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Nicki Minaj to Hot 97

Count Me Out

Next Year Too

6/4/2012 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604_nicki-minaj_GETTYNicki Minaj is still super pissed after an NYC radio station dissed her hit song "Starships" and has vowed to never perform for them again .... EVER, TMZ has learned.

The singer bailed on Hot 97's Summer Jam concert this weekend in NJ after a DJ blasted her hit song as "F***ing bulls**t." The public rip caused Lil Wayne -- who heads up her record label --  to pull her from the gig, disappointing thousands of fans. 

Sources close to Minaj tell TMZ ... the singer stands by her boss's decision to axe her performance and when she heard the radio station wanted her to come back next year ... she said that would NEVER happen.

We're told Nicki feels the DJ's comments were completely disrespectful and doesn't want to work around negative people when there are countless others who actually WANT to hear her music.

The DJ -- Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg -- called in to TMZ Live today, claiming he has no beef with Nicki ... but still thinks "Starships" is "wack and corny."



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lill wayne needs to go away .. ugly little troll .. matter of time before he comes out calling the DJ and the entire radio station / parent company and all of NJ racist !! Cant anyone have an opinion !??! for F__KS sake !!

872 days ago


She was not missed, I was there and she is a waste to listen to, she has no talent and her clownish ways is retarted little children are fooled by her. They shoud give Rosenberg a raise. I thought in this country there was freedom of speech and he is giving his opnion are her starship song which I couldnt agree with him more it truly sucks, but what even worse is people paid $$ for summer jam and she could care less for the fans cause her head is stuck up her fake ass!!!! who care if you dont go to summer jam next year ur whole crew is wack including lil wayne who thinks he is a white boy trapped in a skinny black male body with his space shoes LMAO Summer Jam was over after Nas and Lauren hill.

872 days ago


Actually, don't like Minaj's music, but support her pulling out. If Harvey Levin was going to give a speech and someone from the organization that he was giving the speech for said in public that Harvey was a cheap scheister and TMZ sucked ****, would Harvery happily appear for the speech? Baldy looks like a db anyway.

872 days ago


good **** that bishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

872 days ago


Come on yall... I don't like this chick's music anymore than you do. But let's be real here... would you perform for a show where your name probably helped to generate a majority of the ticket sales after being disrespected by some prick who couldn't do what she does? I don't think so, I know I wouldn't!

872 days ago



872 days ago


LOL don't get mad that you're music sucks, just embrace it, and try to make better music. Right by my side started off good, until you started raping.

872 days ago


why are yall lying on her? she never sed she wouldn't do it next year. she pulled from her WW tour to do a local show and yall disrespect her? she still making money so why hate ? dumb ass hoes ! she is the reason why tha summer jam even had lots of ppl ! and for ppl saying she let the fans down, she doing a free show for them ! who else wud do tht for their fans ? NO ONE ! so let this be a lesson and treat her with RESPECT !

872 days ago


I feel like he's titled to his own opinion. Not everybody likes Nicki Minaj's music. So what does she say about that? Personally I think she's ruined hip hop for mainly females. Everything about her is HORRIBLE.

871 days ago


Keep talkin **** DJ. Cuz no one knows who the hell you even are. Nicki All the way. Ya her lyrics can be cheap and not make a bit of sense but its catchy and works and she's making more money than you ever will.

871 days ago


his is so stupid talking bout mY OPINION is not bout his opinion is about the time and place .If u invite someone to ur house u don't diss em before they come right? this guy is just a huge idiot. RosenBIRD

871 days ago


"One for the Jews", really was stupid for cash money to make it a black vs. jew thing and now you're joining in on the stupidity. The DJ is right, the song and nikki for the most part are whack. Race, religion, sex, nationality, etc. are irrelevant (and I'm a black, female, hip hop/music fan, from the suburbs of MD). Not to mention how weak and uncomfortable your sidekick looks in this scene. Muuuuah (just my opinion sealed w/ a kiss).

871 days ago
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