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UCLA Players to Diddy

Keep Your Millions

Justin Earned Scholarship

6/3/2012 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Diddy's son might be the RKOC (richest kid on campus) ... but Justin Combs' fellow UCLA student-athletes say daddy big bucks shouldn't have to pay a dime -- because Justin earned his scholarship fair and square.

Diddy's been slammed since it was announced this week his son is getting a full-ride scholarship -- $54,000 worth -- to play football at UCLA. The criticism is that Diddy should foot the bill himself ... leaving the scholarship available for a more needy student-athlete.

However, multiple student-athletes -- some on scholarship, some off -- tell TMZ Diddy's millions are a non-factor because, "If you're good enough to play football that you're getting recruited, it doesn’t matter how much your parents are making."

Another student -- a junior volleyball player -- said Justin "should be able to get [the scholarship] if he's qualified. If he's good enough on field ... I don’t think what his father does should play a role."

Of course, a high school senior struggling to get into college might feel differently.

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Wish they could reserve the scholarships for the kids who might have a harder time paying for college. I had to stop & it took me 10 years to get back just to finish my undergrad. Yeah, he might have earned it on his own, but does he really NEED a scholarship to go to school? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure daddy could send him to get his Ph.D if he wanted.

842 days ago


Thank You for your INTELLIGENT comment ROBBIE. Justin got a merit scholarship which means he had good grades. God, some people are NEVER satisfied, I don't care how much money his dad has, if Justin worked hard and got good grades then leave him alone. I'd rather see a kid from a wealthy family actually doing something positive like going to college, instead of these SELF-ENTITLED MORONS like Paris Hilton who didn't even bother to finish high school because she'd rather lay around on her bony -ss and live off her name and money and club hop instead of trying to better herself. So leave Justin and his scholarship alone. He WORKED and EARNED it.

842 days ago


Since when do we require wealthy kids parents to foot the bill for another student if their child gets a scholarship???!!! Justin earned this scholarship just like Peyton and Eli and any other child of a rich parent. Why are we scrutinizing this case? Let's talk about the college athletes that take the spots away from educated students who are denied access to good colleges because some idiot can throw or catch a ball but can't put 2 sentences together without an explitive or the words, "Uhm, you know or like!" Good luck Justin and congrats on working hard on and off the field. You deserve to be there more than some other college athletes.

842 days ago


Let's see if 175 lbs little Diddy plays on game day - in a coupe years...I bet he's bench warming unless team be up by 21+ points. I also think UCLA is thinking about a significant Puffy endowment (non-genitalia versino Hell -maybe name the stadium after Diddy is the pot is right! Da Diddy Dome!

842 days ago


TMZ the last line was unfair.

842 days ago


The only way to get a scholarship is to EARN it. Congratulations, Justin! You earned it! Your family must be very proud. I am impressed to see a rich kid working hard to EARN his own way!

842 days ago


I don't think alot of people understand what an ATHLETIC scholarship is. It's not giving to help the needy or help a young person achieve an education they otherwise might not be able to recieve because of their financial situation. They are offered for the sole purpose of helping the institutions sports team. It is an investment the College makes to improve their sports program which improves them financially. There is no "less fortunate kid" who is missing out from Justin Combs getting a scholarship, it would have gone to the next best athlete at the cornerback position, regardless of his parents income. And if the last scholarship offer was between Combs and another kid, believe that kid was offered at other schools outside the Pac 12 as well. The kid earned the scholarship who his parents are is pointless.

841 days ago

eff you idiots who didnt watch the draft and dont know the whole story    

Ok I understand he earned his scholarship. but he should decline it his dad can pay for his tuition. save it for a kid who can not aford to go to school

841 days ago

No comment    

People are idiots if they don't think that Diddy will donate to the scholarship program. He could hold one fundraiser and bring in enough for 6 scholarships. Justin should be proud, as well as, his father for earning a scholarship.

841 days ago


I think it would be interesting to know if Diddy's kid would have earned that scholarship, if he wasn't someone that was going to bring money to the college, because of who he is. And a 3.75 isn't that great, so he didn't earn it for his grades. And if he was all that, on the field, wouldn't we have heard about it before now?

But, there's plenty of kids that get their scholarships becaus of their on the field prowess. That is evident by just looking at 75% of the pro athletes that can barely form a sentence. They got a scholarship from somewhere, because of what they can bring to the team, period! Either way, the college wins.

So, unless this kid really kicks butt on the field, it will be obvious what the school was really looking for, from Diddy's son. And, don't think for a minute, that when that kid is on the field that Diddy won't be in the stands, or more likely on the sidelines, and that will bring better ticket sales and more interest in the team = $$$.

That being said, I think that Diddy should say thanks, but no thanks, for the scholarship. He can afford the tuition, and he still gets the feather in his cap for his son's abilities, not to mention the kudos he will earn by allowing another kid to benefit from a scholarship they wouldn't have had.

Seriously, let's say there's another kid that doesn't have the money to attend, that has the same grades, and better abilities on the field, yet Diddy's kid gets the free ride, because his daddy will bring more attention to the team. Does that seem fair or even good for the other kid? Nope, it's unfair to the one kid, and just gratuitous for Diddy's kid.

841 days ago


He earned it so he is entitled to it regardless of who his father is or how much he is worth. Why not congratulate him for being a kid who isn't trying to buy his way into school. At least he is in school and not out screwing around.

841 days ago


cheapo diddyo needs to step up and be a man and take care of his sons education, There are kids who really need money for college, this kid needs nothing but his daddy. This is a slap in the face from that azzhole of a dad of his, how embarrassing and ignorant, ****diddy is a douchbag, It's like Douchdaddy slapped his kid in the face. Nice Parenting dildodiddy.

841 days ago


Maybe Diddy should donate to the scholarahip program in another way. Let the boy have it he odviously worked for it.

841 days ago


This just shows how classless these people are. Even though he "earned," it, he definitely doesn't need it. He's using a scholarship that could have been given to a kid who actually needs it. It's all about me, me, me!!! Diddy must be so proud. His son is growing up just as self-important and entitled as he is. Disgusting!

841 days ago


Athletic and other talent scholarships are based solely on ability , they are not based on family income , period . This child obviously earned a place non the team . This is about the child , not their parents . Most often parents of such means make large contributions to the university their child attends so in the end it all works out . This kid earned his scholarship so let him enjoy it . I am certain p diddy will be very generous with ucla .

841 days ago
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