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Alanis -- I'll Breast-Feed

'Til The Cows Come Home

6/1/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Alanis Morissette says she'll breast-feed her son until he's six years old if that's what he wants -- so we talked to Dr. Phil to find out it this kinda thing screws with a kid's head..

Plus, the Green Lantern is gay -- well, ONE Green Lantern is gay. Turns out there are 7200 GLs! And one of 'em works at TMZ?? You gotta see what went down during this discussion.

And, Brandon Jenner gets married in Hawaii -- and not even one Kardashian sister shows up. Could there be a rift in the royal family of reality TV?

(0:00) Alanis Morissette says she'll breast-feed her kid for as many years as it takes -- we talk to Dr. Phil on the phone about the sexual implications of her feeding habits ... and his answers are hilarious.
(7:42) Justin Bieber knocks himself unconscious -- then calls us to talk about it! And in his weakened state ... we get him to answer a question that may tick off every woman in Paris.
(10:22) "Jersey Shore" is back ... and sober! This is going to be borrrrrring.
(16:00) Breaking news -- Matthew Fox punished for driving drunk.
(18:51) Lamar Odom says Kris Jenner has nothing to do with his basketball career ... but something he said pits Harvey and Charles in a gnarly argument.
(21:10) The Green Lantern in gay! Sounds simple ... but it's far from that. Our in-house comic book aficionado attempts to explain.
(23:50) Incredible -- is one of our employees the gay Green Lantern ... sure looks like it!
(26:00) The Hollywood Reporter's latest cover -- whitewashed! Why aren't there ANY non-white actresses on it?
(30:04) The OTHER Jenner -- Brandon -- gets married ... any not one Kardashian sister showed up to see it. Is there a rift in the family?
(34:10) Michael Jackson's death house may finally get sold.
(36:11) A teacher at Malibu High School allegedly slaps a student around ... just like in the scene from "Bridesmaids."
(42:03) Brian Banks -- the guy who was unjustly imprisoned for a rape he didn't commit -- has been released ... and now NFL teams are giving him the chance that was taken away from him years ago.
(43:15) We take your calls!

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the princes of malibu - it's the reason david foster and linda broke up

818 days ago


It would be so funny if one day there was a huge earthquake during TMZ Live, and you saw Harvey and the rest of the staff crushed under a large pile of heavy debris.

818 days ago


Well, now that Green lantern came out of the closet... I think Batman has something to worry about with Robin...

817 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

ok I'll take the flack and stand up for the truth in this sickly environment today.

first of all, the vote between meaningful and tokenism lacked a third option which is: digusting sickly and perverse. gay is gay, it'll never be ok. from a christian spiritual stand point it's an abomination, from a secular evolutionary stand point it's a dead end, no pun intended. there is no reasonable interpretation of reality where male homo is perfectly fine. deal with it.

as for the covers of magazines and hollywood, white is just more beautiful. deal with it.
second, there are only so many people on that cover, if you actually picked random USAnians, often you will get all whites as well.
and third, Margolis is very far from lily white. it's a pale photo.
for some reason north caucasian is universally considered the most attractive. blacks like white, in japan they use caucasian looking models or even actual caucasians. even the jews seek the aryan nation : )
it is a very curious fact but a fact nonetheless. throwing drama queen hissy fits about it is not the mature way to handle it.

one might also point out that your token 'black' guy is more white than you are harvey

817 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Raquel was not breast fed as a child. She was beast fed. How else could you explain the woman that she is today???

817 days ago


I'm 50/50 on Dr. Phil's input. I don't agree with his opinion but I do like that he stated the facts. I breastfed my second until 2 months shy of his 3rd birthday. It's recommended that babies are breastfed for at LEAST 2 years and then as long as mutually desired afterwards. Breastmilk does not lose its benefits at a certain age and continues to change to suit the child as he or she grows. To say a child should be weaned off of his milk to drink a baby cow's milk at a year old is ridiculous.

817 days ago


fix your ads, all that show up is your ads I can't play tmzlive just the ad pops up.!

817 days ago


I guess he's gonna suck his thumb till he's ten,the breast feeding wouldn't be bad if she was built like

815 days ago


Real cows don`t even nurse that long-so they`ll be home way before she lets her child growup.I was reproduceing by age six..knockin them up,it was the 60`s MAN free love and all.KING TUT!

813 days ago


She must of never heard of lina medina

813 days ago


Someone please get Harvey a BELT! He keeps hitching up his pants! Yikes!

812 days ago
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