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Francesca Eastwood

Burnt Birkin Wasn't MINE!!!

6/1/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood
's daughter's been taking serious heat -- as in death threats -- for burning a $100,000 Birkin handbag just for the art of it ... but now Francesca Eastwood wants everyone to know it wasn't hers.

When we asked Francesca about the controversial pics last night, her photographer BF Tyler Shields quickly took the bullet ... saying, "It was my bag, I paid for the bag." Shields wouldn't say exactly how much he dropped, but confirmed the Birkin cost "more than a car."

We also asked Francesca what Clint thought of the disgustingly expensive photo shoot. Pretty sure it did not make his day.


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the sad thing is, they are probably the type to run a person down in the street and keep driving

837 days ago


Not a real Birkin so who cares? And who cares if it is a real Birkin?
Death threats?
From who? Lazy selfish people who don't want to work extra jobs and **save** their money and earn their own bags?
Cry babies?
......"Waaahh boo hoooo they have more money than me! They waste money! Yeah I do too when I buy luxuries like cell phones and internet service...but so what!...just because I waste money doesn't mean I can't insult other people who waste money!.....BOO on people with more money than me!...."
How ridiculous :D

837 days ago

Montclair Grandma    

I don't care who paid for the purse, Francesca was party to the boyfriend's destroying the purse. Both of them show serious signs of insensitivity and immaturity. Nothing artful about what they did. If I were Clint I would be totally embarrassed by her behavior. Of course he doesn't have total control over her--her mother Sandra also lets her
get by with this behavior. Francesca needs to go to school and learn something, like the children of
Donald Trump.

837 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It doesn't matter if it was or was not your bag, stupid. $100,000 could have bought a LOT of food for the hungry, housing for the homeless and transportation for those who have a job and no way to get there. You totally SUCK and if I was Clint Eastwood I would kick your ass for showing off how rich you are.

837 days ago


Every time I see a spoiled brat behave like this I want to punch them in the face.

837 days ago


She looks just like her Mom. Her boyfriend is obviously needing $ so therefore he is with her. Both of them are young, stupid and probably will do nothing wonderful with their lives. I'm sorry for them and hope they can find some time to grow up.

837 days ago


That is how sick this world is. If you have $10,000 to waste, donate it to a charity for children that could use the money. Not to show how rich and stupid you are. People that apparently receive the death threats for the wrong reasons.

837 days ago


It doesn't matter WHOSE bag it was!!! Bloody, ----ing idiot!

837 days ago


didn't see the original story on this...its a disgusting waste of money, considering the fact that people are dying in the world, simply because they can't even get themselves water. disappointing...but, somehow, not surprising. ppl who r born w money have no clue what goes on in the real world.

837 days ago


I have watched there show on E! and I have to admit her bf is the biggest douche on tv. She is for sure scraping the bottom of the barrel. Ugly Douche alert!

837 days ago


Who cares if it wasn't hers. She burnt it.

837 days ago


Anyone who dates Shields the Pedophile needs therapy.

837 days ago



As if destroying the 100K purse is any stupider than buying it in the first place, but isn't anyone's business what people do with their money.

I know I am wasting my breath, but enough with the comments about how many people they could help with the money. It doesn't work that way. When you hand something to someone for nothing, they only know to wait for the next handout. If people want to give monies to charities that give short-term support for people, go for it, but you aren't helping them in the long run.

But...I am sure it makes you feel like you are special for caring...unfortunately it shows little care for humankind to chain them to the dole.


837 days ago


Her show has to be a Ryan Seacrest show. Next he will have to produce a tv show for his girlfriend because she cannot act she is lucky to be in a movie with tom cruise because if he was not in it it would bomb worse than that other movie remake she did.

837 days ago


She was making a brave and profound statement against the rampant materialism of our society... oh wait, she eats at STK and drives a Range Rover? Nevermind, she's a vapid, narcissistic entitled little turd.

837 days ago
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