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Lindsay Lohan

Dying to Shoot

Liz Taylor Biopic

6/1/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan as Liz TaylorLindsay Lohan has gone to the dark side ... as she begins production on her new Liz Taylor film.

We got this pic of Lindsay taking a cigarette break during a pre-production photo shoot and lighting test.

Lindsay reluctantly had her hair cut and dyed to mimic Taylor.

We're told Lindsay believes the "Liz and Dick" movie will re-start her career by showcasing her talents ... ya know, besides these.


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NEW STORY! Front Page! What we have been waiting for: Milo dumps on DUIna!

871 days ago


The only thing that is going to restart is still how unprofessional she is. Showing up the first day is no big deal. It won't take long before she starts pulling her crap.

871 days ago


She is going to ruin it and be made fun of. There's no way she can carry the class and beauty like Liz did. She's way out of her league here. If she wants a come back try something easier. I know I wouldn't watch it. But then again I don't like her she I won't watch anything with her in it.

871 days ago


I'm just one of millions who won't watch this movie.

871 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Look at all the bent up rode wet mental midgets projectile vomiting their opinions all over another Lilo story!!! Go fvk yourselves!

871 days ago


You are the luckiest person on the planet to be able to get high paying work after all the ish you put yourself through. If you mess this up, you might as well buy a little school bus, put on a helmet and have some tard drive you around. You truly do not know how lucky you are.

871 days ago


I'm sure she will do great, but if she really wants to be authentic in the role she needs to put on some curves and eat.

870 days ago


Liz Taylor, Lindsey Lohan is not beautiful, Liz Taylor was amazingly beautiful...! There is not enough hair color or makeup to make her even come close to looking like Liz Taylor. Not a good casting call in my book, many beautiful young actresses could do a much better interpretation

870 days ago

Arlene Rogers    

I think the film industry is wasting their time and money in having Lohan portray Liz. Elizabeth Taylor was the most beautiful woman in the world. She had perfect features. I think the film industry needs to look long and hard to find someone to almost equal Liz. Besides the beauty, there needs to be the acting ability. If I may, I would like to suggest LILLY COLLINS or ZOOEY DESCHANEL as actresses that would make a better look-a-like of Liz Taylor. Of course you would have to decide their acting abilities, which I'm sure could be much improved on by direction. I'm sure if Lohan is permitted to complete this movie nothing great will come out of it. I think the memory of Elizabeth Taylor deserves the best effort.

870 days ago


That lump needs to be looked at...

870 days ago


Come on!!! Like she cant put the extensions back in???

870 days ago

Red Cloud    


I think it's so funny when d-bags like RC talk about Lilo like she ever really had a chance at greatness, or speak of her like she ever touched greatness in her "craft". She hasn't properly acted since she managed a bad fake british accent in The Parent Trap as a little kid. She was always lukewarm at BEST. There are simply way too many spectacularly gifted actresses out there right now that obscure her completely -- in talent, looks, personality and professionalism. Sorry Lilo-lovers. It's just the truth.
7 hours ago
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Ahhh, but there's no one quite like good ol' Lindsay Lohan. She's so much more interesting. Even dumb fk haters like you would agree. She will prove herself as Liz and in other roles when she hits the big screen. She's too hungry for redemption to screew it up. She has the talent. I know, I know, you can't see it. BUT, BUT, BUT, haters are idiots.
Oh yeah, I forgot. Lindsay has too many fans, so haters are irrelevant.

870 days ago


The only film that could fully showcase her talents is a Vivid production.

870 days ago


Bad casting; Lohan looks nothing like Elizabeth Taylor.
And whether or not Lohan's career is helped depends not only on the quality of the work, but on her performance which includes showing up on time, learning the lines...
This is not going to be a good quality film.

870 days ago


Talent ? Where ? The only talent I've read about is how she jumps in bed with every Tom , Dick and Mary.

870 days ago
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