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Halle Berry

Aggressive Photog May Be

Her Ticket to Paris

5/31/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew DeetzThe aggressive paparazzo who incited Halle Berry at her daughter's school is going to be called to the witness stand and grilled like a cheeseburger ... in Halle's bid to move her family to Paris.

Halle is getting ready to fight it out with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry in family court. She is asking the judge to allow her to move to Paris, where she claims the paparazzi respect the privacy of celebrities and their families much more than in the U.S.

Sources tell TMZ ... her lawyer will call independent photog Andrew Deetz to the stand -- he's the photog who was lurking around Nahla's school, causing Halle to explode in anger. We're told Halle's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, will use Deetz as a human exhibit -- getting him to expose his no-holds-barred tactics of shooting the children of celebs.

BTW, Deetz got into a big scuffle with Britney Spears' bodyguards in Las Vegas back in 2007.  He claimed one of her hired muscle punched him during the skirmish.

In addition to Deetz, we're told Kolodny will call expert witnesses who live in France, to explain how French culture differs from the U.S., and how photogs generally keep their distance from celebs and their families. The lawyers will also testify that privacy laws protect celebs in France way more than in the U.S. Of course, Gabriel will counter with Princess Diana.

As for 4-year-old Nahla, we're told she will NOT testify about the proposed move.

Sources tell us there is NO chance of settlement -- this case WILL go to trial.

The trial is scheduled for June.

We placed calls to Kolodny, but did not hear back.


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Like others have said... why doesn't he just move to another state? I have lost a lot respect for Halle after watching that video. I can see what Gabriel is up against now. Sorry for being to harsh (in the past) on you Gabe.

845 days ago


I still seriously doubt the Family Court judge is going to rule in her favor.

She cares more about being relevant than her child's safety. If she did , she would have spent more time with Gabe in Canada or in Tiburon when she had the chance.

Halle's been outed many times in the press of being on the long list of celebs/psuedo celebs who contact the pappis to stay relevant.

She has very limited knowledge of French customs, culture, immigration/other laws and is delusional if she really thinks she and Nahla will be any safer in France than moving outside of LA.

The whole thing with Dietz was either a set up with him on payroll or premeditated. Then her going on about it at the Revlon Breast Cancer Run/Walk event where she grabbed her tits and the recent Revlon make up event in NYC. LMAOTROTF I am sure POTUS peed in his pants when Halle made her wacky comment about calling him to ask for his help. Halle newsflash, it's a re-election year and has more important things to do than worry about you and the pappis.

BTW wasn't she supposed to start filming "The Hive" in June?

If this whole thing is her best defense she better rethink her strategy.

It's not my problem if she didn't have Aubry sign any settlement agreement or other do***ents.
If she want's him out of her life (and Nahla's) she should have thought of those things .

Guess she didn't think St. Gabe might actually care about Nahla even if he may or may not have any golddigger moments???

His schedule to travel back in forth is also a lame argument--lazy maybe. Guess she forgot he has his schedule freed up about dragging his butt into court for every bug she has up her butt.

Let's she how's she going to react when the judge says no and how much longer Martinez will be around???? Doubt he will move to the US permanent to be with her.

845 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

This is the problem with becoming a movie star. I do think that the Paparazzi make to much of an effort to become intrusive in a persons life. I think the stars do make themselves available to have pics taken but there is a line. Just as you do not walk over to get a autograph while a star is eating dinner with his family. it's a respect thing. You have people taking photos from 100 yards away while somebody is swimming in the ocean. Anyone remember Princess Diana? Whatever your view of the issue, these "Paparazzi" people hand a hand however minor in her death. Mr. Depp moved to France I recall. Again, it's all about respect. These are people with real lives.

845 days ago


I agree with a lot of you about if she wants privacy get out of the business, but there is no need for photogs to take pic of her kids or any other celebs.

845 days ago


I suggest that you hateful people become celebrities with children and have them invade your child's space, stalk your children and frighten them, camp outside your child's school etc...then you would have an opinion based on your reality and not hatred or jealousy. Fact is HB is not the only celebrity that has stated that the paps are agressive toward children. Also a deadbeat father/mother should go to court if they do not financially support their child. So Aubry better get ready to prove that he supports his child.

845 days ago

John Jacob    

Yeah the paps are soooooooo respectful in Paris....I doubt Princess Diana's family would agree with that statement.

845 days ago


What about Princess Diana ? The paparazzi chased her in Paris on scooter and, in my opinion, were one of the cause of her death.

845 days ago


Tired of seeing this ugly no talented selfish bitch!! I think she is being nasty to Gabe because he left her for being so self centered and bitchy!! You look at her and can tell she is just "All about Her", she is better then everyone else...I would love for the Judge to tell her NO; you do not take a child that adores her father to another country. Only sadistic people with things to hide do that - she need to hide her face, low life parasite!!

845 days ago


Before I even got that far in the article, I thought to myself, Aubry only needs a two-word defense: Princess Diana. More respectul...puhlease.

845 days ago


Get over it Halle Berry and get over yourself! This is the price of fame! Because of your celebrity and fame you'll never have a normal life... that's just the way it is! Sure, your child is an innocent bystander who didn't "ask" for this lifestyle... but you knew that papparazzi was part of the deal before you had a baby... you knew it was going to be this way! Going to France isn't the answer. You need to stay in the U.S. and allow your daughter's father to be a part of her life!!!

845 days ago


Surprised Halle didn't throw out the race card during this incident.

844 days ago

who dat    

Guys take notice: Psycho Bit*hes are great in bed, but the hangover lasts a looooooooooooooong time. She has no right to deprive the biological father visitation. Flying half-way around the word every time you wanna take your daughter for ice cream isn't right.

844 days ago


Celebs who want to stay out of the spotlight manage to stay out of the spotlight. Halle could fly under the radar if she wanted to. I could be wrong, but it seems that she is using her daughter as a pawn to be able to move to Paris. If she does get her way, she should be forced to pay to move Gabriel to France as well so he can be with his child. Halle turned out to be a real diva with an inflated sense of entitlement. Bitch inside and out.

844 days ago


she is so pathetic....i wonder how her call to obama went. she is just some slutty wanna be. she is probably an ok mother, but looks like she pays more attention to her boytoy than her daughter. it is the child that is being hurt in these vindictive court battles. if you are going to have these children, then you need to put more effort into getting along with the other parent. the babydaddy was wonderful when halle was preggo, etc. now she says he is horrible......makes you wonder, why she stayed with him, had a child with him, etc..............
as far as paps go....get out of the public eye and you dont have any worries........duh !

844 days ago


France.......Isn't that where papararzi was chasing Princess Diana?..........Yes that must be a safer place........No child should be taken from their Dad for that reason...Put an ocean between a father and daughter? Keep her physically safe but emotionally hurt her? Selfish woman.

844 days ago
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