggage Thieves Jacked

PRICELESS Sunglasses

5/30/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
says the British Airways employees who ransacked her luggage have stolen something that money cannot replace -- sunglasses that have a profound meaning.

When Kim arrived home from France Friday night, she noticed her luggage was significantly lighter than when she left.  A search inside the suitcase quickly revealed the thieves made off with a pair of vintage sunglasses her dad, Robert Kardashian, gave her just before he died -- sunglasses she only wore on very special occasions.

And there's even more thievery. Kim is telling friends the baggage bandits made off with several extremely expensive purses and Tumi luggage.

Kim tweeted after the incident, writing, ""Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage & taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental & not replaceable."

We're told Kim has already filed a report with the airline, demanding they produce surveillance catching the culprits in the act.

If the airline doesn't fork over the footage, we're told Kim's going to the cops.


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I think we should get Donnald Trump on the case to find out if the glasses really existed. There are reports out there that they were just free glasses from a booth at caans that handed out free prada sunglasses to celebrities.

874 days ago


Where is the proof it was B.A. they do not handle security/baggage examinations, that is done by Homeland Security in the UK TSA in the US.
I would like to see B.A, sue her for slander and put her on the Do Not Fly List.

874 days ago


Just another stupid story about this twit. Why in the heck would she accuse British Airways of stealing from her. She has no proof. This woman kills me, I love how she thinks she is so much more important then everyone else

874 days ago


If you have ANYTHING important you never ever put it in checked baggage. Can we PLEASE stop talking about this TWIT !!

874 days ago

the real diva    

and so the drama queen is in the news again.. everyone knows you do not place sentimental things in suitcases. bring them on with you. she is a airhead. just looking to get i more 15 mins of fame. so she will use any excuse to get it,

874 days ago


hope you get your belongings back kim. I would think people would want to see the people caught so It won't happen to them as well one day . I am sure they go through alot of luggage besides hers.

874 days ago

the truth    

SO WHAT!!!! If it was that valuable to her she would of put them in her carry on!!! Isn't that where you are suppose to put very valuable items when you fly? Please disappear "poof"

874 days ago


Who packs something of "profound value" in luggage. One would think she would carry those on her person. Not to mention with the cost of checking luggage the smart thing to do is FedEx anything of value. I realize it is International travel but I do it and I am not worth anything close to what Kim is supposedly worth. Domestically I ship everything no luggage to schlep and no worries about the airline losing it or someone riffling through it/Internationally ship only things of value.

874 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

If these sunglasses were that important why didn't she have them in her possession?
Everyone knows not to put valuable items in suitcases that could be stolen, lost or damage through handling.

874 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Maybe NOW the slut will learn what TRULY is important in life. Not money, not fame, not jewelry but FAMILY and FRIENDS.

874 days ago


Brittish air is gonna lose alot of business over this. This is awful. i wouldnt want to fly if people are stealing s%it out of my bags

874 days ago


STFU Kim. A pair of sunglasses? Either your father sucked at gift giving or you're really that shallow to have wanted daddy to buy you fackin' sunglasses. Bend over an take it up the tail pipe like the rest of us frequent flyers do.

874 days ago


Oh come on. British Airways bends the rules and already lets her fly with one seat (impossible as it sounds). As for checking in items that have great sentimental value (sunglasses , toothpaste, etc),
she is dumber than dirt...what did she expect?

874 days ago


get the police involved for a pair of maybe $50 sunglasses.

874 days ago

Roxanne Brown    

Take those bitches to court, but she's rich at least you can buy more even if it is not replaceable, us normal people the 99% can't go to over seas destinations were broke, but please whine like a baby. Stop taking things that mean something to you overseas DUMMY.

874 days ago
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