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Halle Berry

Aggressive Photog May Be

Her Ticket to Paris

5/31/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew DeetzThe aggressive paparazzo who incited Halle Berry at her daughter's school is going to be called to the witness stand and grilled like a cheeseburger ... in Halle's bid to move her family to Paris.

Halle is getting ready to fight it out with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry in family court. She is asking the judge to allow her to move to Paris, where she claims the paparazzi respect the privacy of celebrities and their families much more than in the U.S.

Sources tell TMZ ... her lawyer will call independent photog Andrew Deetz to the stand -- he's the photog who was lurking around Nahla's school, causing Halle to explode in anger. We're told Halle's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, will use Deetz as a human exhibit -- getting him to expose his no-holds-barred tactics of shooting the children of celebs.

BTW, Deetz got into a big scuffle with Britney Spears' bodyguards in Las Vegas back in 2007.  He claimed one of her hired muscle punched him during the skirmish.

In addition to Deetz, we're told Kolodny will call expert witnesses who live in France, to explain how French culture differs from the U.S., and how photogs generally keep their distance from celebs and their families. The lawyers will also testify that privacy laws protect celebs in France way more than in the U.S. Of course, Gabriel will counter with Princess Diana.

As for 4-year-old Nahla, we're told she will NOT testify about the proposed move.

Sources tell us there is NO chance of settlement -- this case WILL go to trial.

The trial is scheduled for June.

We placed calls to Kolodny, but did not hear back.


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didn't princess Diana die in france, paris bc of the paparazzi? yea its super safe for her and her daughter to be down there too i guess. her claim is total bull**** she just wants to take the child from the father for spite. **** halle berry and her vindictive ways.

821 days ago


UGH Halle Berry is insane. One you are a celeb, sorry if you want to be famous that is the price of fame. Two if you don't want photogs getting pics of your kid at her school, how about you NOT parade her all over town to get happy "family" pics with you and your fiance as a way to get back at her father. You want the press when they are convenient to you and your purposes but not other times. You can not have it both ways. You could have kept your child away from the press very easily without going to France if you chose to, there are many celebs with kids and we honestly wouldn't even know what their kids looked like because they choose not to expose their kids too. Plus with the drama you have caused with your crazy claims and custody hearing ...yeah photogs want those pics. This is all a problem of her own making

821 days ago


why not flip the script. Hire someone to follow the paps around non stop. Take pics of them. Follow them EVERYWHERE. Get into their personal lifes. Stalk them and post the pics online for all celebs to enjoy. make sure they cannot even use a restroom without being followed. Fight fire with fire!!

821 days ago

American Patriot    

First off, she's a spoiled brat. Second, she's just pissed off that no man wants her because she has such an ugly attitude about life in general. You have to feel sorry for her....poor thing.

821 days ago


So, let me get this straight Halle... it's because of YOUR fame that your daughter gets stalked by papparazzi, then YOU go batsh** crazy on a photographer at your daughter's school and that's somehow supposed to be a reason why her father doesn't deserve visitation anymore? That makes no sense.

821 days ago


Halle should not be allowed to move to Paris.

821 days ago


She set the whole thing up! And now she has an excuse and it's all bs so she can screw over ga.

821 days ago


When a woman remarries she goes wherever her new hubby goes. It happens all the time. Men with custody do the same thing. The other parent adapts a long distance visitation schedule. That's life.

821 days ago


How does Halle's pseudo celebrity give her the right to take Gabriel's child away from him? Will she be paying him to fly to Paris?

821 days ago


Yeah those French paps sure weren't relentless in pursuing Princess Di, and she didn't even have a child with her. Arguing that the French paps are so much less aggressive shows how full of sh*t Halle has become (there are arguments she could make that would pass the smell test -- this isn't one of them). Honestly, does anyone have any good will toward her after all this anymore?

821 days ago


She should be careful what she wishes for.

A judge might rule, if she gets her way, that she will have to pay for all his air fare as well as put him up at a 5 star hotel and cover all of his expenses.

Then we'll see how she likes that.

821 days ago


So, Nahla has a daddy who wants to be in her life, and her crazy mother is trying to interfere with that. Pathetic! Seems to me Halle has 2 choices - go without Nahla or stay here.

821 days ago


she's a f*cking, lying drama queen.

since she thinks it's ok for a parent to be away from a child then she should go to france and leave their daughter with her father and she can commute back and forth to see her.

821 days ago


So, why should the Father pay for the photograpers actions!? I wouldn't be surprised if Halle paid this guy to be aggressive. Homeschool the girl. Celebrities do it all the time for this reason. Nice try! I hope Judge doesn't let this selfish wench have her way. Team Gabriel!!!

821 days ago


These celebrities should turn the tables on these super aggressive photogs--hire someone to follow him following them. Have them do to him exactly what he does to the celebrities and their families. Turn the hunter into the hunted.

821 days ago
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