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Archie Comics

Gay Green Lantern

Took Our Lead

6/2/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Green Lantern isn't the gay pioneer everyone thinks he is -- at least according to the people over at Archie Comics, who claim THEY created the first ever gay comic book character.

The gay doodle is Kevin Keller (right) -- an active U.S. military officer who married his partner in the January 2012 issue of Archie Comics.

DC Comics followed suit Friday -- announcing The Green Lantern would be be rebooted as a gay character.

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater tells TMZ, "We love the fact that everyone is following Archie's lead. We broke new ground. We have led in so many areas. We are proud we are first."

But the real reason Goldwater's so excited -- he tells us, "The more people are supportive of this cause, I think it's only going to be helpful in making gay marriage legal in as many places as possible."


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I grew up with comics... Archive and DC Comics were big with me. Now, my two year old son will never receive an Archie Comic and sure as heck no Green Lantern. I don't want my little kid exposed to sex and and on the SLIGHT chance that gay is a choice... he ain't gonna be exposed to nothin' but straight stuff until it is decided.

872 days ago


Should make for an interesting Green Lantern movie sequel... Ryan Reynolds will look just FABULOUS.

872 days ago


TMZ is obsessed with gayism. I understand most the male staffers at TMZ love the penis, but most the viewers don't care about this which is evident by these comments. So maybe TMZ should stop indulging themselves and serve the people instead. Same thing with their friend that just died. They shove his memorial down our throats with pop-ups to indulge their own egos. None of us knew that guy and none of us care. I'm sure he was an awesome guy but morn him privately and keep us out of it. enough said

872 days ago


If there was ever any question little Harvey is gay the plethora of faig stories on this site gives no doubt now...

872 days ago


The Archie guys are wrong. Their not the first comic to have a gay character, and they definitely didn't invent gay comic characters. Both Northstar and Gear were gay long before January 2012.

872 days ago


SICK!!! Absolutely SICK!!

Polluting our children's mind with this drivel and sick advertisement for a deviant lifestyle.


872 days ago


I get it. Spidey had Mary Jane. Superman had Lois Lane. Heterosexuality is promoted in comics all the time, so why not homosexuality, right? Here's the thing. It's been accepted since the BEGINNING OF TIME that a man being with a woman is acceptable. The gay community is JUST starting to gain acceptance, and crap like this is not going to help. You cannot jam acceptance down people's throats. Plus, let's be honest, this is nothing more than a ploy to sell more comics since without the movies, all of them would be outta business.

872 days ago


Absolutely disgusting that this perverted agenda is being shoved down children's throats. I mean give me a break, it's a comic book! Parents just to need to be extra cautious these days about what kind of garbage their children are exposed to.

872 days ago


I think you all are a bunch of close minded idiots. Approximately 25% of people in the United States is gay or bisexual (whether in or out of the closet). Look around you at work, in your own families and friend sets - one in four are not heterosexual.

872 days ago


So sick of all this political correctness crap. Can ANYTHING just be left the hell alone???

872 days ago


Serisouly, people commenting on TMZ need to get laid. Why would you worry about what gay people do if you are not gay. I am straight and could care less if gays or lesbians are in relationships or want to get married. Seriosuly, if you don't like gay people go move to Iran or Iraq I am sure they will accept you with open arms.

872 days ago

Don Martin    

Yeah I'm gonna release the first gay band-aids, first gay pajamas, first gay portable pottie, first gay home mortgage, first gay ham sandwich (eat at your own risk), first gay pandering kit, first gay diaper, first gay pacifier, first gay wheel chair and the first big flock of gay suckers. Welcome to the world of politically correct and absolutely meaningless marketing.

872 days ago


Children reading comic books featuring gay characters isn't going to make them gay any more than watching a horror movie is going to turn them into a homicidal maniac. You're either gay or you're not. You don't magically become gay just by seeing gay people. Man, some of you are stupid. I have a gay uncle. He would always show up to family gatherings with his "friend". My Mother explained to me that my uncle was gay, and that that meant he dated boys instead of girls. I didn't fully understand it as a child, but I loved my uncle anyways because he was an awesome person. Growing up with him in my life didn't "turn me gay". I'm a proud heterosexual. Shielding your children from gay people, and telling them that gay people are disgusting and wrong only breeds hatred and ignorance. As an adult, I know a few gay people. One of my best friends is a lesbian and I have no problem letting her and her girlfriend babysit my kids. They're two of the nicest, most responsible people I know. With as many gay people as there are in this world, do you really think it's wise to raise your kids to be afraid of them? Gay people are just like any other person, they just happen to have different sexual preferences you do. In fact, you wouldn't even know most gay people were gay unless they told you. Not all gay people fit the "glittery fairy" or "macho butch" stereotypes.

872 days ago


We already had gay superheroes. The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Memba them?? Wonder where they are now...

872 days ago


I thought gay people were too cultured to read comics.

872 days ago
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