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Mark Zuckerberg

When the Tip

Just Isn't Enough

5/30/2012 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg's billions keep shrinking -- poor guy -- but is that a good excuse to skate on a tip after a romantic dinner in Italy? Depends on who ya ask ... and if you're any good at converting dollars to euros.


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B from Europe    

In Europe tipping is not as compulsory as in the US. Usually you tip 5 to 10% depending on the service. And if you don't tip nobody will spit into your food ;-)

843 days ago

B from Europe    

Mostly in Europe you are free to tip. Depending on the service you tip 5 to 10%. It is not as compulsory as in the US (and nobody will spit in your food if you do not tip ;-) )

843 days ago


Hey idiots, you dont tip in Italy. if your going to try and put someone in a bad light, you might want to read up on the customs of the area they are visiting.

843 days ago


Maybe they look miserable because they are on their honeymoon and are being followed and photographed constantly!

843 days ago

Who Knew    

From what I have read tipping in Italy is not common. It's actully already in the bill most of the time and the waiters make a great salary and do not depend on tips for a living. No story here. Plus, at least he's not stupid enough to leave sentimentle 4.5k sun glass in their checked bags, if it really happened at all.

842 days ago


yo TMZ! This story ran its course 35 posts ago. Give it a rest already. Sure the stock isn't going as great as the public was lead to believe, but he already had tons of money already, so these stock stories are lame, petty and not even close to being humorous or informative.

We all wish he had his money, but we don't. Life goes on........

so enough with the website filler

842 days ago

Spencer B in MD    


842 days ago


I believe the gratuity is included in the bill in Europe.

842 days ago


I can't believe you people feel the need to tip. Anytime I am somewhere that "tip is included", I go somewhere else. I will tip if I feel it's justified by action, not some goofy travel book stating it is required, but also how much of a percentage it should be. I live in a town where EVERYONE expects a tip (Vegas) for performing even the most trivial service that he/she already being paid for.

842 days ago


It is not customary to tip in Europe. Some find it offending.

842 days ago


Yeah yeah no one tips in Europe......Bull. Here's a tip Don't buy Facebook

842 days ago


Yeah yeah no one tips in Europe.......Bull. He could have left a couple of Euro's. Good for his and America's image. What a DORK.....

842 days ago

De Niro     

Really! following him on his honeymoon bad taste this is getting old

842 days ago


I live in Australia, and if someone gave me extra money, I’d feel quite rude, as they have already paid for what it was they were purchasing, and I already get a wage.
Why should they then give me extra?!?
I don't get it hey; I think it's very rude of Americans to EXPECT a bit of extra money from each person on top of what they already earn!! I have read stories of waiters CHASING people down the street for a tip!!!! WTF!!??!!?
Indonesia is like a third world country, it survives off its tourists and they don’t EXPECT tips from anyone. That’s why, when you do give them an extra $10 AUD or 100,000 rupiah they are so happy and appreciative it makes you want to give them more to help them out!
F*ck living in America.

841 days ago
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