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Halle Berry

Aggressive Photog May Be

Her Ticket to Paris

5/31/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew DeetzThe aggressive paparazzo who incited Halle Berry at her daughter's school is going to be called to the witness stand and grilled like a cheeseburger ... in Halle's bid to move her family to Paris.

Halle is getting ready to fight it out with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry in family court. She is asking the judge to allow her to move to Paris, where she claims the paparazzi respect the privacy of celebrities and their families much more than in the U.S.

Sources tell TMZ ... her lawyer will call independent photog Andrew Deetz to the stand -- he's the photog who was lurking around Nahla's school, causing Halle to explode in anger. We're told Halle's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, will use Deetz as a human exhibit -- getting him to expose his no-holds-barred tactics of shooting the children of celebs.

BTW, Deetz got into a big scuffle with Britney Spears' bodyguards in Las Vegas back in 2007.  He claimed one of her hired muscle punched him during the skirmish.

In addition to Deetz, we're told Kolodny will call expert witnesses who live in France, to explain how French culture differs from the U.S., and how photogs generally keep their distance from celebs and their families. The lawyers will also testify that privacy laws protect celebs in France way more than in the U.S. Of course, Gabriel will counter with Princess Diana.

As for 4-year-old Nahla, we're told she will NOT testify about the proposed move.

Sources tell us there is NO chance of settlement -- this case WILL go to trial.

The trial is scheduled for June.

We placed calls to Kolodny, but did not hear back.


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Halle wants to be a movie star celebrity with all the glamour and money that comes with it but she doesn't want the pap attention. I guess she doesn't need the fans either. Suck it up buttercup or quit the biz and move to France and stay there.

882 days ago


Isn't Paris where the paparazzi chased Princess Diana until she crashed and died, and then crowded the scene so much the medics couldn't even get in there quickly? Yep, they're much more respectful of celebrities there.

882 days ago


She probably paid him to do it!

882 days ago


Give me a break!!!! She or her people let the paparazzi know EVERYWHERE they are going to be! They don't have a problem IF the paps are showing them as a happy family with strolls on the beach, or carrying her daughter around, he must have NOT been previously told when and where to take a picture - thus making her mad! Plus she HAS to have some proof for her spiteful plea! The guy was in his car - he didn't have a camera up against Nahla's face etc. How come we don't see ALL of the pictures when she is with her father? The paps over in France are even more evasive, she can't have it both ways! Horrible woman, she is pulling out ALL the stops to hurt her daughters father! IF she didn't want a father in her childs life she should have gone to a sperm bank!

882 days ago


I would love someone to check if this photog was hired by Halle's camp seems convenient timing. As for French photogs being more respectful I do believe it was French photogs that chased Princess Diana to her death in that tunnel in Paris. I hope her baby daddy has a good lawyer because if Halle really cared about her daughter she would realize the relationship she has with her dad outweighs any disturbance she has with photogs.

882 days ago


Why go to Paris. The photogs are worst there. They killed Princess Diana

882 days ago

adult lady    

I saw Julia Roberts on tv about 2 weeks ago backing up this woman. Roberts said... grown men laying in the grass...? So who is crazy now. Or do you righteous folks thinik she is bat **** cray too? These two men should work this out... the father and the soon to be stepfather. Because I'm telling you that's where the real problem is. Men are territorial in nature. Each needs to back-up and take a deep breath. Most women with husbands in business move when their husbands get transferred on their jobs and this is no different. But it is being made to appear so because these folks have money and their business is being played out in public. Think about how many folks each of you probably know who have had to move for business and their families went with them. Just that realization makes some of your comments silly.

882 days ago


Halle isn't as famous as she or the media thinks she is. She does bs movies and complains about being stalked by photogs, who by the way keep her relevant. She wasn't working before she had a kid, so why don't she just go back into hiding.

882 days ago


PAPS DIDN'T KILL YOUR BELOVED PRINCESS. HER DRIVER WAS DRUNK AND SPEEDING. HAD HE NOT BEEN DRINKING MAYBE YOU GUYS WOULDN'T JUMP TO THE DI DEFENSE EVERYTIME THERE IS A HALLE STORY. Paps are everywhere famous people are, how else do you think you see the pix of celebs on vacay or overseas events. Think people. Halle can easily move to Washington state or BumbFu__ck CA and her problem would be solved.

882 days ago


This woman did a hit and run. Then she says she reported the accident from the hospital. Oh but wait she said she had amnesia and didn't remember (she had to get 17 stitches three depths down?) but that the (hospital staff I guess) put it together that she must have had an accident. THIS WITCH went to the hospital because she had to have stitches! And she still wasn't going to report the accident, hoping to just say she can't remember WHAT HAPPENED ... and hoping no one would connect her to the hit and run if reported. She's not a good person. She was really mean to Howie Mandell one time when he was cohosting Live with Regis.

882 days ago


If Olivier would only dump her, this whole idea of moving to France would end. Olivier is just as selfish as Halle is to even think of taking Nahla away from her loving devoted Father. Halle's lawyer Stephen Kolodny won Mel Gibson the right to share custody of his daughter whose mother he hit, and threatened to kill. This is the kind of lawyer poor Gabriel is up against. Halle makes me physically sick. What a C word.

882 days ago

Valley girl    

Move to France cos its safer? DO you think Princess Diana agrees?

882 days ago


Oh please, one photog trying to get a picture of a celebrity kid who is at the epicenter of crazy cutody battle. It's not like she can't live her life because the paps are swarming her. They don't even care about her unless it's court time. I hope IF the judge ok's the move she has to pay for her ex to visit her daughter on a regular basis. Her daughter shouldn't have to go without a father because Mommy is a crazy bltch playing some fake victim card

882 days ago

adult lady    

Some of you people are really sick! You don't know anything about these people. I wouldn't even stand for my own adult children because people will disappoint you! Why do you have so many people on television talking about not my neighbor...Wait and let the facts come out. And for some of you other women, what did she do to you, still one of your old boyfriends? How can women bad mouth each other so much without even knowing each other? Get a grip. You'd think women was on the ten most wanted list. They have people doing worse than her everyday, and if the truth be told probably some of your lives are in a lost worse shape! I am a child of the 60's and I believe that we had it and let live!!!

882 days ago

dixie geary    

Hallie want to France?? Does she know what happened to Princess Diana??

882 days ago
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