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Lindsay, Nicky & Paris

Reunited & it Feels So 2006!

6/4/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Lindsay Lohan, Nicky & Paris HiltonDo not adjust your screens, this is not a six-year-old pic from Hyde Lounge... it really is Lindsay Lohan in the same room as Nicky and Paris Hilton this past weekend.

With no signs of the impending apocalypse, the former besties all hung out at the birthday party for someone named Allison Melnick (chick in the blue rubber skirt) in West Hollywood Friday night.

It's great that Lindz and P were able to make amends, put all those DUIs, court appearances, jail sentences and firecrotch run-ins behind them and move on.


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It must be so hard for Paris knowing that no one gives a **** anymore

874 days ago


My Big Head says "TOXIC!"

My Little Head says "Target Rich Environment, launch the heat, wet seeking missile!"

874 days ago


Pretty sad that they all look like a bunch of hasbeens at their age.

874 days ago


You want to know the length of Lindsay real hair ???? take a close look at the short tuffs sticking up in the back..She has extension attached all the way thru her head to the center part on each side...that why you see bald spots when she pulls her hair up...take out all the extensions and she would be almost bald with hair not a inch long over most of her head.... and if you look at those girls eyes they are all higher the a kite...

Sort of take your pick
1..the Clap
4...all the mention in one...

so don't crowd boy o's I'm sure they will give you a ride......:P:

874 days ago


TMZ no matter what you put out about Hohan you will get the same results. Stop wasting your time and ours. Lindsay will be raked over the coals, get over it. So if you have to put something out about her at least tell the whole story. Don't gloss over all the dirty nasty low down things she does while she is off her tether at some birthday party at a bar. We want all the meat and potatoes. Just the facts ma'am just the facts.

874 days ago


Ever wonder why they call Lindsay FIRECROTCH?

What her Good Friends have to say:

874 days ago


Hohan needs those pantyhose moms wore in the 80s that came in an egg.Sack those potatoes...
BTW I LOVE reading such clever & witty posts by all you non enabling people.I...Your humor is a pleasure~

874 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting "The Four Deaf Tones" with their new hit recording "To Drunk To Fvck And To Dumb To Care" They will be playing at a county fair near you with their "All Kazoo Band"

874 days ago


Well TMZ had to post a defection story and take the heat off of the other one..Lohan Inc misjudged that one big time !!! and even TMZ manipulating those pole numbers didn't and hasn't changed the overwhelming "Hell NO " she got on her picture comparison....
I like to know how in the hell you get out of 98 percent of the posters saying hell no she doesn't look a thing like Liz and come up with 33 % saying she does...just shows you how manipulated TMZ poles really are...LOL.
and besides the fact that that photograph was photo shopped to hell and back from the neck up...head stretch long to thin her face..and resize so that it doesn't even match the body...
TMZ do you really thing people are that stupid and blind to see something as blatantly badly done...????
Wait I'm asking "TMZ? here folks ....LOL I already no the answers.......

874 days ago


H8turd!!!!! H8turd!!!!!

874 days ago


out of the four lielo aged in dog years..
3 blind mice and a rat in the mix

874 days ago


look up at the upcoming police line up for the next DUI Hit and run

874 days ago


Why are the shadows in the photo different only for Linds? PLUS..... that shadow from the arm lighting the sparklers is totally fake. AND is Linds standing on a milk crate? Even with her 8" fvck-me stilts, she's not as tall as Nicky. Fakefakefake. Zoom in for a laugh. It's all in the details, TMZ-brand fvcktards...... you only fool the dim.

874 days ago


fire crotch!!!

874 days ago


There's not a living brain cell in that photo.

874 days ago
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