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Lindsay Lohan

Dying to Shoot

Liz Taylor Biopic

6/1/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan as Liz TaylorLindsay Lohan has gone to the dark side ... as she begins production on her new Liz Taylor film.

We got this pic of Lindsay taking a cigarette break during a pre-production photo shoot and lighting test.

Lindsay reluctantly had her hair cut and dyed to mimic Taylor.

We're told Lindsay believes the "Liz and Dick" movie will re-start her career by showcasing her talents ... ya know, besides these.


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Checking in before I head for bed...Tomorrow is a special day..My general's family is giving his father a surprise Birthday Party...The man will be 98 yrs old tomorrow...98 yrs old and hes been married to the same woman who is 92 yrs old for 78 yrs this year....they have 15 children my general is the 4 oldest..
Now that ladies and gentleman is worth bragging about...
It is going to be a huge affair tomorrow with well over 300 relatives plus all the neighbors ..
So I have to confess I went and did something bold.. I got rid of the "white hair" ....that right I am now back to my light golden blonde it was before Mother Nature faded it to white...and it will stay they way or at least 8 weeks if I treat it gently....LOL Thanks to my beautican and O'real....
Yes I admit I am a vain old lady...who looks good....LOL.....
Good Night and Have fun....

874 days ago



I can't believe people are acting like she is starring in the next Ocar nominated biopic. She is starring in a frickin Lifetime Movie. You know, the network Tori Spelling makes a living filming for. The network that has movies with titles such as "My Stepfather Raped My Son With A Hockey Stick".....or something along those lines.
It is a sad day when a TV movie for Lifetime is what Lindsay see's as a "big comeback". Move over Tori Spelling and Tracy Gold...Lindsay has arrived!

Awesome post...lmao and dont forget Meridith Baxter!!!

874 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

ok they can make her look similar to Liz with makeup and lights but what about her voice
Lindsay has destroyed her vocal chords from partying and smoking and sounds nothing like Liz

874 days ago


One last thing.......
Why would a healthy woman supposedly healthy woman have a dam big freaking ass boil like that under her arm like that.....I get them because I am diabetic with a immune system thats shot to hell....which is major reason a person will get them.... Noticed she goes a puts on a sweather the next time the stepped out for her ciggerate brake and photo run...didn't want you to see it....LOL

874 days ago


Wow she died her hair for a role that's dedication right there. She didn't get in shape, get sober, learn any lessons, grow up, stop mutilating her face or take some acting lessons but she died her hair.

And it's a Lifetime movie...
Someone should point out to her (and TMZ) that it's freaking Lifetime.

874 days ago


Am I the only one who reads it as "jiz and dick" instead of "liz and dick?" Does that make me a bad person?

874 days ago


Here we go with the boy with the DELETE button.

874 days ago


I live right next to a creek. There's lots of ducks here year round. The mallards (male) are all brown and white with green heads. Most of the females are all spotted brown, with a handful of random all-white ones.

There's one female that hangs around between the creek and my rear lawn.... funny looking. Dirty white - looks like she's been rolling in the mud, but that's what colour she is. She's real haggard, too - looks all tore up, and during this mating season she's been duck-raped over and over - sometimes by multiple mallards - one right after the other. Lots of violent clam-slamming.

I call this one "Linds".

874 days ago


Here's to all the studio's, networks and everyone else...A BIG NOT. As previously posted there is no talent there just a one hit wonder on Lindsay. Only reason why she keeps popping up is her past issues and Harvey's love for the scoop.

874 days ago


what's that **** on the back of her head? Liz never looked like that!!!

874 days ago


In spite of all the critics, this woman is a fabulous actress and I hope she just knocks everyone dead with a stellar performance in this movie..and returns to the top..kudos to you Lilo!

874 days ago


The producers made a HUGE MISTAKE in hiring Lindsay to play Liz.. She will BOMB for sure. She is a selfish, unappreciative brat who has not learned her lesson. She will end up in trouble again.

874 days ago


Let's see, Liz Taylor was all about class.
Lohan looks and acts like trash.
Can't imagine a worse casting decision.

874 days ago


Why are they keeping her in a cage .......... I know she's wild but .............

874 days ago


There is one good bit of news on this tv show all people who have insamniacs will get to sleep without having to take medication, but for how long is anyones guess.

874 days ago
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