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Gwyneth Paltrow

Triggers Racial Controversy

after Using N-Word

6/4/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0604_gwenith_paltrow_on_stage_twitterGwyneth Paltrow ignited a firestorm of criticism after blasting the N-word to her one million Twitter followers this weekend ... while describing a Jay-Z and Kanye West concert in Paris.

Paltrow was rockin out Friday at the "Watch the Throne Tour" ... when she decided to send a twitter pic of herself on stage (above) with the rappers and the caption "Ni**as in paris for real." If you've been under a rock -- or if you're Kris Jenner --  that's the title of a Jay and Kanye song.

The tweet triggered a tidal wave of negative internet buzz ... with fans questioning whether Gwyneth was using the term in a derogatory way. GP later responded unapologetically, "Hold up. It's the title of the song!"

That said, Jay and Kanye did go on to perform their hit song "Ni**as in Paris" a whopping 11 times that night.


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NOOO! The hypersensitive public freaked out over "reverse discrimination"??? It's all a sickning ****ing joke. Seriously. There IS no such thing as "reverse discrimination". You either discriminate, or you don't. Next, double standards are bull****. If YOU can say the word, so can anybody else. If name calling hurts you, you aren't very tough. Stop pretending. You weren't a slave, get over yourself. It's hilarious, though, that somebody as posh and full of themselves as she is, is so oblivious. She'd be the kind of image conscious bubble head who'd speak out against such things to right the world's injustices if someone else did it. What a crock. Stop using the "N-word" as a crutch. And stop calling it the ****ing "N-word" for Christsakes. The whole damned country sounds like a bunch of uber emotional cry babies who talk like they're in preschool. Makes me ****ing sick. If everywhere else didn't suck, I swear I'd move.

786 days ago


yo, *****`s be trippn dawg!!!!! wtf?

786 days ago

Mad Monica    

hey.. here's an interesting concept.. how about EVERYONE QUIT USING THE FRIGGING TERM???? It is derogatory no matter WHO is using it and this stupid little game is DUMB. We are NEVER going to stamp this crap out until words like this are destroyed by lack of use!

786 days ago


Black guy here...and WHO CARES? I do NOT listen to Rap but it's just the title of a song. This is a NON STORY. She and Jay-Z have been friends FOR YEARS! And this is a NON-STORY and a wasted mouse click. Paltrow is still a beautiful lady btw.

786 days ago


NO ONE should be using the N-word, I don't care what race you are.

Fck the rappers for using it, Fck Paltrow for using it.. I thought she had some common sense

786 days ago


*****! WHAT??

786 days ago


I don't get it. Rahinna says in all the time but no one cares, but a white person says it and all hell breaks lose. Stupid, just, stupid.

786 days ago


They played that song 11 times??? OMG, I would have shot myself in the temple...

786 days ago


ya know,, I've never really cared for the word "******" ever sense I was a young boy & hurt the feelings of a friend of mine ( a little girl)
I am now outraged be the fact that the word is ok for some,
( blacks ) to use , yet bad for every one else to use-
If ****** is a bad word then BAN it,, fine EVERYBODY that uses it and lets get RID of it.
lets face facts,, if a white / hispanic / chinese ect... person were to tell a black person there was a word THEY couldn't use , that black person would have EVERY right to be outraged.
My point here being that if we are to EVER get rid of racism then we need to make thing equal for EVERYBODY ! -
Bad word ?? Fine ..... NOBODY uses it

785 days ago


well let us see it seems to be OK when a black person calls a white person a CRACKER, a HONKY, TRAILER TRASH do you see any media attention for that? NO. I believe in all races there are ******s, white trash, it just depends on how you carry yourself and what you do. My best friend is black and we have had many a talk about this and have come to the agreement that it is just a word like F___ it all goes on how you as a person take it. PEOPLE DON"T WE HAVE MORE PRESSING ISSUES TO WORRY ABOUT!!!

785 days ago


I find it more offensive and tragically retarded that she's at a Jay Z concert and tweeting about it. It's equivalent to Tiny Tim head banging at a Korn concert.

785 days ago


wow just found out TMZ automatically blocks out words like ************ is a dumb word anyway,,say it real fast 3 times_
******, ****** , ******_
dumb why don't we ALL stop using it ? ? ? ?

785 days ago


Hey Gwyneth where are the kids?

785 days ago


It sure sucks to be a cracker these days.I wonder why the word cracker wasnt sensored?

785 days ago

Rick Doten    

First lets face facts the use of the word period is disrespectful and if you are going to go after Ms Paltrow I think maybe you need to address the source Jay Z and Kanye West these two fools need to get their heads out of their arrogant asses.

785 days ago
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