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Lindsay Lohan

Liz Taylor's the Breast Role!

6/5/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While filming a fight scene for her Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" in L.A. on Monday, Lindsay Lohan could hardly contain herself ... as she nearly popped out of her dress.

With Grant Bowler playing Richard Burton at her side, Lindsay's acting nearly got the best of her as she almost bared a lot more than her soul.

Hopefully wardrobe malfunctions will be LiLo's only on-set issues.



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Domestic violence scenes - Lifetime Channel...why am I not surprised.

809 days ago

King Beef    

Seriously... How much is Lindsay Lohan's camp paying you guys to keep posting "stories" about her?

809 days ago


Wow - she does her own stunts! LOL, I'm surprised she is able to even run a foot with all the smokes she has inhaled, drugs she is on, and man juice that is still in her. This film will be terrible in content, acting, and the ratings will be very low, except for shock value. She should have never been cast as a legend, she is just a child "actor" who played herself, she will never make a "comeback."

809 days ago


They might be better off going towards a reenactment of another boat show, reality TV style, eh?

I would pay to see Lindsay drowning Natalie Wood style in a LifeLine fiasco, if she actually went down for good!

Not that I want that for her, I would just pay to see it!

809 days ago

She's baaaack    

Okay one more time with feeling: **S-H-E C-A-N'-T A-C-T** She can't act. She can't act. Never could.

809 days ago


See even Grant can't stand his co-star. He's trying to throw her off the boat. They didn't even say roll em yet.

809 days ago


Does Lindsay, the Kardashians, that Weight Watchers waste of time Jennifer Hudson, Whitney's spawn and the dozen or so rap "stars" no one has ever heard of all have the same PR person paying TMZ to feature them? We'll pay you not to!

809 days ago


TMZ this is getting ridiculous, are you going to post a story with EVERY photo your paparazzi guys get? Tell them to leave her alone, enough is enough.

Just one more thing TMZ the one official pic issued by Lifetime and you ignore it? I wonder why? is it because Lindsay looked fabulous?

809 days ago


Do we really need to know every fn step she takes on set???? Between her, Kim Kardashian/Kanye West and the Biebers, you guys would have no "news" to report. OOOOO, LiLo wiped her azz today, KK & KW went for a walk hand in hand & the Biebs smashed his face into a glass wall again. . .geez. . .

809 days ago


Wow, they both really look like Liz and Dick, NOT. She bared those in playboy, why cover the slip up, wait I didn't see those, glad I missed that, nasty.

809 days ago


Lohan speed dials tmz again. Wow what a surprise. Being Lohan has no acting talent, she is using her breasts. Thats why the photo speed dial.

809 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

If people see the "fabulous" photo shopped B&W that is the promo shot for this movie, they will be very disappointed to see what they really look like in the finished product.

I am already learning that the wigs are awful, the wardrobe is atrocious, and the jewelry looks cheap. Larry Thompson and Lyin' Dina Lohan said the wardrobe was fab and the jewelry would leave you speechless. The producer's lies are a set up for failure........this production looks like junk so far. Lindsay is covered in bruises and scrapes, and her tattoos are showing. She is spray painted orange in an ill fitting bathing suit. This looks so Jr. High School and today is only day 2. SMH.

809 days ago


They can't photo shop this whole cheese movie so it isn't going to look like the black and white very air brushed shot they did for publicity. Those choppers in Lohan's mouth are very distracting and if all these photos are supposed to sell me into watching this train wreck, no thank you.

809 days ago


Just like I predicted, we're going to get weekly pictures of this little jerk that her pap buddies send to all the gossip sites. No need to watch this movie (not that many will) since we're going to see what's constantly going on this set. Just look at her in this picture,,,,that's some acting isn't it?

809 days ago

Ellie G    

Throw her overboard!!

809 days ago
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