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UCLA Players to Diddy

Keep Your Millions

Justin Earned Scholarship

6/3/2012 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Diddy's son might be the RKOC (richest kid on campus) ... but Justin Combs' fellow UCLA student-athletes say daddy big bucks shouldn't have to pay a dime -- because Justin earned his scholarship fair and square.

Diddy's been slammed since it was announced this week his son is getting a full-ride scholarship -- $54,000 worth -- to play football at UCLA. The criticism is that Diddy should foot the bill himself ... leaving the scholarship available for a more needy student-athlete.

However, multiple student-athletes -- some on scholarship, some off -- tell TMZ Diddy's millions are a non-factor because, "If you're good enough to play football that you're getting recruited, it doesn’t matter how much your parents are making."

Another student -- a junior volleyball player -- said Justin "should be able to get [the scholarship] if he's qualified. If he's good enough on field ... I don’t think what his father does should play a role."

Of course, a high school senior struggling to get into college might feel differently.

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No Avatar


I think it is great the kid earned a sports scholarship...But come on Diddy, make a big donation, pay for three kids you canot afford to go to college...

870 days ago


Let the hating bitter people begin....

870 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

He did earn the scholarship and is entitled to it. But with those millions Diddy could use this opportunity to do something positive. Sending a deserving person to college and giving them the opportunity to become something other than ending up in jail is something he should really consider.

870 days ago

Just Saying    

5'9" on a football scholarship? Please ... the is obviously a P.R. move for the university to ensure that the crowds will be there star gazing. Cheaper than any advertising they could have. If he was really any good, USC would have offered him a scholarship. Pffft.

870 days ago


Please remember this....Justin had 30 schloarship offers from FBS and FCS schools...which says the young man can play. I guarantee you those coaches truly DO NOT CARE if his father is worth $500M or $5.
Jeez, besides, NO money from UCLA goes into funding athletic schloarships, they are funded from the athletic department.

870 days ago

Just Saying    

Being offered a scholarship does not necessarily mean you are a good player. Universities are known for doing this for P.R. because it gets their name in the news all year long....until the student gets the boot because they were not up to par in the first place. 5'9" and on a football scholarship. No wonder he chose UCLA instead of USC ... because all the legit players are at USC! I guess he was just hoping that he would see some playing time if he went with a team who was hurting. LOL.

870 days ago


I hate to say it, but child is gonna get killed on that field. He's way too tiny to be out there.

870 days ago


No way. Rich people should not be getting scholarships!

870 days ago


I agree that he earned it but how refreshing it would have been had Diddy realized this and not coming from a wealthy background himself but having worked to get where he is and been very fortunate along the way, might have given some thought to having the school find someone that deserved a chance but who might not have been considered as even scholarship money runs out at some point.......I am sure there are more than one or even a few that even a partial amount of $$$$$ would be helpful towards an education.

5'9" does seem kind of tiny for D-1 ball though so it should be interesting.......

870 days ago


It's only a bunch of liberals who just can't accept that the son of a wealthy man can actually have significant accomplishments of his own. And who don't understand that football scholarships are NOT funded by tax dollars. Plus a few ignorant people who don't understand physical size is not a prerequisite to play DB.

870 days ago


Totally disagree. Growing up, my parents were very successful contractor/developers (nothing in Diddy's league, to be sure), and I always had a summer job, graduated number 2 in my class and was offered several full scholarships to very good schools. My parent's said no way. They wanted and DID instill a very dedicated and strong work ethic in me that I have had my entire life. They did help w/school here and there, but I also worked all thru college. I'm glad they did what they did and have always hoped those scholarships went to someone who really did need them. Didn't he give this kid a Maybach for his 16th b-day? And he lives in NYC for god's sake. He'll ride his daddy's coattails the rest of his life.

870 days ago


For those of you ignoramuses who say the kid is too small to play at this level, you clearly don't know the first thing about football...like the difference between the size and skill required to be on, say, the line versus the secondary for which Justin was recruited...he's a DB you ding dongs! DUH! He's also a fearless and damned good player, as well as an outstanding student, which is why he had multiple scholarship offers. Oh by the way, football scholarships at UCLA are funded by boosters and ticket revenue, NOT tax dollars, so enough of the "that's not fair" whining. HE EARNED HIS SCHOLARSHIP ON HIS OWN!

870 days ago


Yes he theoretically did earn it. But I wonder how many nihts he spent studying where he didnt know how much food he had to eat. Or if he could get to a computer to look up information to help him. Or how many hours he had to spend on the bus to get to school not being able to study. ustin got the grades and whatever but he also had everything handed to him.No struggles whatsoever. Did he earn it? Did he?

870 days ago


Oh abd BTW **** YOU UCLA for once again putting this to a sports program instead of lets say a science or arts program. I bet they would if it made them money! FUCLA

870 days ago


UCLA's sports scholarships are funded by:
1. Private donations
2. Corporate partnerships
3. Athletic dept's ticket sales
4. Media contracts
They're not funded by us, the taxpayers.
Not up to us to decide who gets chosen for a scholarship.
The donor decides what the criteria is. And they should...it's their money.

870 days ago
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