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Archie Comics

Gay Green Lantern

Took Our Lead

6/2/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Green Lantern isn't the gay pioneer everyone thinks he is -- at least according to the people over at Archie Comics, who claim THEY created the first ever gay comic book character.

The gay doodle is Kevin Keller (right) -- an active U.S. military officer who married his partner in the January 2012 issue of Archie Comics.

DC Comics followed suit Friday -- announcing The Green Lantern would be be rebooted as a gay character.

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater tells TMZ, "We love the fact that everyone is following Archie's lead. We broke new ground. We have led in so many areas. We are proud we are first."

But the real reason Goldwater's so excited -- he tells us, "The more people are supportive of this cause, I think it's only going to be helpful in making gay marriage legal in as many places as possible."


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You know, when I was a kid, I didn't pick up a comic book to see who was dating who. I wanted to see what the villains were up to, and what they were going to do to stop them. So what if there are gay characters! As long as they are taking out the villains like nature intended that's all that matters. FYI The more you tell your kids they can't read them, the more they are going to do it. It's just how kids are.

838 days ago


Marvel comics were one of the first with North Star from Alpha Flight in the early 90's. Archie must be on bath salts.

838 days ago


It never ceases to amaze me how white people are pushing this gay/lesbian crap down our guts. We can't turn on the t.v. without seeing them on shows, open a magazine, hear a talk show, unless some white person is telling us how great it is to be gay/lesbian. I'm just sick of the whole thing, and I think they are all going to be shocked when the next desease hits them. And the next time they won't be able to cure or get it under control. I do believe God is sick of this crap too.

838 days ago


If they want to mess with history why dont they have some guts and go all the way and something that would be hot. Like make wonder woman a lesbian who rocks a golden strap-on and cruises bars to pick hot chicks and penatrates the truth out of them.
I would buy multiple copys of the issue that tells the story of how Betty & Veronica decided to kick Archie to the curb and become full on lipstick lesbians.

838 days ago


Who cares if gay people are depicted in comic books.
Gay people are all over society and you're not going to keep your kids from noticing them, talking with them, interacting with them, working for them, working with them.
Just clapping with one hand, trying to control something that isn't controllable.

837 days ago


well, ****! can open a magazine, read a book, watch a movie or tv program without having a gay involved....makes me sick!!

837 days ago


anyone ever read the fantastic "love and rockets"?

837 days ago


why does EVERYTHING have to have a Gay something? I mean, nothing is sacred anymore. they always say Christians shove their beliefs down people's throats, yet I don't see a D.C. comic about a superhero who is also a Christian preacher or Catholic priest or monk going around preaching the message of God. So...

837 days ago


Can't wait for the Betty and Veronica special

837 days ago


I am so sick of these sodomites continue to pollute every thing decent in this country to promote there
peverted behavior first it was the adults then it was
the teen now they are going to pollute the minds of preteen, we are no longer a favor country.

837 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

As a reader, I´m very sick of all this gay activism in GAY-M-Z. If the "pregnant man" snorts, there´s news about it here. We should write Time Warner, TMZ´s owner, and demand them to remove Harvey and the other homossexuals from the command of the site.

837 days ago


DC Comics followed suit Friday -- announcing The Green Lantern would be be rebooted as a gay character.

You have two Be's. Did you know that? College degree= no spell check.

837 days ago



837 days ago


I am all for gay rights and I believe that no one should ever be prosecuted for what they believe. I just do not understand why the gay community is making a big deal about wanting to get married...When most marriage end in divorce and then you have to lose half of what you own and then pay child support and let face it in the a divorcee is like the black plague in the dating community...I just think honestly they got the best deal..

837 days ago


OMG..So that is the real reason he was always running away from veronica...

837 days ago
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