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John Cena

Why His Marriage Fell Apart

6/2/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's becoming apparent why John Cena's marriage to his high school sweetheart fell apart -- the house they were remodeling was sending them to the poor house and the courthouse.

We've already told you -- Cena has blamed the divorce on the remodel, claiming it caused unbearable strife between him and his wife. 

We just found documents showing how bad the situation was ... one of the contractors filed a lien on the house for $110,000, claiming the Cena's didn't pay him for his work.

FUN FACT -- Remodels are one of the main triggers that cause marriages to fail.

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No Avatar


We all know this remodeling story is a cover up for the real reason they're getting divorced....

842 days ago


Remodeling a house can't cause a marriage to fail.
Just the tip of the iceberg, another area of stress on top of dozens of others in the marriage.
People like to remodel to feel a sense of...."starting over".
If it's a true statistic that many marriages fail during a remodel, it's only revealing that people try to use a remodel as a crutch to carry a failing marriage.
To feel a..."starting new"...sense hoping it will somehow magically carry over into the marriage and save it.
There are no magic wands that fix a marriage.
It takes a conscious effort from both spouses to learn to communicate.
Or it's simply a marriage that has no potential to work because there are too many differences between them.

842 days ago


that terible for Jonhy cena

842 days ago


Me thinks John left the finances to his wife and either A) she wasn't very good at finances or B) she has a secret stash of cash equal to the amount she was supposed to pay the workers.

841 days ago

The Brodog    

The idea of John Cena being poor is hilarious. Also in no way true.

841 days ago


im sure its because Cena is on the road 95% of the year and his Wife was probably decorating the house to only her liking which would make any husband angry since he makes ALL of the money. you know....just like every other Wife does.

841 days ago

Ashley C.    

Its alright Cena.. Things will get better soon. Your fans care for u dearly!

839 days ago


I keep hearing about infedelity and money whoes. Yes It is hard to be married to a wrestler as popular as John Cena but she knew that is what he wanted to be when they got married in the first place. I think that she did alot of nagging and blamed him instead of being a supportive wife like she is supposed to be. But he filed not her so I think that she did something to destroy the marriage not him!

801 days ago


i feel sorry for you john cena and you should do what's right. john cena i believe in you and i watch wwe everyday of the week and you are an awesome fighter by the way how in the world can you beat the big show he is so huge and me and you would totally get along because we both hate the big show,we both love wwe and we both care about poor people.

750 days ago


I don't care what the world thinks about him because he may be poor so am I and I will never be rich so get over it people. I know one thing I was there by his side when he was going through tough times and I do remember doing things with him when he was never rich so I guess she stick around with him just because that well money doesn't to me because I can except it for the way it is so get off the guys back thank you very much from: carleen.

696 days ago


I will always love you and will stick by your side through thick and thin, John. It is a disgrace that your ex-wife would appreciate an amazing man such as yourself. My love runs deep for you, John Cena.<3

585 days ago
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