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Mel Gibson's Dad

Allegations of Elder Abuse

6/5/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's father -- who filed for divorce Monday -- believes his wife has been abusing him, and Mel has jumped to his dad's aid ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Mel and his family have been tending to 93-year-old Hutton Gibson, who is seriously ill with a panoply of ailments.  Hutton is taking a slew of medications for his conditions, but we're told his wife, Teddy Joye (who is in her 70's) believes her husband's family is prolonging his suffering and wants to discontinue all medicines to accelerate his death.  She also believes that's what Hutton wants.

We're told Mel has taken the lead to ensure his dad is getting his meds, and believes Joye is guilty of elder abuse by her conduct.  Sources say Mel wants Joye out of his dad's house -- stat.

As we first reported, Hutton personally filed for divorce and even signed the divorce docs in shaky handwriting.

We're also told Joye is going to fight it out with Mel -- possibly in court.

The animosity between Mel's family and Joye is intense.


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I take credit for de-programming many.
By Cujeaux

I do believe you give yourself to much credit.
Pride comes before the fall.

832 days ago


Cujeaux and the idiots ... two bubble heads.

You two are seriously off the wall nuts. Cujeaux types any silly thing that poops up in his/her head. Idiots I think has snorted and chortled a few too many times, if you know what I mean.

832 days ago


I think I've tapped into something (no pun intended) that I failed to recognize before about Gibby.

Most hetero guys have guy friends, and most gay guys have guy friends, but Gibby doesn't have any guy friends at all. He surrounds himself with rent a buddies on his payroll, then trashes them. RD Jr is the only guy friend I can think of and I'm pretty sure he's bi, and they hardly see each other.

This thing about wanting to hook Ez up to his colonic machine was way TMI. To say it was gay would be an insult to gays. It was just plain bizarre. We all know he's into some pretty perverted sh*t with the S&M and doms - which was when most flock flew the coop - but I think there's more to the story.

Most straight guys who have no guy friends cling to their wives or GF and tend not to treat them all that well. Both straight and gay guys don't accept them for some reason - like they can tell somethind's 'off.' I know someone in this situation who later found out her husband was gay. And NO it's not me flock. It wouldn't surprise me if Gibby is a repressed gay male. They often have psych problems as a result.

832 days ago


speculation that beater-boi was the source of this story is verboten

but speculation that it was Oxy that released the tapes was treated as 'fact' by the same fraus

where is that one hat screams 'hypocrite'?

832 days ago



they're coming out of the woodwork on this thread:
Sadly no IBS (not yet anyway) and Bunny must be waiting for a new straw she's been MIA today....le snicker.
Maybe IBS will write us a poem about abusing the elderly...

Oh and let's not forget the Aussie skunk who comes out at night and sprays. Talk about a foul wind unaware of it's own unpleasantness!

832 days ago


Sorry, inadvertently posted this as a reply.

Mr. Gossip,
Speculation that Mr. M Gibson might have released the story isn't verboten. Show me a post where anyone forbade it. Disputing it as being improbable is a different story. Regarding the probability of Ms Grigorieva having released the tapes, I've posted my conclusions. If you'd like to dispute them, I'd like to read your analysis and learn who you think might have been the source. Can't promise not to laugh, though. :o)

Kathleen .

832 days ago


Cuj and 2iDs Obsessed much? I think you all need a life!

As for Mel leaking the story, first of all, who cares? There isn't a gag order on the case.

Personally, I think it was Ms Teddy, because it is primarily a ploy to get sympathy to put her old dog Hutton, as she seems to feel about him, to sleep. Secondly, if Mel leaked it it would be a whole lot juicier, I just bet!

832 days ago


Since Gibson is rather private... or at least tries to be despite the vultures buzzing around with recording equipment ,recording his every rant and fart... why on earth would he release this story? It's fodder for his haters. I think Ms. Teddy did it. It's like the Ox tapes... release a little at a time wait for him to cry uncle and cut you a check. Didn't work for Ox. Didn't work for Extradouche. Not going to work for Ms. Teddy. More to come I'm sure...

832 days ago


Tell, I must chortle at your comment about Mr Mel's privacy and the buzzards. You and many others (buzzards) have claimed from the onset how what happens in Mr Mels life is private YET you and the flock have managed to "dedicate" your lives to discussing the goings-on for over 2 years now. How/why is that?
If you "respect" Mr Mel AND his privacy you wouldn't be there.
I remember comments from WAAAAAAY back how many flockers where here because of the "abuse of the legal system" (by OG) - well that's LONG OVER yet the flockers remain.
It VERY hypocritical to say a person's life is PRIVATE then turn around and discuss it.

831 days ago


interesting little article in the Chicago Tribune about Joe receiving death-threats post Gibson ripping. Joe is claiming threats are being found on the internet and in chat rooms.

831 days ago


LOL! Gee, who do we know that makes death threats? ;-)

831 days ago


@2I - you've become unhinged. Plan on doing a SWATting? It seems to be a fad coming from the lunatic fringe these days. As if anyone currently posting here would care enough about Gibson drama to threaten anyone w/death. Get a grip.

831 days ago


Tell if you think about it, there are people who hide behind the anonymity of the computer and do and say things they typically wouldn't. Those folks believe because their "just a random person on the internet", no one can find them BUT they do get caught (take the child pornography sex rings - they get busted all the time - or sex trafficking).
Sadly this world is FULL of people who have no issues harming others or making threats to harm another person. It's a sad and sick situation.

831 days ago


Tell - best part about you is you are the most fair (IMO) of the flockers and you're willing to accept an opposing opinion though you may not agree with it.
have a wonderful weekend and week. I'm off to the Bahamas tonight for a week long sailing adventure. I LOVE the Bahamas - should be a good time!
Dont Miss Me TOO MUCH!

831 days ago


Tell just remember in all of the conflicts Giblitz finds himself in, he's always the one to draw first blood.
When asked what Ox did to Gibby to cause him to unleash such rage - and I asked flock repeatedly - they couldnt come up with a blessed thing.

In the case of Ez, one again Gibby decided to devalue, blame and kick another person to the curb because he wasn't good enough. He's done this to priests, former employees and now a family member.

If he truly cared about his father, he would have put him in a nursing home or assisted living situation a long time ago. If he hasn't done that, I doubt he set the Windbag up in a mansion.

This story tries to put Gibby in a good light so I don't know what makes you think Teddy was responsible for it. She should lawyer up and see to it that Pappy follows through with what he started. When the Gibz boys see that the cards are stacked against them, Jr will bail like he always does. Let him take full responsibility for the old fart so TJ can enjoy her remaining years in peace.

831 days ago
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