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Pisses Off French Leader with Swastika Video

6/4/2012 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Madonna managed to piss off the French ... all the way from Israel ... when she slapped a swastika on the face of a prominent French leader during a recent concert ... and now a lawsuit looms.

During her show in Tel Aviv last week, the face of National Front leader Marine Le Pen showed up briefly on a video screen with a swastika on her forehead. Le Pen, is now considering legal action over the stunt.

She told the Daily Mail, "We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes ... If she does that in France, we’ll be waiting."

Le Pen is the head of France's National Front, a political party that leans to the far right and has been accused of racism. Le Pen pledged to reform the party's ways after taking over last year from her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen ... a convicted racist and anti-Semite who is also a Holocaust denier.


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paul a.    

the swastika is backwards

837 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Trying anything to be relevant. If your album does not cut the mustard guess you try controversy next. Let us all hope things don't get to the point where only a sex tape will bring her the attention she craves. I'm gonna go buy her album now just in case.

837 days ago

It's Dave    

Odd how the TMZ version of this story leaves out the fact that Madonna's little swastika stunt not only superimposed the swastika over an image of that French Nazi skank, but also over an image of Sarah Palin. Palin certainly is a polarizing individual to many Americans, but labeling her as a Nazi is more than a little bit of a stretch. This story also leaves out the fact that Madonna appeared on stage dressed in a Nazi uniform while sporting a Hitler mustache. Pulling this nonsense in middle America is one thing, but to invoke this Nazi imagery in Israel is simply distasteful. 2/3rds of my family didn't survive Nazi Germany and I imagine it is the same or worst for a large majority of the people in Israel. I guess the only thing that would upset all the liberal, anti-Semitic, holocuast deniers that seem to flock to TMZ is if Madonna superimposed a swastika over an image of your messiah Obama.

837 days ago


Nothing but a has been doing something stoopid.

837 days ago


Lean to the far right?

837 days ago



Madonna also showed herself as Hitler & brandished the swastika repeatedly, after having her Arab/Muslim dancers fire mock Israeli-made uzis at the Israeli crowd that suffers such real attacks regularly. Most people would be cited for a crime for doing any of that in a nation populated by Holocaust survivors & where such symbols are not only taboo & highly disgustingly offensive, but also technically illegal.

Madonna's Arab/Muslim dancer Lilou rejected Israel's very existence while tweeting from the Temple Mount, refusing to call Jerusalem Israel, and insisting they were in Palestine. Her Arab Muslim dancer Shay Norman posted on Facebook on 9-11 in New York that while everyone else was mourning for the victims of the attacks on the WTC, he'd rather be mourning for the real victims of genocide (perpetrated by Israel) in Gaza. He sits with the Bergs at the VIP table & doesn't even study kabbalah. 

Her cult leader, Karen Berg, in a youtube video entitled "Eliminating separation to remove darkness from the world", answers an Israeli Jewish student's question about anti-Semitism in a hostile way, basically blaming Judaism for anti-Semitism. She clearly defines the separation that needs to be removed as the modesty separations of men & women, although her cult uses those traditions, & points to the source of the darkness as "the Rabbinate" of Israel. She says, "Maybe there should be a war." She is saying that Iran should attack Israel to remove the Rabbinate. She claims she cannot commune with G*d to entreat Him to save us, because the Rabbinate separates her from her non-Jewish, male followers at holy sites in Israel. 

Her husband, Berg, & sons claim that religious Jews at these sites do not even study kabbalah & are, "not even human." They claim Jews reject kabbalah & that their family began the practice of visiting holy rabbi's graves & that religious Jews imitate them. They claim kabbalah is not part of a religion & not Jewish.  

Their marketing Guru, Billy Phillips, who dedicates his time to posting deceiving links that mislead readers into thinking they are about to hear what I am telling you, claims the Bible never mentions Jews & that Judaism is the source of all chaos, including the destruction of the Temple & the Holocaust. 

Karen cited the selfishness of the 9-11 victims for allowing an "opening" that caused their deaths, just as her teachers said about Holocaust victims. They teach that the Holocaust was allowed because religious Jews rejected the founder of their Centre 80 years ago, Rav Ashlag.

 They support Arab nationalism & make solidarity trips to Shechem to wave the "Palestinian" flag. Their spokesperson, Dr, Hugo Schwyzer, called the Israeli people usurpers, European impostors who are not Israelites but  occupiers. He called the Israeli troops protecting their trip, "Nazis". He said he learned this from Karen. 

One of their many teachers to quit called Jewish students, "Zionist fanatics" & publicly targeted them for humiliation, for no other reason than they were religious Jews & lovers of Israel. 

Madonna called Israel "Palestine" in her 2004 do***entary & included their "flag" on her stage tour. 

What Madonna's cult is trying to stop is Jews, not conflict. 

They call their synagogue filled with porn stars, "The War Room". They believe in war, as Karen said herself, against Jews. Don't be fooled. 

Her show is rife with Pagan imagery. However, I do like her music & appreciate her willingness to come to Israel with her clout, even though she's not doing it for Israel or for charity but to promote herself & her cult. I almost don't blame Madonna. She is a rather simple person, misled by brilliantly masterful cult leaders. 

Berg, the leader, left his Orthodox wife (niece of his mentor Rav Brandwein), his 8 Orthodox children, & the Orthodox & Jewish kabbalah community to marry his secular, immodest receptionist who he met when she was 16 & eventually had an affair with, after Karen told him that Rav Brandwein appeared to her in a dream. 

Karen hates religious Jews & turned her organization towards Hollywood & politics, while she lives off the donations of her misled, brainwashed devotees. She doles money to her staff at her own descretion, practically starving the young, single, Jewish & Israeli men. 

She has Jews break Shabbat to attend her meals where Jews serve non-Jews like Madonna. Madonna holds up the services past their prescribed times & makes out with men during services, & uses her phone during services. They claim Madonna observes kosher & Shabbat but she does not & is not Jewish. 

They have Madonna promote now defunct charities & had her lie to the UN & Gucci about the Berg's connection to these organizations which are headed by Karen Berg, her 2 sons & her in-laws.

The have Gentile stars like Ashston Kutcher wearing expensive teffilin but never convert anyone to Judaism. They claim their "Rav", a former insurance sale man is the reincarnation of both Moses & Jesus & that Jesus was actually Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, author of the Zohar, book of kabbalah. 

The Jewish Israeli staff say that their community is not Jewish but they don't marry Jews to non-Jews & they themselves educate their own children in Orthodox schools. They claim Orthodox communities do not have kosher Torahs but they buy their own scrolls from the Hebron community & resell them at high prices to non-Jews. They also rely on the Orthodox for their kosher food.

They basically throw Zohars in the trash by handing them out on the streets to anyone, like a flier to promote their cult. You can find Zohars in the gutters of every major city you find their "volunteers" who become enslaved to promote them before they ever know a thing about Torah. 

They require 10% of your income to be a member who can approach Torah. Non-Jews cannot read from the Torah, but they claim they are not a religion & everyone is equal.

 They claim their water cleaned Chernobyl & is pre-Noah, while their kabbalah water-infused matzah sell for 72$ per box! They also have extremely expensive holidays several times a year & urge their students to go deep into debt for "the Light". 

They claim Berg is the ONLY legitimate receiver of the tradition of Torah & kabbalah & that all forms of Judaism are false.

That's just scratching the surface.


837 days ago


Wow, the comments on this post are seriously screwed up. What's wrong with people?

Madonna is doing little more than calling a spade a spade here. Le Pen may be trying to not be seen as an actual Nazi, like her father, but is openly racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic. She's a hate monger, pure and simple, and Madonna is right to call that out.

Do people really think that it's worse to be a 54-year-old entertainer than to lead a thinly veiled neo-Nazi movement? It's disgusting and, by the way, "little monsters," the exact opposite of any positive message Gaga has.

837 days ago

Grouchy Marps    

Now that her music is officially worse than the Holocaust, it stands to reason.

837 days ago



Yes, to answer your question. I did see the show & I am a Jewish israeli & many MANY of us WERE very VERY offended.

Many publications & organization in Israel DID post negative reviews & are becoming aware of Madonna's anti-Semitic agenda.

She does not love Jews. She loves the land of Israel as part of her cult. She did NOT dance with our flag or cry for us this time & instead promoted a pro-Arab agenda under the guise of peace, as directed by her cult leaders who are anti-Zionist, pro-Arab apostate ex-Jews.

Israel welcomes her because she is willing to perform & we are starved for friends. She came to preach peace on terms that favor her cult's pro-Arab agenda.

I spent a decade inside her cult & close to her & left because it was eventually apparent that the Bergs had left all Jewishness behind in favor or money & power.

Karen Berg, Madonna's spiritual mother-fugure absolutely hates religious Jews & Zionism & uses her cult's distortion of holy kabbalah to obscure that point.

The Bergs will tell you that kabbalah, as they teach it, is not Jewish but opposed to Jews.

They RELY upon Madonna's popularity to promote that agenda, especially to idol-worshipping fools, like you. I was once almost fooled, too. I did my time in her cult & you have not. I know what they are about. You do not.

My friends at MTV management can also see that Madonna has changed into a dark tool of a cult with a political & financial agenda.

I know many fans, as I was once a big fan with personal & professional connections to the Madonna crew, who are outraged & disappointed by how far Madonna has fallen morally, intellectually, politically & even artistically.

I know many fans that are selling their tickets to idol-worshippers like you who will always blind themselves to the truth. Her Tel Aviv show DID turn many off. Grow up.

836 days ago


Madonna is highly dysfunctional, just like Lady Gaga. When are these crazies banned from their dangerous degenerate behavior???

836 days ago

The PR Verdict    

The PR Verdict: F (Full Fiasco) for Marine Le Pen. Given the visual lasted less than one second, was this PR tactic worth pursuing? It might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

836 days ago


Being called an anti-semite by the jews is a badge of honor. And the Holocaust, the jews can't even get their numbers straight.

And lets not forget the racism towards Africans in israel RIGHT NOW.

836 days ago


Marine Le Pen, 43 years old and look more than old that Madonna, Madonna said the true, the swaztika in her forhead is true.........Marine Le Pen is a pathetic power woman

832 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I dislike Madonna immensely for a number of reasons... but she just called a spade a spade here.

And nothing cracks me up as much as dumb Nazi chicks. If the ideology that Marie Le Pen endorses actually ran things in her country, she would be barefoot and pregnant in her husband's kitchen. She wouldn't spew hateful BS into every microphone she can get a hold of, she wouldn't lead a party (of backwards mouthbreathers), she wouldn't even get to vote or have the right to make any legal decisions for herself without her husband's approval. She'd be a domestic servant / sex slave / birthing machine. Because THAT'S how the members and voters of her party roll.

793 days ago
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