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Octomom -- Check Out


6/5/2012 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HOLY MAKEOVERS!! Porn is doing wonders for Octomom -- 'cause the mother of 14 is fully glammed up in this photo from the set of her self pleasure video.

The gold and black bikini snapshot of Octo, aka Nadya Suleman, was leaked by another porn star ... Jessica Drake, who "coached" Octo through her performance.

The porn studio behind the video -- Wicked Pictures -- just issued a press release, in which Nadya says, Drake "opened up my eyes to a whole world of self-pleasure that I could never have imagined." Drake says, "I am honored to have helped [Octo] explore her sexuality."

According to the release, the video will show Octomom in a "variety of erotic scenarios" focused on solo masturbation -- all poking fun at her public persona.

Octomom calls the experience "the best, most powerful, and most liberating thing I've ever done."

Compare the above pic to Octo's topless spread earlier this year, and it's easy to see the improvements in her appearance.

0605_nadya_suleman_topless_beforeLet's hope her finances get a makeover too.


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A to the end    

Hey, all you bashers and haters, I say, "Good for her." She needs to make money to support her kids, she obviously never had sexual satisfaction, and she finally has some control over her life. I am in total support of her.

870 days ago


"Get a normal job?????" Ok, I 100% agree the woman should not have 14 children if she is not able to support them. But she is now in a damned if you do/damned if you don't situation and people are just begging her to fail. She has these children to support and if this is how she has to do it, and given the opertunity, go for it. Porn and stripping are careers for some people. And there is nothing wrong with that. I stripped for two years in my early 20's. I never did drugs or slept with my clients, but I did make a **** load of money and was probably in the best physical shape of my life. I think the issue here is desperation. I chose to strip because I am an extremely sexual person and I enjoyed teasing and turning men and woman on. I wasn't backed in a corner, bankrupt, and in forclosure with a butt load of mouths to feed and bills to pay, which is why I think this looks so cheap and dirty for her. I applaud her for finding a new sense of self and doing something rather then laying this on the back of tax payers. And if it grosses you out, Well, stop looking at the ****ing articles!

870 days ago


NObody wants to see OctoMAN strip. Yuck.

870 days ago


if you put enough makeup on a pig it can look pretty obviously she proves that......when the makeup comes off shes still the same, souless woman. maybe she should buy a nice house for her kids with the money instead of spending it on herself

870 days ago


why do you keep on reporting on her .. if you leave alone no one will no her business .. tmz should listens to their readers and stop reporting on NOTAMOM... obviously nobody cares for her, just like she dont care of her kids(its all about her) with everything she is doing, when does she have time for her kids???

870 days ago


She doesn't look bad for her age and for being a mega-mom.

870 days ago


You can't hide ugly!!

870 days ago


If that's a porn star pose Kim Kardashian must then be a porn star because she poses like this all the time. In fact, Octomom, in that top photo looks like Kardashian.

870 days ago


The only thing "HOT" about this is the vomit that just rose up in the back of my throat!

870 days ago


Octomom has crossed the line. What she is doing is FILTHY and DISGUSTING!!! What kind a role model does she want to be for her kids? Oh that's right, she doesn't care about her kids well-being otherwise she would have given them up for adoption. Octomon only cares about herself and the money she will make so she can go get more expensive plastic surgery and manicures and gym memberships and anything else she wants to do with that money and the aid she gets from the state. She has no idea what it means to truly love and mother children.

870 days ago


they have actually airbrushed to the point that she no longer has a bellybutton. her figure looks plain strange and not in any way sexy.

870 days ago

Big D    

It crazy what people are willing to do, so they don't have to work a regular job. When her kids get in school just think of the interesting "Career Day" she will provide.

870 days ago



870 days ago


What's that old saying about lipstick on a pig?

870 days ago


Gag puke bark

870 days ago
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