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Lindsay Lohan

Don't I Look

JUST Like Liz Taylor?

6/4/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan all dressed up as Liz TaylorLindsay Lohan is all dressed up and ready to take on the role of a lifetime -- and TMZ has obtained the first of photo of LiLo in full Liz Taylor wardrobe ... as she gets set to start filming her new movie.


As TMZ first reported, Lindsay had her hair and cut and dyed to look just like Taylor's classic 'do. The photo is all Lindsay ... no wig, no nothing.

Shooting on the movie starts this week with Grant Bowler from "True Blood" co-starring as Richard Burton.



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right now she is crawling into bed after a long night of rehearsing at the marmont, after having a honeymoon night with 8 makebelieve husbands she met in the bathroom/dressingroom

785 days ago


Why didnt they make her hair black, like Liz's. Wasn't that her trademark? She really does look more like Joan Crawford...

785 days ago


Note to wardrobe department: The dress doesn't even look like a cheap knock-off. Do you guys even know what an iron is? Elizabeth Taylor would never wear a wrinkled dress like that.

785 days ago


I really am going to have to go thru my storage closet upstairs and see if I'm missing any of my old dress's cause I swear I wore one just like that to a fancy dinner and concert while we were still living at Fort Myers,VA know the one build around Arlington Cemetery... woke up every morning and look out the window to a view of the cemetary across the road....
Damn thats going bug me all day till I check...cause this old gal don't throw away anything she paid a lot of money for....LOL

785 days ago



785 days ago


Oh! Wait! I see it now! She looks like Telly Savalas (RIP) with a bad wig! The resemblance is stunning! Too bad Linds won't make good money on TV, eh?

785 days ago


To the 32% of you voting that the resemblance is "Uncanny" - for the love of GOD, have your eyes checked! Especially if you drive! You're going to KILL someone!

785 days ago


"misses potatoe Head"..Lielo needs some plastic surgery to cover up the blotched plastic surgery..
her head is very odd looking and not at all symetrical

785 days ago


Geez Harv. Do you have Lindsay on the payroll? Or does Lindsay have you on the payroll? TMZ is promoting Lindsay's nonexistent career.

785 days ago


Look how Elizabeth's eyes look clear and friendly. Lindsay's eyes look drugged, empty, and dead.

Look at Elizabeth's wide, natural smile. Lindsay cannot close her big fake lips over her big fake teeth that cover up her disgusting drug-rotted teeth. Lindsay looks like she's trying really hard to look sexy, but she just looks like she's in pain.

I'm embarrassed for Lindsay, really.

785 days ago

D Ukena    

I am from Elizabeth Taylor's generation. She was my movie idol in the 50s when I was a teenager. I had her pics on my bedroom wall and saw all her movies. Don't insult her memory with someone like Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth. In no way will she be credible.

785 days ago


How long do you think it will take before Lohan starts pulling her unprofessional crap on the set and Lifetime to try and cover it up. Hell she couldn't pull off SNL and was a pain on the Glee guest spot.

Good luck Lifetime. Chances are real good she will cost you more in production delays then her paycheck.

785 days ago


Cutting & dying her hair instead of wearing a wig - once critics & the public pan the movie she'll go off the deep end. She's no Elizabeth Taylor. Clothes and make-up do not make you a star. They signed her for the publicity, that's all - they know you'll watch only to see her fail!

785 days ago


Andy , they stretched the head part of the picture with photoshop cause if the didn't then somewhere in the last week or so she caught her head in a vise and had it elongated by 3 inches....!!! and proportionaly it is out of size for her body....notice the shoulder width that Jessica Simpson picture on People Mag were her head was sittin on her right shoulder and her left shoulder was three ft across...that was halarious...
they definely stetched it up and down....
I may be getting old but I still have my "perfect prospective" which drove my teacher crazy in school. LOL

785 days ago

Jo Ann    

If the hair and eyebrows were black, like Liz's, and the lipstick red, not pink, it would help but, I really think Megan Fox should have been cast for the role instead of Lindsey.

785 days ago
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