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Lindsay Lohan

Don't I Look

JUST Like Liz Taylor?

6/4/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan all dressed up as Liz TaylorLindsay Lohan is all dressed up and ready to take on the role of a lifetime -- and TMZ has obtained the first of photo of LiLo in full Liz Taylor wardrobe ... as she gets set to start filming her new movie.


As TMZ first reported, Lindsay had her hair and cut and dyed to look just like Taylor's classic 'do. The photo is all Lindsay ... no wig, no nothing.

Shooting on the movie starts this week with Grant Bowler from "True Blood" co-starring as Richard Burton.



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You would think that Lindsay would have avoided the role just for the simple fact that their pictures would be compared.

To say that Lindsays beauty pales in comparison to Liz Taylors, is a huge understatement.

810 days ago


No, she does not look at ALL like Elizabeth Taylor.

She looks like Lindsay White Trash Lohan.

810 days ago


She always has a cigarrette in her hand. Geez, she most smell

810 days ago


Emma Stone was HONORED at the MTV Movie Awards last night

810 days ago


No way should Lohan be playing Liz this will be a crap movie, I wont be watching it

810 days ago

Good riddance!    

OMG, the delusions of this drug, alcohol, cig fueled cactus kissing bar hag is unfathomable! Even her voice...did Liz sound like a 40 year old trucker that chain smokes 5 packs a day and gargles with broken glass and gravel? And the 'acting', yeah, Herbie movie level on a second rate network known for cheap azz movies watched by no one. Like she's going to be world renowned for hanging out her belly udders and chain smoking in every scene. I just hope that this POS grifter's lack of talent will becomes so obvious that she is booted out of LA for good and she disappears into the void of back alley bjs for $5 in some sh!t town in Nowheresville.

810 days ago

News Flash     

Nope she looks like a slut and a home wrecker just like Liz

810 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Not even close kid

810 days ago


This isn't a "look a like" competition its a TV movie about the lives of Taylor and Burton. I believe Lindsay will do a great job and she looks beautiful.

You fools hating on Lindsay about a cigarette in her hand...Elizabeth Taylor smoked like a bloody chimney!

810 days ago


Hey look it's Lindsay Lohan. And it appears the producers caved to her demand to have a blue tarp tent for a dressing room.

810 days ago

just my opinion    

still see a crackhead. lipstick on a pig.

809 days ago


I agree Liz was a stunning beauty & had so much charisma. However, the drugs & smoking WERE part of her lifestyle, let's not forget; tragicly, he love life also was a disaster (7 marriages?). Lindsay looks nothing like her -- too skinny with no curves, not classically beautiful, bad posture, hardness, colouring (does it all seem a bit off ... if so, shame on the make-up people), but truth is, she just seems to have none of Miss Taylors "sparkle.

I for one think she has no resemblance other than than almost a year-bookish kudo to an era rather than really looking like Liz who took your breathe away with her vulnerability.

Howver, until the movie is out, we have no idea if the portrayal will be any good or not. Plenty of people, all the time play biographics of historical figures well. It'll all come down to the acting and Lindsey has done some things wel in the past.

As far as people watching .... I think she'll be a bit in the spotlight. Whether you like her or not, she's fascinating news. Even "haters" seem to have an opinion enough to read a story & comment. I find it hard to believe even they won't take a peak to see if she's bombed. I think Lifetime knows what they are doing -- they are paying her well, but they know their ratings will go up a bit with her as a headline! (and yeah, Lifetime movies are not known for their "fine" acting).

Good luck.

809 days ago


She looks more like Joan Crawford trying to look like Elizabeth Taylor.

809 days ago


Is she really that brain damaged; that she considers herself worthy of playing Elizabeth Taylor? Lifetime should be ashamed, using trash to depict an icon.

809 days ago


I like how Susan has suddenly decided to become British. Sorry dear, but you still come off sounding nuttier than a fruitcake. Go twiddle your bits to some old Lindsay Disney movies and leave the rational, realistic, not-paid-for-posting folks alone.

809 days ago
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