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Kim Kardashian

Luggage Thieves Jacked

PRICELESS Sunglasses

5/30/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
says the British Airways employees who ransacked her luggage have stolen something that money cannot replace -- sunglasses that have a profound meaning.

When Kim arrived home from France Friday night, she noticed her luggage was significantly lighter than when she left.  A search inside the suitcase quickly revealed the thieves made off with a pair of vintage sunglasses her dad, Robert Kardashian, gave her just before he died -- sunglasses she only wore on very special occasions.

And there's even more thievery. Kim is telling friends the baggage bandits made off with several extremely expensive purses and Tumi luggage.

Kim tweeted after the incident, writing, ""Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage & taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental & not replaceable."

We're told Kim has already filed a report with the airline, demanding they produce surveillance catching the culprits in the act.

If the airline doesn't fork over the footage, we're told Kim's going to the cops.


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Don't know why you just don't go to the cops now, Kim. After all, according to you, this is grand theft. You're full of it, you disease-riddled grifter. I don't know yet what kind of scam you're trying to pull here, but you're clearly not smart enough to get away with it. You'll be found out sooner than later.

884 days ago


I lost my luggage for 3 days, no clothes, nothing but my valuables from my carry-on for 3 long days, so boo-hoo, no one cares. Everyone knows that you put your valuables in your carry-on, or leave them at home. What a prima donna!

884 days ago


Does Kim know that she will probably have to go through homeland security to get that footage and they are probably not going to give it to her.

884 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

I doubt she has any proof that any of those things were packed.

Besides, who takes fancy European purses to... Europe?

884 days ago


Was she angry and upset that first class was booked up before she checked in is that why she is accusing BA of stealing and berating the police at LAX for no reason at all.

884 days ago


is she going to the same cops her assistant yelled at for wanting an autograph?

884 days ago


Sunglasses sooo sentimental and valuable. Yeahhhhhhh right. If they are THAT valuable she would put them in a safety deposit box deep with a vault somewhere and never wear them. They would also be insured. Sunglasses so valuable and precious that you would pack them in checked baggage so that they could get lost/destroyed/stolen/go missing?
Kim Kardasian = not exactly a rocket scientist.

884 days ago


She said she noticed her bag seemed lighter when she got it back. Man, those must have been some pretty heavy sunglasses!

884 days ago


What an attention hore. Nobody wants her crap, and the airport cops don't want her autograph.

884 days ago


Theft. Something for nothing. Basically the WHOLE Kardashain "empire". I'm sure she has another 1,000 pairs at home. If the glasses were so special why take them out of your home at all? It's not like they were the only pair she had. No sympathy here.

884 days ago


This is the first time I've ever heard of sunglasses being given as some kind of heartfelt memento from a father to a daughter. "Kim, my beautiful daughter, words can never express the joy you've brought into my life. So I'm giving you these Ray-Bans as a symbol of my love for you. Treasure them as I treasure you." Uh-huh.

884 days ago


Shes so popular. Comments are always high numbers because of all the fans she has on TMZ!

884 days ago


Maybe dad wore the shades while he was getting a viscous murderer out of jail to roam among us .........

884 days ago


Are those the same sunglasses that are made in china by children for the Kardashian collection sold at sears.

884 days ago


How did Khum notice her bags was lighter? i thought she and the other trash-kanians sisters didnt actually do anything for themselves anymore. I cant believe Khum Hoer'dashains wud stoop so low as to handle luggage.
BTW in the last thread KHUM Hoer'dashian said something about NOT being able to lock luggage...Guess what you stupid TWAHT it's because of this silly little event called 9/11.
I'm sure every time KHUM hears 9/11 she thinks its the length and girth of the next black c-ck she's getting.

884 days ago
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