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Mel Gibson's Dad

Allegations of Elder Abuse

6/5/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's father -- who filed for divorce Monday -- believes his wife has been abusing him, and Mel has jumped to his dad's aid ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Mel and his family have been tending to 93-year-old Hutton Gibson, who is seriously ill with a panoply of ailments.  Hutton is taking a slew of medications for his conditions, but we're told his wife, Teddy Joye (who is in her 70's) believes her husband's family is prolonging his suffering and wants to discontinue all medicines to accelerate his death.  She also believes that's what Hutton wants.

We're told Mel has taken the lead to ensure his dad is getting his meds, and believes Joye is guilty of elder abuse by her conduct.  Sources say Mel wants Joye out of his dad's house -- stat.

As we first reported, Hutton personally filed for divorce and even signed the divorce docs in shaky handwriting.

We're also told Joye is going to fight it out with Mel -- possibly in court.

The animosity between Mel's family and Joye is intense.


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Well this isn't going to go over well in a court of law. Your honor, all elders taking too much meds should be denied those meds and left to die. Geez.

838 days ago

She's baaaack    

I totally don't see the "shaky handwriting." I think if Mel was so concerned about his dad he should have intervened before the man got such pathetic dentures though.

838 days ago



838 days ago


I hope this goes to trial FAST and SHE WINS and turns around and slaps a defamation of character suit on the Gibby boys and cleans out what's left of Mel's Fortune......AND take the AP REILLY FUND too! .
Mel and his dad SURE love to destroy people like the good Catholics they are.

838 days ago


If he can deny the Holocaust, we can deny the "elder abuse".

A lot of drama when all Mel needed to do was hire a nurse.

838 days ago


you KNOW Mel is just chomping at the bit to destroy Teddy Joye since his plot/plan to destroy OG failed - he's out for blood and will goes after an easy target.

838 days ago


I would be tempted to side with the wife. This man is hateful, denied the Holocast on radio ( swore all the Jews had escaped to new York.He had seen then there personally! He taught his son to be as big of a jerk as he is. Old age does not make this man a bit sympathetic in my eyes, any more than Hitler would be if he had survived to the age of 93.

838 days ago


at 93...the racist old azz mutha phka be dead by the time this comes to court.........with his past of being an azz ole and some catholic idiot who probably will go staright to hell....dont blame her for treating this (p)................................rick badly! He must have found out she has Jewish Blood in her!

838 days ago


FYI: All or most diseases of aging are caused by a lifetime build up of toxins from junk food and/or lack of proper nutrition. Nobel Prize winning researcher Linus Pauling discovered back in the good old days that vitamin and mineral intake and not drugs are the secret to longevity. We were born into this world with natural star dust compounds from the periodic table of elements and not poison Big Pharma meds. This has been a life-saving TMZ fan post. You may now return to millennial airhead posting.

838 days ago


Mel Gibson is cool. He annoys the correct people to annoy.

838 days ago

BB not bb    

I think coolbunny is actaully Mel Gibson. It kind of sounds like him, what with the liberal use of the word crap and the furious denial of every little thing spoken against him.

I think this is pretty funny. Cool bunny is trying to keep it cool and stick to the milder cuss words. Imagine him going off in the comments though. LOL.

838 days ago

BB not bb    

Here is the thing with these old Nazis. It is all well and good in theory to kill off the old and sick until it becomes their turn. Then they start seeing the flames of hell awaiting and get scared and back out. Maybe this Teddy heard for years how he is in favor of old sick people just dying, so now she thinks that is what he would have wanted and that he is too out of his mind to know what he wants any more.

If you are going to say that some of the Jews didn't die of the 6 million known dead, that is not supporting Jews. That is supporting questioning of Jews as to what they know happened. That is abusing Jews, no matter how they try to whitwash it. Just like speaking to Oksana in that terrible way Mel thinks is okay if he can accuse her of using him to get her career going. You really can't just make excuses for the evil you say and expect people to just not see the difference.

I think Catholics are possessed by demons. Christians know not to pray to statues and dead people called saints for intercession. That is why Mel sounded so evil towards Oksana, he is probably possessed by demons.

Those who curse Isreal will be cursed. Isreal meaning Jews. So this is like what happens to people who think it is cool to hate Jews, their own hate comes back on them.

Isn't that funny, bunny?

838 days ago


Keep in mind flockers the "abuse" claims are coming from Camp Gibby and well let's just say that's the same camp who claimed I'd take this with a grain of salt.

838 days ago


Hutton Gibson moved his family from Peekskill NY to Australia so his son's could avoid the draft. Viet Nam. Mel Gibson was 10-11 when they moved.

838 days ago


2Is I'm chortling my head off at your comments. Here I was stuck on the old thread making predictions that have so soon come to pass! Gibby's behind this, and you're right my friend - he's going to put the screws to this woman in a REAL extortion attempt. For what you ask? For caring for the sick coot for years when his son had the POTC$ to set them both up in a decent nursing home?

I think Papa Gibz married this woman because she had money BEFORE (Tell) she met the old fart. He waited 10 years and wants to get paid now. His illnesses are being played up for sympathy. Then they hire a Jewish lawyer. Have they no shame?

838 days ago
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