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Gwyneth Paltrow

Triggers Racial Controversy

after Using N-Word

6/4/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0604_gwenith_paltrow_on_stage_twitterGwyneth Paltrow ignited a firestorm of criticism after blasting the N-word to her one million Twitter followers this weekend ... while describing a Jay-Z and Kanye West concert in Paris.

Paltrow was rockin out Friday at the "Watch the Throne Tour" ... when she decided to send a twitter pic of herself on stage (above) with the rappers and the caption "Ni**as in paris for real." If you've been under a rock -- or if you're Kris Jenner --  that's the title of a Jay and Kanye song.

The tweet triggered a tidal wave of negative internet buzz ... with fans questioning whether Gwyneth was using the term in a derogatory way. GP later responded unapologetically, "Hold up. It's the title of the song!"

That said, Jay and Kanye did go on to perform their hit song "Ni**as in Paris" a whopping 11 times that night.


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**********s.....Which ever way you want to spell it, say it, use it in a sentence is offensive. It amazes me that the African/American community stands idly by as the word is used by African/American artists and in general!

839 days ago


N_i_g_g_e_r_s......N_i_g_g_a_s.....N_i_g_g_a_h_s....Which ever way you want to spell it, say it, use it in a sentence is offensive. It amazes me that the African/American community stands idly by as the word is used by African/American artists and in general!

839 days ago


ONLY Racist redneck RepubliKlans are FORBIDDEN from using the word or any other term referencing Black or Latino people because they are actually racists and conservative Aholes.

839 days ago


Seriously??? Its the name of the F'n song!!! I hope this is just TMZ making this crap up, because if someone is seriously upset over her using that word then we are all doomed!

839 days ago


When I was stationed in North Carolina I was around lots of guys from the south and they always told me they only used that word to describe an ignorant person of their race, It was never used to describe eachother They were told by their mothers to never use that word and disgrace those who struggled for what rights they have now...

839 days ago


She repeated the title of the song and people are getting their PC panties in a wad? Get your sensitive heads out of your asses.

839 days ago


The only interesting or controversial part of this article is the fact that they played the same song 11 times in one night... I'd want my money back.

839 days ago


Blacks bitch n moan about how offensive that word is, yet they are the ones putting it in songs, celebrating it and using it in everyday conversations. How am I supposed to tell my kids not to say it when he's SINGING IT in songs!?

839 days ago


Anybody that thinks it's offensive when they hear this word needs to grow up. It is the title of the song people that want to call her a racist just because she's white can go suck a fat one! I can walk out my door this very minute and hear that one word about a hundred times and no body will do anything about it.

839 days ago


Richard Pryor would NEVER claim the N-word was just for black people, and he's the godfather of racial comedy / expression. Let's all relax our 40-acre and mule self-righteous bull****.

839 days ago


Get it Gwynnie!

839 days ago


I don't think anyone should use that word, but if African Americans think it's ok to use it, they everyone should be able to use it without consequence.

839 days ago


First of all Gwyneth has not been relavent in a long time. It's okay for her to get up on stage with Kanye but God forbid his girlfriend eve attends the concert. I don't see Gwyneth jumping on stage with her husband's band. That's whose concerts she should be at. She was just looking for people to talk about her and we did(nice marketing).

839 days ago


This chick is such a bubblehead. The light is on but no one is home. Never knew she was such a groupie either.

839 days ago


The only people that make this stuff up are race-baiters who actually make a living off of it.

839 days ago
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