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Mel Gibson

Dad Files For Divorce

6/4/2012 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hutton Gibson cited irreconcilable differences from Teddy Joye Gibson
Mel Gibson's dad has just filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.

93-year-old Hutton Gibson cited irreconcilable differences from Teddy Joye Gibson, who is in her 70's.

Hutton -- interestingly -- is asking for spousal support.   He also wants her to pay attorney's fees.

Hutton had no kids with Teddy, but had 11 kids with his first wife, Anne, and more than 50 grandchildren.

Also interesting ... Hutton is a devout Catholic and his religion does not believe in divorce.

The couple married in 2002.


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but if he doesn't get an annulment then next time he can't be married in the church!!! oh no!!!!! -

868 days ago


The spousal support part is pretty funny.. @ 93 yrs old wtf?

868 days ago


Obviously, the Gibson's "devout Catholic convictions" only apply to everyone else, not themselves.

868 days ago

hung and dashing    

He's his own variety of Catholic. He and Mel aren't Roman Catholics. They have their own version of Catholicism which rejects the Pope and the Vatican. He's been more "married" to his daughter-in-law these past 30 years as everyone understands it. Mel's lived apart from his now ex. But his father lived with her and the grandkids all these years on some remote ranch in Australia. All very creepy if you ask me. And then Mel divorces so his father does, too, because they've each got massive identity, religious and sexuality problems (not to mention the hate of Jews, gays, blacks and women).

868 days ago


My, my, my. What do we have here flock? I know you're all lurking, but once again you're at a complete loss. Just like with the VS back door incident.

What's the game plan now? That he's too senile to know what he's doing? I doubt it. His faculties are sharper than Gibby's now. Either Gibby finally cut the huckster off for ruining his career or he has Gibby's blessing to punish this woman because she didn't live up to the religious standards they impose on WOMEN ONLY. Going after her retirement money like the professional leech he's always been. Both father and son are women haters cut from the same cloth. Both lower than a whale's belly.

868 days ago



I cant WAIT for TEAM MEL to show up and start trashing this poor woman....this should be VERY entertaining.....Gee, I wonder if Hutton's going after Mel's Ex OKSANA!!!!


LMAO 2is! I was just about to post on the old post that we're overdue for another 'egg on face' Gibnuts story. This one is priceless. The old coot must be pretty desperate to show his true stripes like this. The till must be running VERY dry. I predict another desperate money grab attempt from Jr. Like trying to go after Robyn"s settlement, or God forbid - the Reilly fund. : D

868 days ago


about catholicism and divorce, the truth is catholicism does not believe in getting married after a divorce.
Divorce is not forbidden when necessary.

868 days ago


Im for the man! Hold out and NEVER give in!

868 days ago

hellooooooooooo wilbur    

hutton my dead grandmother will go out with you I have her ashes right here no sex on first date

868 days ago


Well, I guess he can't deny Mel if he wanted to.....the apple apparently didn't fall far from the tree, it woud seem. Geeze. They're both loony, with grandiose ideas of themselves......and follow their own set of religious rules........

868 days ago

KardASSian Butt    

He lives in LA? I thought the old coot was in AUS. Now I'm scared! One Gibson in town is enough!

868 days ago


what a f***ing idiot!
Just like his son!

868 days ago


Maybe Mel got his dad a hooker too, or a vs model or a playboy bunny. Oh I bad. HEHEHE

868 days ago


Actually, the Catholic Church does believe in divorce. But the don't believe in remarriage. The moral transgression is when a person divorces a spouse and then remarries. It's the remarriage that is the hang up.

868 days ago


this is funny. but i'll stick my comment in here anyway. why bother getting divorced, isnt it till death do you part? you'll be parting soon....

868 days ago
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