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Nicollette Sheridan

'Desperate Housewives' Retrial Called Off

6/2/2012 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination lawsuit against Touchstone over her dismissal from "Desperate Housewives" was dealt a critical blow yesterday when an appeals court issued a ruling scrapping a September retrial.

The ruling, according to The Hollywood Reporter, also overturns the trials judge's denial of Touchstone's motion for directed verdict -- meaning the appeals court believes Touchstone should have won the trial in the first place.

The appeals court went on to say, "It is further ordered that the retrial currently set for Sept. 10 is hereby stayed pending further order of the court."

Sheridan's lawsuit isn't completely dead ... but it is on its last legs.


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880 days ago

The Love Sponge    

I wonder if she be able to find work now? She would make a good drag show.

880 days ago

Scott Levy    

A total miscarriage of justice. I wish Nicolette nothing but the best in her future endeavours. Hopefully she won't be black-listed in Hollywood for going against that bastard.

880 days ago


Who'd you rather Nicholette or Lindsay?

880 days ago


All you people out ther that say she will never work again she has lost all crediblity. How many people have that been said about and not only do they still work but they run there own production companies, they are directors producers she may have a dead lawsuit but not a dead career.

880 days ago


Can't believe she she thought she was entitled and had a good claim in this matter.

Seriously, she was not offered a new contract. Her old contract was up. End of story.

Craziest case for a long while. Can't believe it wasn't chucked out well before this. Must have been a media whore trial judge trying to get publicity.

880 days ago


She's got a very cool interesting story having been in the Hollywood scene for a very very long time.I am hoping she finds redemption for herself by writing a spicy jiucy book about her years in Hollywood-@Bestseller

880 days ago


All the sheep jumping on this woman with cliche lines that they've heard on soaps like "never working in this town again," know nothing about Nicolette, nothing about her case, and nothing about "this town." She has always had a superb reputation in the industry, she had a good case, and she has plenty of friends and a cache of good will based on 30+ years as a team player. So keep spouting nonsense if you like sounding ignorant.

880 days ago


The characterization of the court of appeal ruling and its consequences are way off base. In essence, the court ruled only that the name of the claim Sheridan is asserting must change. Having had the opportunity to review all of the trial evidence, the Court of Appeal paved the way for a retrial, agreeing that it should occur, only staying the upcoming trial date so several technical issues could be worked out. If the Court of Appeal thought the case was bogus, it would have thrown the whole thing out at this juncture. That it did not says much more than the words in its short and cryptic order.

880 days ago


desperate whores

880 days ago


Luckily we won't have to see this drama queen again as her career is dead!!

880 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

I'd do her.

879 days ago

voice of reason    

I actually believe and admire her. I think she is old enough and has been in the game long enough to know that with that law suit she was taking a huge risk, that regardless the outcome she would be blacklisted and her career would be over. I actually really, really admire her courage because going against big, powerful rich-boys is never easy to do and 90% of people would decided against it...out of fear. You can call her names and laugh but wait when something like that happens to you? Would any of you have courage to go against big corporation, with power and money 100 times bigger than yours? Shame on her colleagues to betray her like that and pretend they haven't noticed anything, they were all like kids in high school acting like they never noticed bullies hitting and humiliating weaker kids, it is only a shame that they all are old enough to know better. I lost all respect to them, bunch of cowards too obsessed with they faces being splashed on the cover of a magazines and fitting into another size 0 dress. Wait and you will all see, when their careers will be over and they will be long forgotten they will start remembering the events differently to what they testified, guilty conscience will catch up with all of them.

879 days ago


Gotta love our court system. Change the rules whenever they want.

879 days ago


Nicollette is nothing but an ugly phony bitch. She does not deserve a role on any show because she SUCKS ASS! She can't act at all. She should stay her ass at home and forget about her acting career. She is just trying to get revenge because she was terminated. She needs to accept the fact that she STINKS and let it go already!!!! My God!!!!

852 days ago
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