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Mel Gibson's Dad

Allegations of Elder Abuse

6/5/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's father -- who filed for divorce Monday -- believes his wife has been abusing him, and Mel has jumped to his dad's aid ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Mel and his family have been tending to 93-year-old Hutton Gibson, who is seriously ill with a panoply of ailments.  Hutton is taking a slew of medications for his conditions, but we're told his wife, Teddy Joye (who is in her 70's) believes her husband's family is prolonging his suffering and wants to discontinue all medicines to accelerate his death.  She also believes that's what Hutton wants.

We're told Mel has taken the lead to ensure his dad is getting his meds, and believes Joye is guilty of elder abuse by her conduct.  Sources say Mel wants Joye out of his dad's house -- stat.

As we first reported, Hutton personally filed for divorce and even signed the divorce docs in shaky handwriting.

We're also told Joye is going to fight it out with Mel -- possibly in court.

The animosity between Mel's family and Joye is intense.


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@Cug - God knows I have said repeatedly that I believe Gibson is high strung w/anger issues, lives in a Hollywood bubble etc. BUT, I don't believe he "draws blood" first. I think he's difficult, but if you are good to him he returns the favor. Problem with stardom is it's hard to tell who is really good to you and who is using you until they pull a stunt. I still believe Ox is an extortionist/opportunist, Extradouche same, Teddy... time will tell.

My TFH theory: Gibson owns the house, paid all expenses. Busy w/his own life and then finds out that maybe Teddy didn't have old Hutton's best interests at heart and may have been pilfering from the generous Mel Gibson coffers. That sets of the fuse... the well known Gibson fuse. Again, just a TFH theory.

Here we are. Time will tell.

836 days ago


@Cug - can't be bothered with finding the right reply button so posting new. Gibson doesn't look like a victim here. He looks bad. Why oh why would he want this story of his dad out there after the $2.99 Extradouche pamphlet that is hitting the NYT best sellers list (sarcasm), the Radar rant tapes and the uber expensive divorce from Robyn. No publicity is good publicity at this point in Gibson's life. Peace and quiet... let's forget the past... that is the ticket!

If it were me, I would retire and live off of residuals for the rest of my life. Tell the world to kiss my ass. But I'm not a creative genius, that used have god-like looks and was worshipped by millions and is supporting an "army."

We're all different. I still think he's a talented man that can and will produce good movies in the future. He's been through HELL for 2.5+ years. More than I could take.

835 days ago


Ugh, exhausted. Night all. Got my own family drama to deal with.

835 days ago


I'll break it down for you:

1). Papa Gibz needs someone to take care of him after wifey dies. He finds a star struck woman with some cash and acts like he's got Gibby $ until they're married.

2). Gibby $ is nowhere to be found when he runs his mouth to reporters about his nazi leanings circa the POTC lottery payoff in 2004. TJ buys the house in WV where they can go into hiding.

3). Gibnutz spends little time with his father in the coming years, leaving TJ to take care of him, since it's a woman's job to do so. Makes the miscalculation that Pappy's life insurance policy will outweigh a loss box office revenue that comes with defending Col. Azzwipe. Becomes resentful that he's 'misunderstood' by the public.

4). Gibby finds out Pappy isn't doing so hot last fall and makes a pit stop to his modest home in AZ along his tour of strippers bars of the SW.

5). Bottles of Soma pills and morphine mysteriously vanish from Pappy's bedside upon Gibby's departure.

6). Gibby decides to let TJ continue to be his father's nursemaid instead of putting them in an assisted living facility as a responsible son with $POTC$ would do. The scripts mysteriously increase at a rate that alarms Ms. TJ.

7). Gibby waits it out until Pappy's condition worsens. Pappy is not of sound mind due to the panolpy of meds he's on. Another Gibby visit spawns divorce papers and accusations of withholding meds from Pappy. TJ is blindsided.

8). A new will is drawn up leaving Gibby all of Pappy's holdings. TJ is ordered by Gibby to leave her home STAT. She refuses and seeks counsel.

9). Gibby leave Pappy in his home and plants a Gibby mafia member there to intimidate Ms TJ.

10). Within 48 hrs TMZ has been told that TJ is trying to snuff out Papa Gibz and it's Gibby to the rescue!

11). TJ calls Oneida and commissions a large silver platter be made to accommodate a large overstuffed turkey.

835 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Whatever happened to Herzog'sbook anyway, thought he had a publisher and the whole nine yards, only it just hasn't panned out has it? LOL He's just a blow hard that looks like humpty dumpty!

Remember how he called the lying liar faced liar head with extra lying on top a sexual sorceress? Doesn't that just mean he's easy? :)

Also says to me that Mel, plainly imo, must have been more 'apt' than ol humpty dumpty, or as TMZg says humpme dumpme! No surprise there of course, since he certainly looks and acts the type to 'have a little one' imo. ;)

835 days ago


What's the matter Unloveable Bunny, you don't like it when other people fill in the blanks? It's only OK for flock to do it right? If flock hates it I know I'm doing something right.

The difference between my speculation and flock's is mine tends to come to pass, while flock is left to wipe the egg off their faces.

835 days ago


Hummmm hmmm hmmmm hmmm.........

* waiting for the fake pap shot of Giblitz visiting Pappy for Fathers Day .......*

835 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!

Pics. ,:)

Have always loved Stowe, she's gorgeous and a good actress. Maybe she'll be in the Viking pic?

(FN can now tell us how terrible Mel is dressed and how awful Stowe is....heh.... Nellie should try reading the comments and take a look at the thumbs. ;)

834 days ago


Do they really need a divorce? It sounds like a waste of money since she'll probably end up murdering him pretty soon anyway.

834 days ago



KKG- If Cujeaux reminds you of Mo, you have paid him the greatest compliment. Mo was one of the best posters on here, until she grew bored of the flocks utter pathology.
5 hours ago


Couldn't agree more. Mo was under appreciated. I loved reading Mo's posts. My favorite was when she kept elongating the word blood over and over again.

'Blooood! Bloooooooood! Bloooooooooooood!"

It was classic Mo. And the Harlequin Romantic in me, (thanks, Cujeaux) loved the frequent posts predicting a rapturous reunion between Mr. Gibson and Ms Grigorieva and mocking the posters here who couldn't grasp the fact that theirs (Mr. Gibson and Ms Grigorieva) was a love story destined for eternity. And then in the next post would completely trash Mr. Gibson. It was a dizzy delight. Now that I think of it, I was wrong. No one compares to Mo.

Sigh. I miss those days. Thanks for reminding me, Scotty. I owe you. :o)


834 days ago

princess leia    

For some strange reason the wife reminds me Anthony Bourdain.

830 days ago


For all you Mel Gibson fans out there. Get The Gringo DVD will be out to buy on July 17, 2012. If you do not have Direc TV, and can also rent the DVD "by mail" at stores like Blockbuster. Mel Gibson has gotten nothing but good reviews for this movie. Giving Mel an almost 5 star rating. WAY TO GO MEL!!!

827 days ago

marilyn regan    

there are alot of woman out there who are golddigger davy jones wife jessica Jones and mark lindsay wife debi lindsay is a golddigger when mark lindsay drop dead shes will get everything and all of it, woman married them for fame themselves to help there careers and for there money.

822 days ago


I think it's more about her wanting him to live out his life without being in a medicated stooper at the end of his life. If he is heavily medicated, he can be tricked into signing anything. These people are much older, and they were conditioned in a very different mindset.
I hope this judge finds Mel Gibson guilty of elder abuse on [both] of them. It's time for Mel Gibson to cool his heels in a prison for awhile, so he can be reminded that living in a society is a privilege [and] an obligation...And send a public message that your society will value and defend the elders that paved the way and gave you life. It's called respect. It goes with personal pride.

812 days ago


Been there done that only didn't have the knowledge our father was being abused nor the money to intervene until it was too late Stay Strong Mel

811 days ago
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