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Bam Margera

HOSPITALIZED After 100-Ft Kayak Fall

6/1/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Bam Margera hospitalizedIn his latest desperate bid for a Darwin Award, Bam Margera kayaked off a 100-foot cliff in Oregon two days ago ... and he landed his ass in very familiar territory ... the hospital.

Bam tweeted the picture yesterday, claiming he had to undergo an emergency hernia operation following the tandem kayak stunt with pro kayaker Steve Fisher.

0601-bam-margera-twitter-subIt's unclear if Fisher was also injured during the fall -- but one thing's for certain ... they're both really, really stupid.

Get well soon.


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haven't you ever heard the saying.."only the good die young" or is that a Billy Joel lyric?? either way way, Bam will out live us all!

810 days ago


Apparently all the people in the Jackass movies really are ...

810 days ago

E Reifel    

It's jackasses like this that cause everyone's health care to be astronomical and out of reach for many. His injuries should not be treated!

810 days ago


What is up with these so called celebrities (not being famous for anything......always taking pictures of themselves in the hospital.....who cares.

810 days ago


really really stupid?
ummm I think not Steve Fisher is an amazing and somebody that is trying to take the sport of kayaking to the extreme. He is far from being a stupid man all you have to see is an interview with him to know this. So please only report facts and no made up bollocks next time. Thanks.

810 days ago

F Gump    

Stupid does as stupid is!

809 days ago


You FVCKS don't have the balls to do what he does. GET BENT. <3 BAM

809 days ago


You might want to do some research on the people in your article before referring to them as stupid, as you only make yourself look the fool. Fisher is far from stupid, that height of a drop is the daily grind for him and his ilk, drops nearly twice that height are being run by professionals who know what they're doing.
Your mindless insult makes me think a lot less of this website.

808 days ago


Why isn't this idiot dead yet?

807 days ago

Jaxon Paraki Webber    

Bam is stupid. But Steve Fisher is one of the best kayakers in the world. You can't be stupid and be as good as him. Steve will scout the waterfall to make sure they don't die, and there will have been impeccable safety for them to pull it off. Whitewater kayakers are some of the safest people in the world, and are most certainly not stupid.

Bam is a total douchebag idiot though

807 days ago


If you only really knew him , you wouldn't be so quick to judge , and condem . He has so many talents besides being a dare devil . And he is one of the most caring , giving , and lovable people on the planet .
Also , I'd like to know , why is it ok and acceptable when Evil Kinnevil jumped his motorcycle over all the obstacles he did , and was made famous for it , and wasn't thought of as a jack ass ?

803 days ago


is this fake, i came to this link by the here's the video.... hmmm he's laughing and still walking! did he slipped afterwards or something and than was transported to the hospital cause he seems fine to me

800 days ago


can't Bam kayak off of The Great Wall of China or the Empire State ...

799 days ago


I will happily disagree, people kayak this waterfall on a regular basis. This is not a 100ft waterfall so get your facts right its 89ft. Steve Fisher is a profesional boater and does this on a normal basis. People show there ignorance when they dont understand the sport.

758 days ago


A litle late commenting on this, but Steve Fisher is a professional. I've haven't kayaked with Steve himself, but I've paddled with world champions. It's a dangerous sport, but that really was a safe drop. Injuries happen, just like in any sport. Don't diss a sport you don't know anything about.

278 days ago
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