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Kim Zolciak

LIES LIES! She's Nothing

But a Squatter!!!

6/5/2012 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak just dug herself a hole to China by telling us Monday she is not living in her home illegally -- turns out, what she told us was a big fat LIE, because TMZ has the lease.

Kim is embroiled in a verbal war with her landlord, Kendra Davis. As we reported, Davis has said she's trying to evict Kim because she has no right to live in the house and won't pay rent. For her part, Kim insisted she's paid every cent of the ren and the lease was still in effect.

So here's the smoking gun ... According to the lease, either Kendra or Kim had a right to terminate the lease by giving written notice 30 days before May 30. If no one gave notice, the lease would be extended beginning in June on a month-to-month basis.

But here's the deal ... Someone did give 30 days notice -- AND IT WAS KIM AND HER HUBBY!! Take a look at Kroy Biermann's email to the landlord dated March 29, 2012. So the lease officially terminated May 30 -- so she lied to us when she said it was still in effect.

It's now June 5 and Kim and Kroy are still in the house.  Under the lease, they're considered squatters -- i.e., illegal tenants -- and the lease says they are required to pay $600 for every day they illegally stay.  The landlord says they haven't paid $600 a day, so it appears Kim also lied to us when she said she was totally current on rent.

The landlord gave us a letter that she sent Kim and Kroy today ... telling them they're in the house illegally and must vacate immediately, and if they don't she'll see them in court.

Calls to Kim weren't returned. Pants on fire, Kim.

4:28 PM PT -- Kim now admits she hasn't been paying the $600-a-day penalty for staying past the lease term, but says she plans to make a lump sum payment when she finally moves out ... which she says will be ASAP.


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A lying whore that isn't truthful - what a shock!!??!! She fools around for years with a rich married man - each of her 3 children have a different father- and now she is lying about paying her bills - surprise, surprise!! Stay classy Kim.

873 days ago


Well, I guess Atlanta needed another attention whore wannabe, so it may as well be this one.

873 days ago


When are people going to realize that the entertainment industry is all about faking it?? All these people on tv have to live this charade. They're putting themselves through ultimate turmoil and stress to make it appear as if they are something they're not. All these Real many of them have we found out are in bankruptcy or going broke?? It's all a charade. Nobody is rich, it's all a mirage. As they say in Hollywood, fake it until you make it.

873 days ago


This gold digger acts like she's so rich and she's RENTING a house. What a loser. Guess she spent all that money she got from her last sugar daddy. Her new husband is getting played for a fool. She's a money hungry bitch.

873 days ago


This article doesn't make sense! If Kroy gave a 30 day notice on May 29th, that would mean the least would terminate THIRTY DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE NOTICE - at the end of June (June 28th), not the following day after notice was sent. Learn to read!

873 days ago


thanks for the breaking news that Kim is 4 days late on her rent. If this Kendra woman was really worried about the 4 day late rent she'd already be in court instead of selling stories to tmz.

873 days ago


TMZ//what happened to reporting only on the TMZ? (thirty mile zone?) PLEASE stick to your name, or maybe change it to something like:
"will report on ALL garbage and gossip,,
obviously CALL your photogs when one of
them FARTS...Stop reporting on BS...PLEASE..
You are losing many many followers.

873 days ago


OMG can someone please do their homework. The lease terminates 5/30 but if it is requesting a 30days notice to vacate, she has until 6/30... Kim start packing but you have time!

873 days ago


I'm confused. Is this the rental property they lived in while they built their new house? On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim and Kroy built and moved into the new house. How could they still be living in the rental property?

873 days ago


That is how she gets through life. She uses people, whether it be men, or her friends. Kroy is an IDIOT for knocking her up...TWICE! What the hell was he thinking? She looks like a blow up doll with those fake lips, the fake horrible wigs, and the fake boobs! And let's not forget her smokers voice. Bleh!

873 days ago


So what? Who is she?

873 days ago

Jill Cannaday    

If Kroy sent a 30 day notice on May 29th then he has 30 days to vacate....come on TMZ this is an easy one and you are the dumb asses.

873 days ago


unless there is something signed, it doesn't mean anything...

873 days ago


Does anyone see this except me.....when you send a noticed to vacate you send it certified mail and SIGNED. Do we have anything with a signature cause I'm telling you right now I can replicate that do***ent to state June 30, 2012.

873 days ago


She's a LIAR. As if we didn't already know.

872 days ago
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