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Evander Holyfield

Faces Jail Time for

$300k Child Support Debt

6/2/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evander Holyfield is staring down some jail time if he doesn't cough up more than $300k in unpaid child support, TMZ has learned.

The GA. Dept. of Human Services has gone to court on behalf of Evander's 18-year-old daughter Emani Holyfield ... claiming the former champ hasn't paid a dime of court ordered child support since April 2010, and his tab is now $372,097.40.

The DHS is fed up with the waiting game ...  so it's asking a judge to lock up Holyfield and garnish his wages until he antes up the back support.

Evander's rep tells TMZ she was unaware of the situation but added, "Mr. Holyfield has a wonderful relationship with his daughter."

Love don't pay the bills.

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No Avatar


Another dirt bag that should be thrown in jail because he doesn't want to take care of his babies properly, How many does this jerk have?

875 days ago

John Galt    

"Evander's rep tells TMZ she was unaware of the situationm"

The situationm? Is that a character on the black version of Jersey Shore?

875 days ago


he is flat broke he doesnt have 50k let alone 300k

875 days ago


HOLLYHOODMAN: "No way it takes 300 k to support a kid for two years. Its not support its called the government sticking it to dads and killing fathers relationships with their kids"
You're right.
The American Bar Association and National Organization for Women have teamed up to rob fathers of their rights in the family courts.
Particularly through false accusations of domestic abuse...The American Bar Assoc's standards of practice do***ent pre-declares the victim as "her"...and by forcing fathers out of the custodial picture.
Passage of Violence Against Women Act...a one-sided anti-male sexist act...was a major priority of feminist orgs and the American Bar Assoc because it's a huge cash-cow for their members.
An American Bar Assoc do***ent called..."Tool for Attorneys"...provides lawyers with a list of suggestive questions to encourage their female clients to make domestic violence charges, when there was no domestic violence.
Feminist orgs such as Natn'l Org for Women see children as little tools to be used to bring themselves more profit, through taxpayer funding of..."women's programs"...that include the..."educating"...of soon-to-be divorced women.

875 days ago

Paul B    

Deadbeat. Too many punches to the head. Perhaps a punch fair up the RING will knock some sense into you. Jail awaits you.

875 days ago

Funk the Courts    

it says she basically 18 and he probably hands her money all the time to go out with her friends, new card, clothes the best of everything , its just her mother wants the hefty child support payments, i m sure his daughter is fine and its just parent v. parent courtroom manipulation for assetts and money!!!
he stopped paying in 2010, probably cause hes handling everything for his daughter like cash and credit cards and lets face it all of his work and sweat is where all the money came from in the first place so he in no way should be ashamed cause every diaper his daughter wore came from evanders bank account!! greedy lil wives that manipulate the system for finicial security for 18 + years are the ones society should stick it too!

875 days ago


Another loser , if he used protection he wouldn't be in this situation, why are men so lazy and irresponsbile?

875 days ago


1. A larger percent of women ordered to pay child support, refuse to pay, than men who are ordered...."Moms Can Be Deadbeats Too"....foxnews.com
2. A larger percent of women murder their own children, than men do....
US Dept Health Human Services Child Maltreatment reports: Almost 80% of child murders in the home are committed by mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, babysitters.
3. A larger percent of women physically abuse/beat their children, than men do....
US Dept Health Human Service Child Maltreatment report: Over 60% of child abuse is committed by mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, babysitters.
Are fathers and men really the majority of abusers and deadbeats....?

875 days ago


She was 16 in 2010 what bill does she have worth 100 k

875 days ago


yeah ,right, they have a wonderful relationship my ass... until he gets behind.lol my ex goes for the jugguler for one missed payment... god how we love one another...

875 days ago


come on child support? For the average family it costs 200-250k to raise a kid from birth to 18 years of age (including public college tuition) How in the hell does a man rack up $327k in child support debt in under 2 years? This child support system is a ****ing racket. That's enough money to raise a kid from birth to 18 years of age including sending him or her to college in a normal family. F off courts.

875 days ago


He had 13 children or more didn't he realize he has to pay for them ALL for 18 years

874 days ago


Didnt Rodman just go through this? Must be the time of the year or something.


874 days ago


Child support is necessary but $14,311 per month??? Come on, that is a tad excessive. The courts should have him pay out a lump sum for the child's future in an investment trust fund until they turn 18-21 and it will be their turn to figure out LIFE and savings. But before that, they should definitely get money for child support but at $14K per month, that is way too much. You should only live that life style if you earn it yourself.

838 days ago
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