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Mel Gibson's Dad

Allegations of Elder Abuse

6/5/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's father -- who filed for divorce Monday -- believes his wife has been abusing him, and Mel has jumped to his dad's aid ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Mel and his family have been tending to 93-year-old Hutton Gibson, who is seriously ill with a panoply of ailments.  Hutton is taking a slew of medications for his conditions, but we're told his wife, Teddy Joye (who is in her 70's) believes her husband's family is prolonging his suffering and wants to discontinue all medicines to accelerate his death.  She also believes that's what Hutton wants.

We're told Mel has taken the lead to ensure his dad is getting his meds, and believes Joye is guilty of elder abuse by her conduct.  Sources say Mel wants Joye out of his dad's house -- stat.

As we first reported, Hutton personally filed for divorce and even signed the divorce docs in shaky handwriting.

We're also told Joye is going to fight it out with Mel -- possibly in court.

The animosity between Mel's family and Joye is intense.


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His wife is trying to kill him off and collect life insurance, but he won't get any sympathy, because he is....
1) male 2) elderly.
Both groups are usually mocked and ridiculed when they claim abuse, rather than sympathized with, as 1) females 2) of any age, are.

840 days ago


@Tell LOL That would be classic! I think you're onto something there.
@Cuj you have nothing BUT brain farts apparently. Abuse is abuse. Mel doesn't abuse people, they target him for his wallet and lie about their reasons for doing so.

840 days ago


What are you talking about? (1)Abuse is abuse, (2)Mel doesn't abuse people, they target him for his wallet? So.....if someone targets Mel for his wallet, they are no longer people?
And Frieda, why are you so angry?
So angry towards women?

840 days ago

Judd Paynter    

Such an all around dysfunctional family with such bad Karma. Who can believe that such a business savvy man like Mel did not make sure his father had a living will and life directives!? Must be all the alcohol that has impaired his thinking. Mel is such a chip of his dad's block, marrying considerable younger gold diggers.

840 days ago


@Cug and 2I - while you ridicule Gibson's children for not working it's proof Gibson supports an "army" and would suspect his dad is no different. Gibson doles out the bucks to his family. Teddy is a skimmer that got tired of feeling guilty she should wipe Hutton's ass even though a nurse was probably already doing it. :-) That and pool boy was getting impatient lol!

840 days ago


Fleada: TJ is 78 years old. I've never heard of anyone that old being charged with 'elder abuse'. This has Gibby's fingerprints all over it. He probably used his father to squirrel away money (unbeknownst to him) and doesn't want TJ to find out about it.

When Papa Gibz got into trouble for running his mouth during the POTC mess, she was the one who paid for their house in WV so they could go into hiding. Why didn't Gibby buy him a house if he's so generous? Why isn't Pappy in a nursing home near to Gibby if he's been in such bad shape? Why did Robyn Moore have to take him in?
You're giving him too much credit for being an easy mark. If people go after his money, it always starts with him threatening them. This is just another example. It will be settled quietly out of court as usual, putting another big dent in the PoTC$.

840 days ago


Psychic prediction: Teddy takes a page (literally) from the Joe Extradouche $2.99 Kindle book. Joe's probably tapping his fingers raw typing up a story for her to back his own allegations and sell his book. Yeah, Mel's nutty but the people he associates with are money grubbing pigs.

840 days ago


Tell if Gibnuts is still supporting his adult children it's his own damn fault. He doesn't have to. ( unless it's hush $ lol) Then he uses it to make Ox feel guilty because he blew all of his money.
He invites people to Gibztown then makes them feel guilty because they want to eat a meal? It's all a part of his martyr syndrome. I think the root of his stress is he's in deep financial doo doo. He didn't anticipate the housing collapse, he banked on a few bomb movies and he's got no income coming in.
I'm sure you're right about there being more to this than what meets the eye. He's probably going after Ms. Teddy's money. Yes - I think he's ThAT desperate.

840 days ago


Is there anything we can do to help? (Her get rid of him and Mel too!)

840 days ago


Careful what you wish for Tell. It will probably come out that Teddy has been supporting Pappy, since he had a 'spotty' work record at best and probably gets a pittance from social security.

My prediction a few months back about Gibby secretly wanting his father dead is now eerie in retrospect. Teddy was probably worried she would be charged with Pappy's wrongful death - being all pumped up on drugs on Gibby's tab. Gibby probably had a Jewish lawyer already lined up.

840 days ago

Fidel's niece    


LOL! Mel hitting on OLDER WOMEN???
whoa! THAT would be like new teritory for him
to conquer! lol...

Mel 56, hooking up with with a grandma , 78!

Go Braveheart...


840 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Mel should have a REALITY SHOW like Kim Kartrashian...
with all the crap coming out about him and the Gibson clan, it could run for EVER..


840 days ago


notice that woman-hater jumps to the "Teddy must have been skimming money" conclusion, rather then the more obvious one -- that she was the one supporting Hutton.

She ignores the fact that if Teddy was ripping off the ole Nazi, then that is a criminal matter, not a 'spousal support' one.

840 days ago


God Bless You Mr. Gibson for coming to the aid of your dad. I have been trying to help my sister since 2009.

Probate judge, Mathew H. Green, allowed the ex-husband, Frank Gennotti, Sr. to marry Mary A. Gennotti, using her maiden name, on Feb. 27, 2009, by a justice of the peace, Shirley Pope Alloway, Frank's friend for over forty years. He was an abusive husband with restraining orders and numerous police complaints against him, and he also made death threats. Mary could not sign her name, so an X was used. On March 16, 2009, Probate Judge Greene, appointed her ex-husband, Frank, conservator of Mary and of her estate. Mary died March 27, 2009, thirty days after the illegal marriage. Her death certificate listed the cause of death as Glioblastoma Neoplasia @ Temparallous, intervals for months and degenerative dementia for years. Three months prior to her death she was a patient at L & M Hospital and could not recognize close family member.

Evidence presented is missing from the court records. Twenty three had written do***ents.

The judge has now vicious retaliated against the 74 year old whistle blower with actions of eviction from a home he constructed and lived in for the past 52 years.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

840 days ago

Fidel's niece    


eather way, grandma 78 or her daughter 50-ish,
it would be a new teritory for Mr. Mel...
BTW are you aware that some member(s) of
Mr. Mel's KOOL AID BRIGADE had posted on the last thread how

never mind that I POSTED LIKE HALF A DOZEN
some morrons here INSIST otherwise.

so you see he can not date the grandma or the
he is dating ME!

LOL! with sparkles and all that jazz!

840 days ago
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