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UCLA Players to Diddy

Keep Your Millions

Justin Earned Scholarship

6/3/2012 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Diddy's son might be the RKOC (richest kid on campus) ... but Justin Combs' fellow UCLA student-athletes say daddy big bucks shouldn't have to pay a dime -- because Justin earned his scholarship fair and square.

Diddy's been slammed since it was announced this week his son is getting a full-ride scholarship -- $54,000 worth -- to play football at UCLA. The criticism is that Diddy should foot the bill himself ... leaving the scholarship available for a more needy student-athlete.

However, multiple student-athletes -- some on scholarship, some off -- tell TMZ Diddy's millions are a non-factor because, "If you're good enough to play football that you're getting recruited, it doesn’t matter how much your parents are making."

Another student -- a junior volleyball player -- said Justin "should be able to get [the scholarship] if he's qualified. If he's good enough on field ... I don’t think what his father does should play a role."

Of course, a high school senior struggling to get into college might feel differently.

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No Avatar


Do people not realize the state this Country is in? Anyone saying "yeah! Good for him! Don't give it back!" Is a Moron.
Only poor kids should get these type of Scholarships. Treating the rich like they're normal folks like us is what got us into this mess.
I find it highly disgusting that in today's time, this scholarship went to someone who has one chain moreexpensive than that tuition.
Its just common sense.

871 days ago


This should be his decision. BUT, his decision should be an obvious one. Teach your child
go give to others.

871 days ago


I think that the taxpayers of California will have lots to say about this.
Many would rather see the funds go towards educating Californians instead of a free sports scholarship for a kid of a wealthy celebutard.

871 days ago


This money is designated for a football scholarship, so unless there is another equally qualified *poor" football player, then Justin (God, what a sissy name) should keep the scholarship.

871 days ago


While he has "earned" it and deserves it, I think the right thing for the Combs to do is to donate the money to needy kids. Justin does not need the money.

871 days ago


This is about Justin and his accomplishments. He should be very proud of himself. He has earned this scholarship. Yes, it would be awesome for Diddy to
pay for someone else's way through college who struggles financially but he shouldn't be called out for not doing so. .

871 days ago


How proud P-Shizzy must be of his son! I would of taken him on a special trip to commerate his outstanding accomplishments. My son would know better and to graciously given it to a person who really needed it.. Because if I had all that money--I would be embarrassed for someone else to pay for his education.

871 days ago


I just have to wonder if the fact that they even looked closely at his application was because of his famous father. I am sorry but I don't even understand how he was considered for a scholarship when with or without one, if that was the school of his choice, he was going to go anyway. Sadly there is a child who had very good grades who would need a scholarship like that to attend, but unfortunately they did not stand out.

871 days ago


HE EARNED IT...everyone does NOT want to ride on their parents coat tails...good for him, now he does not have to listen to daddy talk about how much money he spent on his education...a lot of rich parents do that!

871 days ago


I am sure daddy will be donating plenty to UCLA but his son deserves it, he should be proud, at least he's not some junkie getting high off of daddys money, or some idiot burning 100,000 dollar bags, or releasing a sex tape.

871 days ago


I get what the family is saying about how he wants to earn his own way. But I'm not crying that people are upset about it. This is rich peoples problems, RPP.

871 days ago


What makes any of you believe that the school gave this scholarship to this kids because of his actual abilites, and not the fact that Diddy being at every game is not the real reason?

Additionally, this isn't about whether the kid deserves the scholarship, it's more about whether he SHOULD take advantage of it. It is about the fact that he doesn't need it, and that money could help someone who is just as good as he is, if not better, that CANNOT afford it.

If Diddy takes advantage of this, I will lose all respect for him. Oh wait.....I already did, when he gave his 16 year old a friggin Maybach. That's just stupid!

871 days ago


How do y'all know that there were other kids that "deserved" it more, but didn't get a scholarship because the school chose to go after Diddy's son because of what that would get them in return?

And DON'T attempt to say that the school is above doing that! We know all too well what a schools athletic reputation means to them, especially since the Penn State scandal. College sports programs are as filthy as any other scam out there. If not, maybe some of our pro sports players would be able to do more than sign their names on a check or make it rain in a strip joint.

871 days ago


OMG !!! What the hell is UCLA doing? And what the hell is Diddy doing? Show some RESPECT to the students who are in desperate financial need for an education. This unethical act will trouble your son forever. Do the right thing Diddy, pay up, support your son and the school.

871 days ago


OMG !!! What the hell is UCLA doing? And what the hell is Diddy doing? Show some RESPECT to the students who are in desperate financial need for an education. This unethical act will trouble your son forever. Diddy please - Do the right thing, proudly pay for your sons education, and graciously support the school.

871 days ago
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