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Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson



5/31/2012 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shana Burroughs
UFC legend Tito Ortiz and his retired porn star fiancee Jenna Jameson rushed to court, asking a judge to protect them from a friend who is allegedly drug and alcohol fueled and has stolen from them and stalked them both.

TMZ has obtained the legal docs, in which Tito and Jenna say Shana Burroughs comes over to the house with a virtual pharmacy ... including Xanax and Oxycodone.  The Oxycodone is especially problematic because Tito has said in the past that Jenna has struggled with the drug.

The couple claim Shana comes over drunk and under the influence of Rx meds and wreaks havoc -- scaring their kids, stalking them and stealing property from the house.

The docs allege Shana has been doing this for 4 years.   

The emergency restraining order was just DENIED, because the judge felt the matter could wait until a full hearing could be held -- and that will happen on June 15.

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Quick question why wait 4 years to finally file a restraining order against her?? Hopefully they get it.

785 days ago


Translation: "We're tired of our threesome partner Shana, and we want to look for a new one." "We also don't want to have to pay Shana off and want to discredit her when she tells her sortied true story about us."

785 days ago


Ah. Yeah. Smoke and mirrors. Jenna gets a DUI (with crash included) and then she and her BF do this. Jenna is playing the blame game, convincing him that the reason the DUI happened was because the friend made her do drugs, which caused her to drink, and on and on.
The EPO had to have been Jenna's idea. See, if she gets a protective order she isn't being a "snitch" by having her friend busted by the cops for being in possession of drugs. She can quietly drop the order later so, in her mind, no harm no foul, and she gets out of a tough situation with her fiance. It is simple druggie logic, or stripper logic, or in this case porn actress logic (probably a mix of all three, actually).
If you are "terrified" of a person who comes to your house you call the cops when they are knocking at your door after you've told them to never come back. If you get an EPO what is that going to do when the person is a "crazy person"? Nothing. It's all sad smoke and mirrors and the blame game. Shame on you Jenna. :/

784 days ago


Ummm, it's called locking your doors and not answering when she "knocks". I'm assuming that she does not have a key. It's funny that people nowadays take the long complicated route when the simple efficent route will do just fine.
My little brother sometimes acts all crazy in my house and I just tell him to go the hell home. I open the door and point outside and tell him to leave. Simple, no restraining order necassary.

784 days ago


These 2 are the crazy ones. Jenna is just using this so Tito don't blame her for her DUI. This chick never takes responsibility for her actions. Shana is the normal one...Jenna needs some serious medical help...I actually feel bad for Tito...he is so lame and believes what she says.

784 days ago


The reason this was going on for 4 years is because Shana was Jennas personal assistant. This is just a way for her to push the blame of her messed up life on someone else. Once a victim always a victim.

784 days ago


just a question - why would anyone marry jameson? the woman must have a hoola-hoop for a vag by now...scratch that, the woman must have had a hoola-hoop for a vag back in 1992. god knows, we could all be inside it right now and not even know it. what if that's the world - jenna jameson's vag. somewhere along the line, things shifted, and the gravitational pull got us all...but, things just stayed as they were - so we didn't notice the transition. NO i'm not high. i'm SERIOUS here.

784 days ago


When you have to get a restraining order against somebody, I don't think that somebody qualifies as a friend any more. Or do I have it wrong.

784 days ago


When you have to get a restraining order against somebody, I don't think that somebody qualifies as a friend any more. Or do I have it wrong.

784 days ago

Rant On    

If you can get Jehovah witnesses off your door step, you can get your your drug enduced 'friend' off your door step. 'not interested' still works.

784 days ago


4 years now!, how about not answering the door and calling the police. I guess you celebrity types can be just as stupid as the general public.

784 days ago


I think almost all of you are missing the point. They USED to have her over and Jenna would get the pills off her. Now probably Tito doesn't want her around,
PERIOD and this is one way to get rid of a leach.

781 days ago


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778 days ago


So Kids are involved and the judge puts it off for 3 weeks. Would it be a problen to anyone, to just make it temporary.

Wonder if the judge had a problem with their past careers - UFC Fighter & a Porn Star.

769 days ago
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