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Mel Gibson's Dad

Allegations of Elder Abuse

6/5/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's father -- who filed for divorce Monday -- believes his wife has been abusing him, and Mel has jumped to his dad's aid ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Mel and his family have been tending to 93-year-old Hutton Gibson, who is seriously ill with a panoply of ailments.  Hutton is taking a slew of medications for his conditions, but we're told his wife, Teddy Joye (who is in her 70's) believes her husband's family is prolonging his suffering and wants to discontinue all medicines to accelerate his death.  She also believes that's what Hutton wants.

We're told Mel has taken the lead to ensure his dad is getting his meds, and believes Joye is guilty of elder abuse by her conduct.  Sources say Mel wants Joye out of his dad's house -- stat.

As we first reported, Hutton personally filed for divorce and even signed the divorce docs in shaky handwriting.

We're also told Joye is going to fight it out with Mel -- possibly in court.

The animosity between Mel's family and Joye is intense.

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No Avatar


The very fact that the man himself filed for divorce is enough to have his wife removed from his family circle. If he wanted to die sooner as his wife claims, why is he divorcing her?

840 days ago

Gary Carden    

Who writes the material posted on TMZ? It is bad enough to read posts by readers that conains mistakes in spelling and logic, but the post above
about "taught tums" is too much.

840 days ago


Our father a victim of elder abuse was also trying to divorce our stepmother but apparently didn't do it in time Check out what happened to us

840 days ago


Hang in there Mel. We know what you are going through We live through it every day Check out our story

840 days ago


she probably said somthing dumb. like why do all these muslims want to destroy israel or maybe the holocaust did happen. anything like that would be grounds for divorce in that family.

840 days ago


Send Gibson's father to his favorite place... AUSCHWITZ

840 days ago


Is the Gibson family absolutely certain the father wants to continue his med;s or would he be more comfortable with Hospice Care? Having been through this with my own father and after a deep discussion on what he wanted, not our family, my father was certain he wanted Hospice. Please Gabdon family speak with your father and decide to do what his wishes are. Thabk you for your for consideration.

840 days ago


THIS JUST IN! Mel Gibsons' father discovered his wife is Jewish and has filed for divorce because she made him chicken soup, a well-known Jewish cure all.

840 days ago

Bud Maxwell    

Go get 'em Mel! I'm going through similar situation. I'm 81 and wife is 54. After 28 years of blessed bickering bliss, she wants me to die quickly so she can eat up my estate!

840 days ago


If you decide you want Dr. assisted suicide, move to Oregon where it is legal. To all of you making comments regarding cencentration camps, YOU ARE DISGUSTING!

840 days ago


I wonder if the Gibson Family have discussed Hospice Care with Mel's father and other family members? When my own dad was on many med's to keep him alive he and I sat down one day at his prompting and he requested to stop the pain his pain med's which could no longer keep him comfortable. He was very ill, organs failing, terrible suffering, etc, After he and I discussed his options he decided on Hospice. I will never forget when he said to me, "Honey if you will do this for me I will forever be greatful." Yes, it was hard for me to involve Hospice, but soon he was feeling better and died in peace about seven days later. It was about what my loving father wanted and needed much more thhan my doing what I would have choosen. Please give this some thought and thank you for reading this. May God be with you.

840 days ago


Whatta shame that this Nazi is suffering...More of his screwed up son.

840 days ago


Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Mel deserves the same if not worse. What a loser family.

840 days ago


Wow! Another piece of garbage Anti-Semite bites the dust! Good news all around....

840 days ago


panoply Really!

840 days ago
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