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Hollywood Undead

Bandmates Beat Up Lead Singer

... Criminal Investigation

6/3/2012 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood Undead
A popular band was none too pleased when the lead singer quit, and they acted out their anger by beating the crap out of him -- according to allegations made in a police report.

Aron "Deuce" Erlichman was the lead singer of Hollywood Undead, a popular rap/rock band.  Deuce decided to quit the band a few months ago to launch a solo career. Since then, Deuceclaims he has been a target of the former band member’s anger and threats.

On May 25, Deuce performed at Angels & Kings -- a Hollywood hotspot.  After his gig, Deuce left the club and claims his former bandmates were "lying in wait." Deuce claims when they spotted him, they jumped him and went to town -- punching, kicking and stomping on him. Deuce says a friend of his was injured as well while trying to defend him.

Deuce says he was badly hurt and went to cops, alleging former bandmates Dylan
"FunnyMan" Alvarez and Jorel "J-Dog" Decker were the primary culprits. Deuce also told cops the two dudes had someone videotape the attack -- which he believes means the attack was premeditated. 

Now, Deuce plans to sue -- and has already hired legal pitbull Donald Karpel.

Cops are investigating. So far, no comment from FunnyMan or J-Dog.


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****. Doesn't matter what the **** happened. they need to leave him the **** alone.

872 days ago



872 days ago


Haha, I used to like this band back when I wanted to be scene thinking they were the greatest thing ever. Good thing I came to my senses.

872 days ago


I used to have so much respect for HU until I read this.. I seriously hope Danny hadn't been involved in the attack.

872 days ago


good on deuce sue HU i like deuce better than HU anyway he does better songs too

872 days ago

Me :)    

Now, just asking; What actual proof is there that, if this is legit, Deuce was the one who went to the police and reported this, and not somebody else? As said, if this did happen, Deuce would've said something on twitter or facebook, but instead, made a video after this incident, looking perfectly fine with no injuries.
Deuce gets beaten "badly", but looks fine a few days later? Doesn't seem real. If this did happen, I'm sure Deuce would've made it obvious in that video, don't you think? Fake articles come up all the time. Some articles are real, but most of the article contains fake information. This could've been one of those articles. It's not a complete given that Deuce was the one who reported this.

*not siding with HU or Deuce*

872 days ago

Me :)    

Another thing, while Deuce may or may not have deserved being beaten by them, If this did infact happen, HU could lose respect from some of their fans. I'm still not seeing how this is actually real, but if it did happen, HU could lose some fans from this.

872 days ago


Holy ****. Idont blame them, and besides, this is total bull****. Duece was fired... he is a stupid whiney bitch that wants attention...

871 days ago


he didnt quit... GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!

871 days ago


lol they just mad because when he left all of their beats and image left with him and they realized his new **** was better (more than likely future HU songs) He was holly wood undead! Sure they all acted like they were a part of it but he mixed everything!

871 days ago


They didn't just kick him out they STOMPED HIM OUT!!! lmao

871 days ago


The band probably just realized how terrible the vocals and lyrics were. I mean, "You know I've had this OG style since way back. Sittin' in VIP blowin' trees I'm laid back. This bitch is gonna be another notch in my wave cap."

871 days ago


Hey like DOM said he was kicked out!! And i cant blame them for doing that! Al tho it was wrong he needs to quit talking bad about Hu

871 days ago


they were garbage anyway.

871 days ago


Actually, it is Deuce starting the **** and they probably didn't do a thing to him. He's just an idiot. Get your facts straight TMZ.

871 days ago
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